8 Best 2FA Apps (2023) – Two-Factor Authenticator Apps for Android and iOS

Best 2FA Apps

8 Best 2FA Apps (2023) – Two-Factor Authenticator Apps for Android and iOS – Today there is a lot of talk about computer security, but there are still few who have clear ideas on how to protect themselves from threats on the network. For example, not everyone knows the importance of having a good password manager, that is, a program that has the task of securely storing the login credentials for websites and apps.

The same confusion reigns supreme when the topic falls on two-factor authentication , another key element to increase your online security.

Two-factor authentication, also known by the acronym of 2FA ( Two-Factor Authentication ), is an authentication method that involves the use of two factors belonging to different categories, for example entering a PIN (one thing you know) and a fingerprint (a thing you are).

Best 2FA Apps

This leads to greater security of the whole system, precisely because it is protected by two levels of security instead of just one. For more details on the subject, we refer you to our guide on how two-factor authentication works and what it is used for .

Many times this authentication system is associated with sending a text message containing a code to be entered later. In reality, apps to enable two-factor authentication are today the best tool to protect yourself from unauthorized access. That’s why we decided to prepare this contribution, in which we briefly present the best apps available today to activate 2FA.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is an authentication app developed by Microsoft that offers an excellent level of security. Its benefits include secure login via fingerprint, Face ID or PIN, cloud backup and sync , plus the ability to keep codes hidden.

Among the cons, however, the incompatibility of the backup systems for Android and iOS, as well as a much higher weight in MB than the competitor apps, above all Google Authenticator.

Download Microsoft Authenticator : Android / iOS

Google Authenticator

It is perhaps the most popular two-factor authentication app out there. It owes its success to its extreme ease of use, which is the trademark of Google, the company behind the development of the application.

In addition to ease of use, Google Authenticator offers the opportunity to import and export tokens by creating a single QR Code. On the list of cons there is both the absence of backup and cloud synchronization and the impossibility of keep codes hidden from prying eyes.

Download Google Authenticator : Android / iOS


Authy is another popular app for enabling two-factor authentication. Along with Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator, it is one of the most used apps worldwide. Its best advantage is the complete cross-platform support, since it works on the main operating systems in use today.

Among the flaws, however, the obligation to register a new account linked to the phone number if you want to use the app and the user interface that is not as intuitive as rival apps, due to the display of only one token at a time.

Authy Download : Android / iOS / Windows / macOS / Linux


FreeOTP was born as an open source two-factor authentication app after Google shut down the source code of the Authenticator app. Available on both Android and iOS, it features a very minimalistic interface.

On the one hand, an approach of this type brings an advantage in terms of user experience, on the other hand, however, it shows the side to significant shortcomings. For example, both versions lack cloud synchronization and the ability to export or import tokens in file form. Another non-negligible absence is registered on iOS: the option to create a token with a secret key is missing.

Download FreeOTP : Android / iOS

Cisco DuoMobile

Cisco Duo Mobile is available on Android devices and iPhone. Together with Google Authenticator, it is one of the apps to enable two-factor authentication with the most years of experience behind it. Since 2018 Duo Mobile has become part of the leading company in the IT and networking sectors.

Easy to use, it does not require an account registration and guarantees an exceptional level of privacy of the codes. However, even in this case there are cons. First of all, there is no access protection on Android or iOS. Second, it is not possible to synchronize data between the two versions, as the backup system in use on Android is Google Drive , while on iOS there is iCloud .

Download Cisco Duo MobileAndroid / iOS

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Unlike the other two-factor authentication apps listed above, andOTP is only available on Android. While it’s not an emblazoned app like Google Authenticator or its Microsoft counterpart, it’s one of the best solutions available today.

Among the many notable features are the ability to save all tokens at once to Google Drive via an encrypted file. Plus, access to each app is protected with the fingerprint or password you use to unlock your Android smartphone or tablet.

Download and OTP : Android

OTP auth

In iOS, and OTP’s counterpart is OTP auth , available exclusively on iPhone and Mac (if the iOS version is free, the macOS version is paid and costs $5.99). Again we are faced with the app to enable the most complete two-factor authentication that an iOS user can use on the iPhone.

First of all, token storage is organized through an efficient folder system. As on andOTP, here too it is possible to export all the tokens at once through a file to be stored in the internal memory of the iPhone. If you wish, you can also protect access to any app via Face ID or Touch ID, or you have the opportunity to create a password and dedicated only to the app for two-factor authentication.

OTP auth downloads : iOS / macOS

Step Two

One last notable alternative to the best apps for enabling two-factor authentication is Step Two , which is available for free for iPhone and Mac. Minimalist interface, iCloud syncing, and no need to register a new account are its main force.

However, there are several cons, such as the lack of protection during access, the impossibility of exporting and importing tokens. Another limitation of Step Two is that you cannot create more than ten tokens with the free version of the app.

Download Step Two : iOS / macOS

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