Best Alternatives to Gmail like protonmail, Zoho, Yahoo

Best Alternatives to Gmail like protonmail, Zoho, Yahoo

Best Alternatives to Gmail like protonmail, Zoho, Yahoo – let’s face it, look for one alternative to Gmail It’s not easy as Google’s email service is one of the best, if not the best email service we can currently find on the market, especially if you take advantage of the large number of features it offers.

Did you know that Gmail allows us to delete a sent message? Or it allows us to schedule a message to be sent. It is likely that without knowing about these features you will not use them, but these are some of the features that Gmail offers us and that are available in several email services such as Outlook.

When choosing mail storage, we must take into account a number of factors, the most important being the amount of storage it offers us, especially if our activity through this communication channel is very high.

Best Alternatives to Gmail like Protonmail, Zoho, Yahoo mail

Another aspect that we have to take into account is if you offer us an Android application or we can use it with a third party email client. In the latter case, this will not allow us to get the most out of our smartphone, since all the functions that the platform can offer us will not be available.


Outlook provides us with 15 GB of storage space reserved only for the emails we receive. If, in addition, instead of continuing to use Google Drive, we switch to OneDrive, Microsoft will offer us 5 GB of storage space.

This space is less than the 15 GB that Google offers us, but at least it doesn’t merge email space with Google Photos and storage like Google would , so we don’t have to remember to empty our inbox periodically looking for space.

One of the good things about Outlook, specifically the Android app, is that they pay attention to the offerings that the user community has to offer . In fact, from the app itself, we have the ability to send suggestions for improvements in the form of new features or changes to existing ones.

The Android app allows us to make the most of the app, although there are options to delete a sent email and schedule a delivery that Oulook offers us through the web version, they are not available in the Android app.

Outlook for Android also allows us to link our storage service accounts different from OneDrive (Microsoft), which allows us to add storage accounts mainly from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.

Thanks to this functionality, we can Attach files from these email services to any email that we send from within the application, either through an Outlook account, Gmail, Yahoo…

DownloadMicrosoft Outlook

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Cost: It’s Free 

Proton Mail

If your reason for leaving Gmail is privacy, the alternative to keep your data secure at all times is to use Proton Mail. Proton Mail encrypts messages end-to-end so that no person who can intercept them along the way can access their content, including attachments.

The Android app only allows us to configure this email service. The privacy oriented service is not completely free , but if we have the opportunity to use the free version, the maximum email limit of which is 500 MB.

DownloadProton Mail: simple emails

Developer: Proton AG

Cost: It’s Free 

Yandex Mail

We continue to talk about another one of the Internet giants hand in hand with Yandex. To give us an idea, Yandex in Russia is what Google is in the world. Not only is it a search engine, but it also makes its email service known as Yandex Mail, a storage and mapping service available to everyone…

Yandex offers us a powerful filter for unwanted emails and spam, so we will always organize and clean the mailbox. The only thing we can find in the Android app is that it is only available in English. However, this is not enough to not give it a try.

The Android app allows us to add any email account from other services including Gmail and Outlook, it is compatible with Android dark mode and allows us to manage email by moving it around the screen, just like the Gmail and Outlook app for Android.

DownloadYandex Mail

Developer: Yandex Applications

Cost: It’s Free 

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo had its moment of glory in the early 2000s when it was a search engine. most used all over the world . However, with the arrival of Google, with a completely clean interface, Yahoo began to decline.

This decline has increased over the past 5 years, during which they have been subjected to various attacks that have led to the information leakage of millions of users . These attacks prompted the company to put up a “For Sale” sign. Since 2018, it has been part of the American operator Verizon.

Yahoo! never cared about improving my email service, but to this day it’s a great option. if your needs are basic like sending, receiving emails and more. The Android application also allows us to manage the calendar, just like Outlook and Yandex.

DownloadYahoo Mail – email and mail organizer

Developer: Yahoo

Cost: It’s Free 


If you want to take a step forward, you are committed to the environment , the solution we offer is called posteo . Posteo is a paid email (1 euro per month) that uses the energy of its Greenpace Energy servers, energy from renewable sources.

It supports IMPA and POP protocols, so we can use any email client to get access without problems. It does not contain any advertisements, your data is not sold to third parties and allows us to send attachments up to 50 MB.

This service is currently not available in Spanish and the number of features are basic ones that we can find in any mail service.


If you want to use an email account associated with a domain , the solution you are looking for is Tutanota. Tutanota is an end-to-end encrypted email service whose mobile application is open source , just like the one used on the website, so that any user can check how it works and what kind of privacy it offers users.

Tutanota allows us to create a custom domain for just €1 per month for our mail in addition to including 1GB of free storage . The mobile app is only compatible with this service’s email accounts. If we do not use the POP or IMAP protocol, we will not be able to configure access to this service using other mail managers such as Outlook or Spark.

DownloadTutanota – Sichere Email and Calendar Application

Developer: Tutao GmbH

Cost: It’s Free 

zoho mail

An interesting alternative to Gmail , although paid, we find it in Zoho Mail, a service whose cheapest version costs 0.90 euros per month with 5 GB of storage and 1.13 euros with 10 GB of storage.

It is compatible with POP and IMAP protocols, so we can use this service with any email client available on Android, although there is also a native Android app.

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It also offers us offline access, collaboration tools, task management, notes and bookmarks and allows us to attach files up to 250 MB.

DownloadZoho Mail – email and calendar

Developer: Zoho Corporation

Cost: It’s Free 


GMX is one of the email services that offers us the most features, especially in the paid version, since we also have a free version, albeit with very few features. The strength of GMX lies in its integration with Office , an integration that allows us to edit documents from the application itself and automatically save changes to a file.

This mail service offers us a powerful Android application with which we can make full use of all the features it offers us. Although it is compatible with IMAP and POP, if we use third party applications we will not be able to make full use of it.

If we also look for storage To complement the lack of Google Drive, we can use Cloud GMX, a cloud storage service, to work with our files, share them, surf the web with other users …

DownloadGMX – Mail and Cloud

Developer: GMX

Cost: It’s Free 

Kolab now

The koala now comes from Switzerland and offers us a very interesting alternative to Gmail, where we not only have access to the email account without additional steps, but, as in the case of GMX, we have a wide range of options at our service such as editors files, calendars, tasks, notes, does not include ads … as well as a video call service

The company does not keep any records of our activities on its servers (hosted in Switzerland), but also all open source software used , so that you can check, with the necessary knowledge, how this mail service works.

Koala is not free now. Instead, it offers us two plans, the only difference is the most expensive version (CHF 9), it offers CalDAV and CardDAV support, which the cheaper version (CHF 5) does not offer.

Both plans include 5 GB of storage or, pass-through, web access, IMAP and SMTP support (to use the service with email clients)…


Mailfence This is a European alternative that came to us from Belgium. Offers two-factor authentication and encryption and includes support for IMAP and POP , but paid versions only. The free version doesn’t include this support, so you won’t be able to use it in your favorite email app from your smartphone since Mailfence doesn’t offer an Android app.

The free version offers us 500 MB of storage for documents and another 500 MB for email storage. Uses a digital signature system to make sure that the recipient of the mail is us, so that it is not possible to falsify the sender’s address.

It’s ad-free (other than the free version), it has a powerful spam filter and trackers included in most of the promotional emails we receive, with which you can find out if we’ve opened mail and how much we’ve read .

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