How to Play Genshin Impact from Anywhere With VPN

How to Play Genshin Impact from Anywhere With VPN

How to Play Genshin Impact from Anywhere – Are you a video game fan and looking for an interesting and exciting new concept? Genshin Impact can be perfect for you because it offers an excellent gaming experience. Despite its success, it is subject to bans in certain countries such as Belgium . However, there are ways that can help you bypass geographic bans to be able to play Genshin Impact. The most common solution is to use a VPN. We will show you in this article how to play this game using a virtual private network.

Genshin Impact: general information

Genshin Impact is a video game released in September 2020. Developed by miHoYo, it is accessible and downloadable for free on PC, mobile devices and PlayStation 4 . This game tells the story of two twins whose destiny is turned upside down following the appearance of a deity. The latter separated them by capturing one and banishing the other to a continent called Teyvat. While playing Genshin Impact, you will take on the role of the one who was banished to Teyvat. Your goal is to find the captured twin.

Although this game is free to download, certain items such as wishes, crystals, attributes, weapons, and loot boxes must be purchased. This allows players to quickly access items to collect, and also enjoy a more satisfying gaming experience. But because of loot boxes, that is to say virtual boxes which encourage players to make purchases, Belgium like other countries have decided to prohibit access to Genshin Impact.

You should know that Belgian law considers loot boxes and other micro transactions in the game to be risky, more specifically for a young audience. If the game cannot be downloaded from the Playstation Store for your PS4 in this case, other tricks can be used to gain access to it. Additionally, restrictions could not be applied 100% on PCs and other mobile devices.

In Belgium all games using loopboxes are prohibited

Circumvent the ban: what to do

Please note that it is possible to circumvent this ban with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) . It’s simply a virtual private network that allows you to use the Internet securely. Since it hides your traffic, you will be protected and the privacy of your actions will be improved. In other words, by using the VPN, your visible IP address will be changed. This gives the impression that you are browsing the Internet from another country thanks to the VPN, but not from the location of your connected device.

Among the most reliable VPNs, we recommend using Surfshark . It offers a host of benefits such as the ability to get access to the best deals and save money by lowering mobile data costs.

And you, do you like this game?

How to play Genshin Impact with a VPN

Install a VPN on your PC

To be able to bypass the restrictions established by your country, you can start by finding the right VPN for your computer and compatible with Genshin Impact. You can choose from a multitude of choices depending on your means and preferences. You should know that even if there are free VPNs, the most effective are those that charge a fee.

Once you’ve determined which VPN is right for you, start by installing it on your PC. To do this, you must start with the download by going to the official VPN website (you must prepare to make a payment in certain cases). Once downloaded to your computer, you can start the installation of the private network by following step by step what the dialog boxes say. Be careful to follow the installation carefully, because other programs may try to be installed at the same time as your VPN and you will inadvertently give them access.

Once the installation is complete, you should get a notification that a new network connection is available. In some cases, it is necessary to restart your computer before you notice the new attribute. You can then launch the software before accessing the game.

Configure your VPN before launching Genshin Impact

Remember that Genshin Impact is banned in a few countries. Your goal is therefore to make it accessible by changing certain settings on your software. When you activate your VPN, a dashboard is made available to you to allow you to choose from several Internet servers. Obviously, make sure you choose the server in a country where Genshin Impact is not banned. Once selected, the software encrypts your original information by changing your IP address and thus your browsing activity will be private. Now you can freely access Genshin Impact.

Note: You can also directly configure a VPN on your router or connect your console to a VPN using your PC.

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