How to Get More Likes on Instagram – The Complete Guide 2023

How to Get More Likes on Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram – The Complete Guide 2023 – Two taps on the screen, hearts, favorites, or whatever you want to call them – likes or likes on Instagram are the official currency of Instagram and are considered one of the most important reasons for users to post quality content on the platform.

This guide will show you several ways on how you can get likes on Instagram and increase your profile engagement !

Instagram has gone from being a platform for sharing your selfies and photos of your cat – To by 2020, being the most engaged social network in the world , with more than 1 billion active users every month.

Instagram has become a powerful tool to promote brands and products , to showcase your talents to the world, a place to engage with different communities, and so much more!

As these paradigms have changed over time, engagement rates on instagram have become important for users to enjoy the true value of the app, which is why getting Instagram likes is vital .

Unfortunately, getting Instagram likes is not as simple as it used to be . You can’t just spread quality content that you’ll get the dreamed likes you deserve.

With the move to an algorithm- organized feed , they’ve changed the way users get likes on Instagram.

Instead of seeing posts in chronological order, as it used to be, we now see the content that Instagram feels we’re most likely to engage with at the top of our feed.

How to Get More Likes on Instagram – The Complete Guide 2023

This has been a game changer for brands and individuals looking to gain more Instagram followers , and has made likes even more important to increasing engagement rates and keeping your content at the top of your followers’ feed.

Your Content is Your Main Weapon to Get Likes on Instagram

The first thing we want to pass on in this guide is not a tip, but a rule that you need to follow from today!

Quality content is king on Instagram!

The most popular accounts on Instagram are those that produce high-quality content for their followers.

You can tell when a brand or influencer has put effort and time into producing great content, and ends up getting a lot of likes on Instagram as a result.

Of course, what makes good content is a question that has no correct answer, and it’s a very relative topic. However, we have some tips for you to follow…

Find a specific niche for your Instagram account!

Don’t post a bunch of random stuff on your profile, it will confuse your followers and you probably won’t get a good engagement rate.

People want to know what kind of content to expect when they follow you on Instagram.

Create a specific theme for your Instagram account to get likes!

Many popular accounts that get lots of likes on Instagram have a unique color scheme or style of content.

Each piece of content complements the other, as all posts have similar colors and styles . This makes for an impressive profile and will help you gain Instagram likes!

Use Trending Topics to Get Likes on Instagram

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, keep an eye out for upcoming social media trends and model your content around them.

Trending topics will get more engagement and attention than boring old content. Use Google Trends to find trends early on and get lots of followers and likes on Instagram by “surfing the trends!”

Be Consistent With Your Content Schedule However, Don’t Overdo It!

Don’t spam your followers with posts all the time , maintain a level of uniqueness to keep your followers excited and eager for your next posts and you’ll get more Instagram likes this way.

Now that we’ve given you the basics for creating quality content, let’s talk about a hack that will increase your engagement and help you get likes on Instagram… Hashtags!

Use the Perfect Hashtags to Get Likes on Instagram

Hashtags are huge mainstays in the social media world, helping to leverage your content to select audiences you want to reach and gain more likes on Instagram.

Not so long ago, you would fill your posts with hashtags, but Instagram is curbing spam and the algorithm is more developed than ever, which means those spamming strategies don’t work anymore!

So what are the best hashtags to get likes on Instagram?

Search Hashtags to Get Lots of Likes on Instagram

You will want to discover the best available hashtags related to your post, there are specific tools to help you find hashtags like Hashtagify .

This tool is great for checking the strength of a hashtag and finding other similar hashtags.

Another method we recommend is to manually find content from other accounts that are doing well and check the hashtags they are using.

Trial and error is important, always try new hashtags and see how they work for you.

The best hashtags generate engagement right away and help you get likes on Instagram.

Over time, you will find a list of the top hashtags that you find most effective in getting likes for your Instagram profile.

Remember to save this list of the best hashtags in your notes somewhere and update regularly with new hashtags you come across.

Be careful not to take a shadow ban on Instagram

Imagine you spend hours creating content, creating the funniest caption, sharing it with everyone, and getting shadow banned on Instagram for not following best practices with your hashtags!

Instagram went on a cleanup spree this year , removing bot accounts, fake followers, and even banning spammy hashtags.

By using just one of these hashtags in your posts, it will be “shadowbanned” and hidden from hashtag searches, having a very negative effect on your engagement rate.

To this day, it’s still unclear how Instagram decides which hashtags are classified as “spam” , but there are tools online that help you check if your post has been shadow banned. Just put the URL of your post.

Ultimately, you have to be careful with the hashtags you use, avoid using the same 30 hashtags in all your posts and make sure they are really relevant to your content.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups to Get More Likes

For many users, Instagram Engagement Groups are a bit of a mystery.

However, engagement groups can be an amazing strategy to get likes on Instagram!

What Are Instagram Engagement Groups?

Basically, an Instagram engagement group is a group of users who agree to like and comment on group members’ posts.

Essentially, they create a “like mine I like yours” policy, but with genuine users and business owners supporting each other’s marketing efforts rather than spam bots.

Engagement groups are a great tool for gaining Instagram likes , especially if you’re just starting out.

Once a user uploads a post, he will share the post with the engagement group via a whatsapp group . We have a complete post on how to do marketing on Whatsapp . Check out!

Then all engagement group participants will immediately like and comment on the post. Using the policy of everyone helps each other and everyone gains more engagement .

Your Instagram posts can go from 0 to 1000 likes in minutes (depending on the number of users in the engagement group).

The fact that users interact with the post immediately after it has been posted also gives the Instagram algorithm a huge boost , helping your content get more likes on Instagram very quickly.

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Run a Giveaway to Get More Likes on Instagram

Running an Instagram contest or giveaway is a fantastic way to boost engagement for your account and ensure you get Instagram likes!

Sweepstakes and giveaways give your followers an incentive to like, comment and share your content, as the chance to win some prize encourages your followers to engage with your content.

If you plan your contest or giveaway strategically, not only will you get likes on Instagram , but you can also encourage your followers to share your content to increase the spread of your brand and products.

How to Create a Giveaway or Contest on Instagram to Get Likes?

We have an article with literally everything you need to run an Instagram giveaway . Check out!

First you need to decide on what the prize or giveaway will be offered.

And you should make that decision based on your account’s niche and your followers’ interests. Learn more about niche marketing here!

For example, if you’re a brand, you might want to give away one of your products as a prize. Or even tickets to an event in your city.

The prize possibilities are genuinely endless, but it’s important to pick something your followers will really want!

Essentially, there are 3 steps to creating a contest on Instagram and these are as follows:

  • Choose an appropriate award that your followers will really want
  • Create an entry method for your giveaway or contest
  • Share your giveaway with as many people as possible to get likes

Make Posts When Your Followers Are Most Active and Get More Likes

As a result of the evolution of the Instagram Algorithm, one of the most important factors in getting likes on Instagram is posting when your audience is most active!

When your post gets likes and comments on Instagram quickly, it tells the algorithm that it’s good content and therefore likely to show up in more user feeds and show up on the “Explore” page if you’re lucky.

Test the days and times of your posts and evaluate the best time for your profile.

Get More Likes on Instagram Using Tags on Your Posts

Did you know that tagging relevant accounts in your posts has the potential to increase engagement?

While tags don’t work in the same way as hashtags, they serve a similar purpose: increasing your posts’ reach and getting more likes.

One of the top tips the Marketing Mafia has for getting likes on Instagram is tagging your content with relevant accounts like products or brands, influencers in the space, or people you think might actually be interested in the post.

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