Torrent: 7 Best Alternatives to T411 in 2024

Best Alternatives to T411

Best Alternatives to T411 – It’s been over a year now since t411 closed its doors to great public disappointment. This giant of the French-speaking Torrent world did not leave a void for long since others quickly replaced it.

In this article, the list of the best alternatives to T411  for downloading movies, video games, series, or even books from torrents in 2024 .

The 7 Best Alternatives to T411 in 2024

The closure of the t411 tracker caused a lot of noise on the web and even on television, a den of dirty thieves for some, a temple of sharing for others,  t411  was a bit halfway between the two.

Be careful, the thieves are not who you think! In fact, the rights holders rushed to the gate to cry about the so-called shortfall generated by the site. All these figures should be brushed aside.

What is T411 Torrent?

T411  or rather  torrent411  (originally: is  a  semi-private  bitorrent torrent and tracker directory , the clone of QuebecTorrent  after its closure in 2008.  The site was closed by the Swedish police  following complaints from SACEM and ALPA by the French authorities. there were several clones after the closure of torrent411 including which was considered its successor.

Torrent411 had over 730,000 torrents and had the following categories before it closed:

  • Audio
  • eBook
  • Video game
  • Applications
  • Films, TV series and Videos

T411 is a semi-private bittorrent tracker requiring registration before downloading torrents, in addition to maintaining a certain ratio between data sent and data received (Seeds/Peers).

For most users, t411 was a nice site with users they will miss. On this platform, we could interact with readers from all over the world and we felt like we were part of a family. This very popular tracker, in terms of attendance, but also because it did not require an invitation, will therefore have been killed by the society of dramatic authors and composers, the sacem, and the association for the fight against audiovisual piracy (ALPA).

In this article we present to you a list of the best sites like T411!

7 Best Alternatives to T411 in 2024

1.  YGGTORRENT  : The revival of Torrent

Downloaders/sharers of all kinds will not have waited long  after the fall of t411  to once again benefit from a semi-private tracker worthy of the name. YggTorrent  has decided to perpetuate the spirit of its predecessor while detaching itself from the commercial side of the Quebec site.

YggTorrent  arrived at the right time to replace T411 and unlike its predecessor, it is much less venal…

Like ,  YggTorrent  is a semi-private tracker. You must, in addition to registering, make sure to keep a ratio above 1. It is not that complicated provided you do not download like crazy and above all leave the files in “seed” (sharing). Torrents that you have in your client.


Following the closure of t411, it is not only yggTorrent that has found a place in the small world of Torrent. Torrent9 took users the wrong way by offering a public tracker.

The problem with these sites is that users are not required to follow a ratio. The bad side is that generally, the quality of the releases is not up to par.

OMG Torrent

Despite an austerely polished interface and a marked presence of pornographic content from the home page,  OMG Torrent  stands out for the impressive number of seeders that it can offer on a single file (more than 80,000 sometimes).

This French site will delight fans of VOSTFR and fast downloading.


New reference of the  torrent made in France ,  Cpasbien  is to be visited equipped with an effective ad blocker, otherwise you will have to navigate between banners and popups full of scantily clad young women.

Once these breasts that we cannot see are hidden, Cpasbien becomes a very clear and well-provided site. Please note, it is now necessary to register to be able to download torrents.

The Pirate Bay

No, the famous pirate ship of the torrent has not yet sunk. Still afloat thanks to its numerous clones, its interface has not changed one iota for several years, and it is clear that the ship is still as efficient as ever.

We’ve listed here , but there’s nothing stopping you from using another URL. the list is available on


In addition to its well-defined upload rules, filtering poor quality and/or misleading files upstream,  1337X  has more categories than average, for effective targeted search. Instead of a simple “Games” section, you can, for example, choose a platform.

Luckily, torrent fans can still fulfill their streaming desires as they can access the new best torrent sites in 2018. Yes, you read that right. This is because you can access  (formerly which allows you to watch your favorite video content instantly.

Likewise, the browsing section lets you discover your favorite TV shows, movies, music, games, cartoons, and much more. You shouldn’t need to explore another Torrent site if you have at your disposal

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