Top 6 Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2024 [Android & iOS]

Best AI Girlfriend Apps

Best AI Girlfriend Apps [Android and iOS] – If you decide not to have a partner for some time, it is better to devote time to yourself and try to relax a little.If you don’t want to feel lonely, you always have the option to be surrounded by friends, although there is also the option to have fun with apps.

Best AI Girlfriend Apps in 2024

To do this, we have compiled a listof the best virtual girlfriend apps for Android and iPhonewith which you can feel loved thanks to its AI. You can make a boy or a girl, as you have the option to choose whether it will be a man or a woman, depending on what you are looking for.

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

When it comes to wanting to have a virtual girlfriend, Julie is your best bet.. Julie is designed to talk to you on any topic, besides, the conversation will be pleasant and relaxed, so you can tell her anything you want, and she will cheer you up with her intelligence.

The voice is quite real, you will see on the screen a 3D creation of a virtual girl, she expresses her emotions, as well as her anger, if she does not like something.Julie does a normal human life, like sleeping, kissingand she smiles a lot if she’s funny at that moment.

Download My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

Download for iPhone

Developer: Paphus Solutions Inc.

Price: It’s Free

My Girlfriend Simulator 2

Thanks to the update, Virtual Girlfriend 2 has improved a lot, so much so that it’s worth talking to her and being able to talk to her normally. It will react wonderfully to us, so it will react naturally, but the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) hopes to work better.

He adapts to the countries where he is, so if you are from Mexico, he will be called Luciana, so she was given a name.If you are in Spain, he will speak sweetly to you, but not only that, but also addressing you formally.

The truth is that this is a girl who will respect your decision.but not only that, he wants to improve the experience of communicating with you during negotiations. If you are an Android user, your best bet is to choose her or Julie, they are two best friends, both for the answer and for the AI.

Download My Girlfriend Simulator 2

Download For iPhone

Developer : Indominus Games

Price: It’s Free

My Virtual Boyfriend Chatbot

Welcome to a world where you can chat with virtual guys, but she will talk to you like a normal person since she has a pretty advanced AI. You can ask and tell him what you want, and he will intelligently answer everything you ask and say through messages.

My Virtual Boyfriend is one of the great apps available in case you decide to date a virtual partner, you also need to add your name and it will call you by it.It has the ability to chat with youby adding it to a WhatsApp conversation as well as other apps.

Download My Virtual Boyfriend Chatbot

Download for iPhone

Developer: Open Time Labs

Price: It’s Free

My Virtual Girlfriend

My Top Rated Virtual Girlfriend is one of the apps that has gotten better over time., as this companion’s intelligence will be the same as if you had physics. Thanks to advances, he will answer everything, but if he does not understand something, he will ask you again what you said.

You have several girls to choose from, choose one and go add all your flavors so that she knows about you and can understand everything you want and like.My Virtual Girlfriend has been recently updated to add new featuresthat make you different from the rest. It gets a 4.9-star rating out of five on the Play Store.

Download My Virtual Girlfriend

Download for iPhone

Developer: Wet Manufacturing Inc.

Price: Its Free

3D Virtual Girlfriend Offline

My virtual 3D girl is the perfect partner to talk about anything with, even if you want to dance, you can do it if you ask. The app looks forward to new additions, including the ability to better understand what you want at any time, all based on improved AI.

Excellent 3D graphics that enhance the experiencevisually, to which he adds that, among other things, he will throw kisses at you when you need it most. If you want to pamper yourself, your virtual girlfriend will be there for that and more. This free utility has been downloaded over 500.000 times.

Download 3D Virtual Girlfriend Offline

Download for iPhone


Price: Its Free

Virtual Girlfriend Simulator

This is a virtual girl for sending text messages, answering quickly and meaningfully, at least for some messages, for others she will try to ask you again. Simulated Virtual Girlfriend tries to improve the response to certain messages, although there is still room for improvement.

There are five girls available, choose one and start a love relationship that will ultimately benefit because you will get a lot of love.You can change a girl if you see that her artificial intelligence is not what you expected. Despite its remark, it works quite acceptable.

Download Virtual Girlfriend Simulator

Download for iPhone

Developer : Indominus Games

Price: It’s Free

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