10 Best Background Remover Online Tools in 2024

Best 10 Free background remover online tools in 2022

10 Best Background Remover Online Tools in 2024 [Free] – Online Image Background Remover tools are usually easy to use and don’t require any editing skills. Just include the file and wait for the service to take the background of the photo by itself.

We’ve gathered the 10 best sites to remove image background online for free and explain how to use each one. Check out!

10 Best Background Remover Online Tools


Free background remover online tools:  Remove.bg

RemoveBG is one of the most popular online photo background removal services on the internet Available in All Language and simple to use, it uses artificial intelligence technology to erase in one click.

The user can make adjustments to the selection, including or removing elements. You can also easily add a new scenario, either with images from the website or from your device.

How to use Removebg:

Click Upload and select the photo. If you like the result, download the image from Download . But, if you want to make any changes, just click on Edit and access the editing tools.



Removal.ai erases the image background in just one click, thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Although the selection is a little less precise than that of some competitors, it offers editing tools that allow you to improve the result.

You can even replace the scenery with new images or colors, add shading, insert text and even change the format.

How to use Removal.ai:

Click on Choose a Photo , select the image and wait for the background to be deleted. If you like it, download the photo in Download .

Under Erase and under Restore are the features for adjusting the automatically selected area. In Editor Tool, you can include new scenarios, text, resize, etc.



Slazzer 1

Slazzer is an online background remover, which, according to its creators, is compatible with images of people, objects, animals, etc. The site allows you to edit the selected area, replace the background or apply blur.

How to use Slazzer:

Click Upload image and choose the image. If you don’t want to change anything, go to Download to save the photo. But if you need to make any changes, select Edit image → Edit Preview .

In the Background tab , you can insert a new background, while in Paint/Eraser you can restore or erase parts of the selected area.


Adobe Background Remover | Adobe Express

Adobe Background Remover is an online tool developed by the creators of the Photoshop image editor. Available in Portuguese, it detects and deletes the photo background automatically.

The delivered result is of quality, but there is no feature to adjust the selection. If you want to do other types of editing, you can use the built-in Adobe Spark webapp.

How to use Adobe Background Remover:

Click Browse your device and choose the image on your mobile or PC. Wait for the file to process and download it from Download .


Wondershare PixCut

PixCut is yet another remover that uses artificial intelligence to quickly delete photo background. The results may be less accurate than those delivered by other tools, but you can change them and make them exactly the way you want.

In addition to adjusting the selection, the webapp allows you to insert new backgrounds, with images or solid colors.

How to use PixCut:

Go to Upload image to choose the file and wait for the result. If you like it, go to Download Free to download. To make changes, click Edit .



Airmore offers different tools to remove background as per your need. There is an option for photos with people, objects and graphic materials.

The result is quite accurate, but even so, it is possible to change the selected area, if necessary. The service also allows you to move the selection through space and include a new scenario.

How to use Airmore:

Note that on the homepage there are three Upload Image options . The first is for images of human figures, the second is for objects, and the third is dedicated to text and graphic materials.

In the Erase and Keep buttons , you will be able to modify the selection made automatically. In Edit , you can make other types of adjustments. To save the photo, click Download .



Zyro is a tool that uses very precise AI technology. This means that the service can accurately identify and remove the background of the photo. However, it does not provide any features to adjust the selected area or make extra edits.

How to use Zyro:

Click Upload Image , choose the photo and wait. When ready, go to Image Download to download.



SocialBook is dedicated to backgrounding photos with people specificallyIn addition to erasing the background, the service offers the option of adding an outline to the selected area. There are three thickness sizes and several colors available.

How to use SocialBook:
Click an up arrow button and select the image. If you want the selected part to have an outline, check the Border box , choose the thickness and color.

Then enter the confirmation code and go to Upload . Then you will be able to see the result and download in Download .


Pixrl BG

Pixrl BG is the easy-to-use background removal service of Pixrl online photo editor. The tool may not be the most accurate, but it does a good job.

Features are also available to adjust the selected area with brush, lasso or shapes such as circle, heart and star.

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How to use Pixrl BG:

Go to the Open Image button to select the file. To download, click Download . If you want to make corrections, go to Fine Tune .


HotPot Ai

HotPot is yet another option that just removes the background from the image, without any extra features. However, the artificial intelligence recognition system is quite accurate. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will need to edit the result using another tool.

How to use Hotpot Ai:

Just click Upload and choose the file. To download the edited version, go to Download .


What is the best background remover website?

10 Best Background Remover Online websites
Adobe Background Remover | Adobe Express
Wondershare PixCut: Photo Background Remover
Pixel BG
HotPot Ai – Remove background from pictures with AI

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