10 Best AI Nude Generators to Create Fake AI Nudes in 2024

Best AI Nude Generators to Create Fake AI Nudes

Undress AI sites are becoming more and more numerous, making it particularly easy to create disturbingly realistic images of nudity. Although this technological advance linked to artificial intelligence satisfies the majority, particularly men, it does not fail to spark heated debates concerning the ethical questions and confidentiality that surround it.

How do these AI nude fake generators work and which of them are the most popular right now? We tell you everything in this guide.

AI nude generators: what exactly are they and how to use them?

These are tools that use deep learning algorithms to create realistic fake nudes using generative adversarial networks (GAN). These include a generator and a discriminator. It is the generator that creates images and the discriminator that evaluates them. Then, they adjust their output until the distinction between real and false images is indistinguishable.

These AI nude generators analyze thousands of nude images in order to learn and imitate reality, creating images of fictional people.

This 2-minute video will allow you to quickly understand how these tools work and why they are popular:

To use these apps, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the AI ​​Nude generator of your choice;
  2. Enter your prompt, clearly specifying the requirements and details of what you want to achieve as an outcome;
  3. Enter all necessary tags and prompts related to your AI Nude image;
  4. Click “Generate”, then wait a few seconds, and that’s it.

10 Best AI Nude Generators in 2024

We have selected the top 10 free AI nude fake generators:

Nudify Online

This is another popular tool for creating deep nudes, offering the ability to undress the characters in photos and videos. It offers AI-based services, including removing clothing from any image, adding filters, and the ability to choose age, quality, or other characteristics.

To obtain better results with Nudify.online, you should use images of good resolution (at least 1024 px in width), presenting good contrast between the person’s skin and clothing, while avoiding that the hair does not cover the body too much.

Free serviceNo limit on the number of photos to improveEase of useQuick and easily downloadable resultAccording to the site, certain photos should not be used without the consent of their owner.

So, what are you waiting for to try Nudify.online for free?

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SoulGen allows you to generate AI nudes, including fairly realistic NSFW photos, whether it is an image of famous characters or anime. In addition, it makes it possible to create 9 images from a single entry on its user-friendly interface, thanks to the large repository of NSFW content it has.

The AI ​​of this online tool relies on algorithms and data for content.

Top quality and realistic NSFW imagesEasy to understand interfaceImages created from textResult in secondsBest quality hentai imagesOnline tool, without application versionQuite shocking content, which may offend some peopleGenerated content sometimes unnatural or blurryA risk of plagiarism

Start the SoulGen free trial now!

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Promptchan AI

Working with artificial intelligence, this tool generates exclusively hyper-realistic NSFW content, whether real images or anime version. The content generated may therefore not be suitable for everyone.

Simply enter text prompts based on your needs, both for creating uncensored AI nude images and removing clothing from a person’s photo. Promptchan uses AI algorithms to generate them.

Both free and uncensoredVarious choices for rendering: realistic or animeEase of useBetter image qualityQuite shocking content, which may offend some peopleFairly poor security (risk of data leak)Sometimes inconsistent resultsRisk of identity theft due to lack of human oversight

You can test Promptchan AI for free!

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This artificial intelligence platform is one of the most popular among users thanks to the many features it offers.

This tool will allow you to generate your dream girlfriend. That’s not all, this virtual girlfriend is customizable, depending on your fantasy, you can shape it in the way you want.

To top it off, you will be able to exchange and interact with the character you have created, thanks to the AI ​​function integrated into the generation tool. Additionally, through subscriptions, users can benefit from additional features.

NSFW content generationCreation of a tailor-made virtual friendPossibility of customizing the result (character characteristics)Uncensored CatsLimited functionality for free useSome dependence on the virtual girlfriend, which will harm the user’s daily life.

So for those who want, it’s more of a fake nude character generator that you will create!

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You can generate high-quality, porn-style AI nude images using the generators built into the Icegirls site. Moreover, if you need help using it, email support as well as a discord server are at your disposal.

IceGirlsAI provides many features to allow you to create your own personalized artificial intelligence, including the ability to create quick and sexual poses. It is also possible to choose and modify images according to your preferences.

If you opt for the premium subscription, more customization options for poses and images will be available to you.

Generation of nude images by AI in secondsChoice of posesCustomizing imagesSupport via Discord or EmailCustom prompt feature (premium version)Sometimes poor image qualityGeneration of pornographic content that is sometimes illegal or unsafe

PornX AI

This site has an AI allowing you to generate quality images for adults for free. It presents a user-friendly and above all easy to understand interface, based on menus and prompts.

With PornX AI, you also have the option to use filters from a wide variety as well as various styles to enhance the image.

Ease of useCustomizing images with filtersInpaint tools for generating personalized imagesCreating porn with men and womenCreation of shemale imagesSome limitations with the free planQuite shocking content, which may offend some people

Seduced AI

This is another NSFW image generator tool. Using Seduced AI, you can create realistic and higher quality nude images, thanks to the deep learning algorithm it uses.

It also has a user-friendly interface, allowing for a better user experience.

High quality and realistic AI NSFW imageEase of useMultiple customization optionsQuick resultAdult themesLimited artistic choiceOnline tool, without application version


Like the others, this application also includes intelligence technology, allowing you to obtain fairly realistic naked images. In addition to generating nudes, Deep-Nude.co allows you to examine your body without clothing using a mirror reflection or put on various outfits. It thus guarantees an experience that is both authentic and fun.

It’s free and accessible to everyone, just download it. Moreover, it does not present too many advertisements that can hinder navigation, while supporting a wide range of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Support for various image formatsNo interfering adsGeneration of nude images via original photosLack of precisionIncidental functionality issues


This app allows you to generate fake NSFW AI images that are both fun and realistic, thanks to the advanced AI technology it uses. Thanks to OnlyFakes, you enjoy explicit content, including NSFW images. Simply describe the result you want to obtain from a text prompt and the tool’s AI algorithm will generate it.

All you have to do is download and save the generated image to your device.

Generation of pornographic contentWithout registrationNo chargePowerful AIUnlimited AI nude imagesPossibility of downloading and saving generated contentPhotorealistic and hentai contentNormalization of pornography as entertainment (objectification of women)Reinforcement of fatal stereotypes about sex work.

Undress AI

As the name suggests, the main function of this application is undressing, that is, removing a person’s clothes in an image, to see them naked. The results obtained from Undress AI can sometimes be offensive, violating the privacy of the people in the photos used.

Generations of high quality nude photosRealistic and detailed resultsEasy and quick to useCreating NSFW contentDownloadable appAbility to save dressed photos and then transform themPersonalization with filtersHigh definition images9 images per entryIllegality of certain uses (in particular non-consensual uses)Possibility of creating realistic fake nudes without consent and sharing pornography without agreementRisk of misuseOnly 10 attempts at creating nudes with the free version

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