Top 6 Ways to Stop Spam Emails

Stop Spam Emails

Top 6 Ways to Stop Spam Emails – Email is one of the most widely used electronic communication media in this digital age. But not only as a medium of communication, email is now also transformed into a person’s identification ID in cyberspace. It is very clear that e-mail is very useful today, so it’s no wonder that many cyber crimes can attack e-mail, one of which is spam. You also need to know how to avoid spam emails. 

These emails usually contain phishing links or viruses. Later, user data can be hijacked, stolen, or damaged if the user clicks on a link on a spam link. Of course this is very annoying and very dangerous for users. Therefore, below we will explain more about avoiding spam emails. 

Recognize Spam Emails

Spam emails or junk emails are random emails sent in bulk. These emails are usually sent by humans, but more often than not they are sent by bots or computers infected with malware and controlled by a single attacker. 

Apart from being infected with malware, spam sent via e-mail is also sent as a promotional container for a particular product. So how can an email be the target? There are many reasons how a user’s email can become a target for spamming, some of which are because:

  • Email Address Is Randomly Generated 

This random email can be obtained by spammers by using a special email address finder tool. Spammers just have to look for the ‘@’ symbol on the tool and random email addresses can be obtained easily

  • Email Address Found Manually

 Apart from the application, email addresses can also be found manually. Email addresses that are common and easy to guess can be easy targets for spam

  • There is a Data Leak

 Data leaks can also be an opportunity for spammers to find your email. This data leak is a dangerous thing, besides being able to spread the user’s personal e-mail to irresponsible parties, other user data can also be stolen by other parties and can be used for activities that are detrimental to the owner. 

  • Email Address For Sale

This is one of the most dangerous causes of sending spam e-mail. Spammers may find your e-mail after purchasing an e-mail data from another party. The seller of this email can get email data from the process of logging in or signing in to a website. Even though this is very uncommon, always remember to log in or sign in only on trusted sites so that your data is not misused. 

Top 6 Ways to Stop Spam Emails

After knowing what spam email is and how you can receive it, you must know how to avoid spam email. So below will explain further how to avoid it.

  • Do Not Respond to Suspicious-Looking Emails

Spam emails usually have a characteristic where the contents of the email tend to be unclear, convoluted, and contain threats. If you find a message like this in your inbox, ignore the message. Never open, download attachments, or reply to email messages . The point is never to interact with messages containing spam because the message senders can find out whether the recipient of the email has opened the message or not. 

Information about whether recipients interacted with spam emails can be used by spammers to find out when email recipients were active. So that spammers will know when is the right time to send spam messages to the intended email address. So it is highly recommended not to interact with the email at all. 

  • Mark Emails As Spam

When a spam email enters your inbox , it’s a good idea not to delete the email first. Mark the email as spam first before deleting the email. This is done so that when a similar email arrives, it will go straight to the spam folder so users won’t find it in the main inbox.

The way to mark an email as spam in Gmail is to tick the email you want to report. After that the user can press the exclamation mark on the top bar to report spam messages so that the message will automatically be marked as spam. After this process is complete, the user can delete the email. 

  • Blocking Emails

The next step of avoiding spam is to block the sender’s email. If the email keeps coming even though the email has been ignored and also reported, then you can block the sender’s email. By blocking this, the email will no longer be sent to the user. 

Blocking can be done easily, users can open the email they want to block, then after that the user can choose the available blocking options. Email sender addresses that have been blocked will no longer be able to send emails to you afterwards. 

  • Not Sharing Private Emails To The Public

The most effective way to avoid spam e-mail is not to spread personal data such as personal e-mail to the public. Do not include a personal email address in the bio of social media pages or social media posts. By listing your email address publicly, there is a high probability that the email address can be used by scammers. 

Therefore, never include a personal email address. If you want to share an email address, it’s best to do it privately via message so that the email address isn’t shared publicly. 

  • Using Two Email Accounts

Using two different emails can help you avoid spam emails. One email can be used for personal purposes such as exchanging messages or other personal activities, while other emails can be used for external activities.

This external activity can be in the form of registering an account for an application or website via email, or other commercial activities via email. This is done to prevent data leakage that could occur on a website or application. Using a different email account can make it easier for users to organize incoming email. 

  • Using Email Hosting that Has Anti Spam Services

How to avoid this one spam email can be done by utilizing the email hosting service used. In contrast to regular email, whose domain is general, email hosting has an email domain that can be personalized according to your needs. 

Not only domain personalization, email hosting also has a spam email blocking feature. So to avoid spam, you can activate this feature on your email hosting service. 


Email is one of the most important aspects of digital communication today, but along with this importance, there are also many dangers that arise from using email. Spam email is a form of danger, so you must know how to avoid it.

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