9 Best AI Detector Tools In 2023 [Free & Paid]

Best AI Detector Tools

Best AI Detector Tools – In an era where technology is developing rapidly, the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence is a breakthrough in the history of technological development.

From the beginning of the birth of AI until now, of course, it has experienced rapid development, ranging from simple AI in computing to more complex robotics. One AI that is currently popular is a text generator or AI Content Generator which is widely used. Moving on from there, the AI ​​Detector tool also appeared as an AI that is opposite to the AI ​​text generator.

Is AI Content Detector Important?

AI Text Generator was born because of the need for content, especially in the world of digital marketing. For many companies that submit digital marketing, content is one of the essential things in their operations. 

The process of creating this content is considered quite difficult by many companies because it requires a large number of members and various conditions such as meeting SEO and SEM standards where the content created must rank top in search engines and can increase website traffic .

Moving on from the reasons above, text generator software has started to appear , which is widely used by copywriters, content writers to freelance writers as a tool that helps the process of writing articles on company blogs.

It is undeniable that using these tools can increase the productivity of content writers in completing articles. Reporting from a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2022, 38% of writers who don’t use AI take 3-4 hours to write 1 article. While 38% of writers who use AI only need 2-3 hours for the same task.

That way, writers who use AI can create more articles and faster than those who don’t use AI. That way, the digital marketing team, especially the content team, can reallocate resources to other areas of the SEO strategy or business.

However, using AI to create articles can damage a company’s brand and waste company resources. Especially because AI-generated articles can be inaccurate with repetitive content or are similar to other content with familiar themes that eventually fall into the category of plagiarism.

Therefore companies must always ensure that the published content is original content with its own uniqueness. To overcome this problem, the AI ​​Detector tool is here which is used as opposed to the AI ​​Text Generator . AI Detector Tools are tools used to detect whether content or articles contain AI-made content.

The AI ​​Detector tool uses machine learning and natural language processing to determine whether a human created the content. Machine learning is a computer system that gets smarter with every query or search it executes. Whereas natural language processing is a computer program that understands human language.

With the ability of AI to evaluate all information on the web with a certain content topic in seconds, AI can also easily determine whether the content is man-made or not.

Best AI Detector Tools

There are many tools that you can use to help with the article writing process. Here are some detector tools starting from the best, namely:

Content At Scales

Content at Scale (CAS) is an AI Detector tool that has a unique AI detector. CAS will give a decision within seconds after you input the content to be checked. What makes it unique is the ability to display a “human content score” which is made up of a mix of “predictability, probability, and pattern” scores.

This explains a bit about why CAS considers the content to be generated by AI such as because the content is too predictable, has a high probability, or has a pattern that can be imitated. Ultimately, CAS provides more insight into which content views are suitable and provides suggestions to top search engine rankings.


ZeroGPT is a Free and revolutionary tool to detect if a text was written by an AI tool like Chat GPT or by a human or even a mix of content. ZeroGPT, based on the DeepAnalyse™ Technology developed by our experts, is very reliable with a tested accuracy rate up to 98% which makes ZeroGPT the most advanced and powerful ChatGPT detector.


Writer is a tool that helps copywriters structure and polish their writing with grammar suggestions, tone recommendations, plagiarism checker, and its own AI content detection tool that makes it easy to detect what content AI might generate. 

Users can add or copy URLs and paste text into their fields. After clicking “Text Analysis”, the platform will provide the percentage of AI-generated detected in the article.


Copyleaks is a free AI Detector tool that can detect a wide variety of AI-based content, including content generated by ChatGPT, GPT3, Humans, AI & Humans, and more. This tool also has a Chrome Extension, which can detect AI content on the page you are browsing.

Ai Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro is a powerful tool designed specifically to identify content created by AI. It specializes in detecting AI-generated text produced by algorithms based on GPT-3 technology.

To begin using AI Detector Pro, you can easily sign up for a free account on their platform and input the content you wish to examine. The tool will then generate a comprehensive analysis and report for the submitted text. A notable feature is its ability to highlight sections that are likely generated by AI, which is immensely useful.

GPT Zero

GPT Zero is an AI Detector tool that is mostly used in education and business with more than 1 million users. GPT Zero’s interface is almost similar to the Google homepage, in that there isn’t much content on it, making it easy to use. However, there are many other platforms that have more advanced features than GPT Zero.

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Originality. AI

Originality.AI is an AI Detector tool in the form of a Google Chrome extension, which makes the review process easy and fast because there is no need to go through the copy paste process. Although there is a free version, this tool also has a paid version which is more complete with features.

Kazan SEO

Kazan SEO is an AI Detector tool that is suitable for beginners who are just learning about SEO. The tool offers a suite of features, including keyword groups, content optimization, text extraction, AI content generator, and most importantly, AI content detection.


Crossplag is an AI-generated content detection tool that works in much the same way as other tools in general, namely pasting some text into a column on the screen and clicking the blue “Check” box. Then, it will give an overall rating on the originality of the content.

This tool has a thermometer scale chart that shows how fake the article is. If the thermometer stays green, it means it was man-made. If it’s towards the red side, it means it’s made by AI.

Corrector Apps

Corrector Apps is an AI Detector tool that is not very well known when compared to other tools . This tool is a free tool that has a capacity of 300 words and is suitable for checking short content in a short time. Apart from checking AI production, this tool is also used to check for grammatical errors .


So, that was an explanation of the AI ​​Content Detector Tools as well as some examples of the tools . This tool is here because of the widespread use of AI Text Generator to create content by copywriters, content writers , etc.

Using the AI ​​Text Generator can reduce the time spent creating an article. However, AI-generated content is more susceptible to plagiarism. Then, a more important factor to keep in mind in creating articles, is originality and compliance with SEO standards. 

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