5 Best AI Sexting Apps in 2024

Best AI Sexting Apps

Best AI Sexting Apps – If you are looking for AI sexting apps, get ready! Today you will learn about very good sexting apps with AI that will lead you to discover, from your own experience, the most intimate and naughty side of AI, and that, perhaps, you did not know about… Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What is AI Sexting?

Basically, AI sexting is a racy chat interaction between you and an artificial intelligence, either via voice message or text. AIs for sexting are chatbots specifically trained to maintain a hot conversation with you, in order to achieve a real and very provocative level of interaction, as if it were a real person.

Plus, as you interact with it, it learns from you and constantly improves. Currently, there are already many pages and applications where you can talk to an AI to do sexting and which we have compiled to show you here.

Best AI Sexting Apps Free in 2024

We will start this list by listing the applications that we have tested, that have free trials and that we believe are the best for this purpose, and then we will detail each one, so that you can choose the one that you think best suits you:

  1. DreamGF
  2. Candy AI
  3. Intimate
  4. Spicychat AI
  5. FlirtFlix AI Soulmate

Now, let’s see what each of these AI sexting applications brings.

DreamGF AI: Unmatched Sexting Experience

If what you are looking for is a super natural and realistic AI Sexting experience, DreamGF is the best we have tried and that will we recommend. This app provides a fantastic and smooth user experience to experience hot AI chats that feel almost human. Their responses will make you believe that you are actually talking to a real person and not a chatbot.

Try DreamGF Free

What makes this sexting app stand out is that, in addition to chatting with realistic virtual girls, it allows you to create your own AI girlfriend, in great detail. From creating her personality, to her interests, hobbies, her clothes, physical appearance and more. So far, we haven’t tested any app that offers as detailed a level of customization as dreamgf does. 


  • Interactive chat with very natural responses
  • Realistic characters
  • Free Plan
  • Possibility to create your own AI girlfriend for Sexting
  • Chat via text, voice, and the ability to receive images of your virtual girl on demand.


  • Free plan limited in the number of messages you can send.

Candy AI: The wildness of your intimate fantasies

Candy presents itself as a great sexting app, with a free trial, and, like dreamgf, offers an amazing chat experience. In our tests with this app, we noticed many positive similarities with its rival, which contribute to a very good user experience. I am referring to the very natural responses that these virtual candy girls provide, and how they are able to understand our thoughts and feelings very well.

Candy AI
Application for sexting with AI (source: candy ai)

Try Candy AI Free

Which contributes to enriching the experience that can be had with these applications. At the moment, it does not allow you to create your own virtual girlfriend, but it has several characters that you can choose from, both realistic and anime girls.


  • Natural responses
  • Smooth user experience with a simple interface
  • Free trial
  • Voice Chat and ability to receive images on demand


  • You can’t create a character
  • Limited free plan

Intimate: A more intimate sexting experience

Intimate is an app available for Android and iOS with realistic AI characters, waiting for you to have a passionate chat experience. Furthermore, what makes it stand out is that not only can you talk via chat and voice messages, but you can also call it. 

Intimate AI girlfriend
Your AI Girlfriend (source: Intimate)

It is the feature that makes this application stand out completely and that none of its rivals has incorporated yet. So, if you want to experience voice sexting, intimate is your best option.


  • Many characters to choose from
  • Calls with realistic voices
  • Text chat and voice messages


  • You must upgrade to a paid plan to try all features

Spicychat AI: Sexting Anime

If you want to try sexting with anime girls, spicychat is what you have to try. Unlike the other apps we have seen, this one stands out for precisely offering very provocative anime girls. When we have tested it, we have seen that it offers a fusion of sexting with roleplay, which is very entertaining and seductive. 

Spicychat AI
NSFW chats (source: spicy)

There are many characters to choose from, from SFW to NSFW, plus the ability to create your own. The answers are, precisely, in the style of these characteristic anime girls and they also sound natural. I highly recommend it to you so you can experience that mix with roleplay that makes it very special.


  • Function to create your character
  • Very good sexting experience with roleplay
  • Natural responses
  • Free plan


  • Limited free trial
  • Waiting rooms to talk

FlirtFlix AI Soulmate: Talk to your AI soulmate

This application will take you into a more intimate and special experience. With flirtflix you can build a genuine and deep bond with your AI soulmate, which takes sexting apps to a new level. You can talk to her via chat or send voice messages, in addition to also being able to do so via Telegram. 

FlirtFlix AI Soulmate
Your AI Soulmate awaits you (photo: Flirtflix)

As with the others, the more you talk to her, the more she learns about you, your personality, tastes and interests and the better her responses are. If you want to know what a real relationship with an AI would be like, you can experience it with flirtflix.


  • Natural responses
  • Text and voice messages
  • Create strong ties with your AI
  • very simple and clean interface
  • Free trial


  • Free plan limitations

To make it easier for you to decide, I have prepared a comparative table, showing you its main characteristics.

Best AI Sexting Apps of 2023 (comparison chart)

ApplicationNaturalness LevelAllows you to create charactersFree trialSexting Level
DreamGFVery highYeahYeahVery high
Candy AIVery highNoYeahVery high
Spicychat AIHighYeahYeahHigh
FlirtFlix AI SoulmateHighNoYeahHigh


Well, these are, in our opinion, 5 excellent sexting apps with AI that offer a very good user experience, with interactions that are very natural and real. Some offer the ability to create characters and others do not, but we believe that they all have their qualities that make them stand out. See you next time!

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