7 Best Photo Editing Software for Windows 7 in 2024

Best Photo Editing Software for Windows 10

Best Photo Editing Software for Windows 7 – Editing photos is something that Windows users often do, including Windows 7.

Especially at this time, you could say there are quite a lot of photo editing applications for various needs on Windows 7.

So, for those of you who are curious, what are these photo editing Software and want to try using them, I will discuss them below.

List of Best Photo Editing Software for Windows 7

I made this list of Softwares based on the ones I have tried myself. Incidentally, I personally edit photos quite often.

What you need to remember is that these applications have different system requirements . So you need to pay attention so that you can use the application smoothly.

Immediately, here is the list of applications.

1. Adobe Photoshop

The first, of course, is Adobe Photoshop , bro. This app is absolutely not to be missed. Adobe Photoshop, if I read from Wikipedia, this application was released in 1990, which means more than 20 years ago.

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing application that has lots of features.

The many features make this application often used by various groups. Starting from ordinary computer users, to professional developers or editors.

Whether using Adobe Photoshop is good or not depends on the skills possessed by the user, because there are many tools and effects that can be used when editing an image or photo.

But in general, using Adobe Photoshop is easy, you know. Based on personal experience, I myself first used Adobe Photoshop when I was 8 years old.

At that time I only gave a simple blend effect , like combining my face with fruit.

The Adobe Photoshop version is of course always under development. You can search again for the latest version to get the most up-to-date information.

Ms Paint

If you ask, why use the Paint application? Isn’t Paint a drawing application in Windows?

I decided to include Paint here, because Paint can actually be used for light photo editing purposes.

In Paint, you can crop photos, color photos, add fonts , change the resolution, and save them in various formats.

In terms of interface, Paint is very simple. Plus, this application also comes with Windows 7 itself. So, you don’t need to bother downloading it from the internet again.

Personally, I usually use Paint when I want to edit Windows screenshots or crop photos . Because loading is light and doesn’t take time.

Because this application is built into Windows, Paint definitely works on Windows 7.



Next, GIMP . Even though its name is not as well known as Adobe Photoshop among computer and laptop users, GIMP should not be underestimated.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a program for image manipulation. This application has similar functions to Adobe Photoshop. But this application has a free license , while Photoshop is paid.

GIMP also supports almost all photo formats. In fact, GIMP also supports PSD format (Photoshop Standard Format).

In terms of features, GIMP has quite complete features for light to quite heavy editing needs . You can see for yourself on YouTube what features GIMP has.

GIMP is also very popular among editors. Due to its open source and free nature, GIMP also supports various operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

I have checked GIMP and it works well on Windows 7.

Adobe Lightroom

Apart from Photoshop, you also shouldn’t miss Adobe Lightroom .

Adobe Lightroom is a variant of the photo editor besides Photoshop from Adobe. This application is usually used to play colors in images or photos, so that they look more beautiful.

As for the features themselves, there are several striking differences between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. However, if discussed here, the discussion would be too long. Please just search for the difference on Google, OK?

In terms of compatibility, I have checked Adobe Lightroom and it functions normally on Windows 7.


Paint.NET is not Windows’ default Paint, yes.

Paint.NET is a lightweight editing application with a size and has quite complete features. I can say that this application is quite suitable for users who are still unfamiliar with the world of editing, but want to get adequate features.

In terms of appearance, Paint.NET has an interface similar to Adobe Photoshop. The appearance is dominated by white, and on the left side of the application there are tools for editing purposes.

Paint.NET has 2 versions, namely free and paid. As for the differences in features, I don’t know myself.

For the paid version, you can buy and download it via the Windows Store built into Windows 7. As for the free version, you can download it directly on the official website.

I have checked the free version of the Paint.NET application and it is proven to work on Windows 7

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel, when you hear the name, you think of Corel Draw, right? Corel PaintShop Pro is photo editor software which has lots of features in it. This application is also quite famous among photo editors, you know.

Corel PaintShop Pro has a variety of plugins that produce cool, beautiful and interesting effects, so it’s worth trying.

Just like Adobe Photoshop, to use Corel PaintShop Pro, you have to learn it first, so you understand and can use all the available features.

This application certainly supports Windows 7. But this application has system requirements . So, make sure your PC/laptop has specifications that support it.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 32 bit / 64 bit with the latest updates .
  • Intel or AMD 1.5 GHz processor (or faster) that supports SSE2 (recommended dual core and above).
  • Minimum 2GB RAM. 4GB recommendation.
  • Min 1 GB free disk. Recommended 2 GB.
  • Minimum HD resolution screen (1280 x 768 resolution with 16-bit color). Recommended 1366 x 768 with 24-bit color (or above).
  •  Latest VGA drivers.

Interested in trying it?

Affinity Photo

Lastly, Affinity Photo . For some people, Affinity Photo may still not be as well known as previous applications. However, Affinity Photo is quite popular among photo editors.

The features provided are quite complete, plus the price is relatively much cheaper than similar applications, making this application quite popular.

This application has even been recommended by the editor of the tomsguide.com site, which incidentally is one of the largest technology sites in the world.

You can download this application directly via the official website for $49.99. This price is quite cheap for the size of a photo editing application which is usually priced at millions of rupiah.

The final word

Wow, it turns out there are lots of recommended photo editing applications that can be run on Windows 7, huh? Of course, there are still other applications that are not included in the list above.

I hope the seven applications that I recommend above can help those of you who want to edit photos and are confused about finding the best application to start with.

Some of these applications may have to be adjusted and learned to use first, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and so on, because of the many features available.

So, roughly, which application are you interested in using? The choice is up to each of you. Please choose according to your needs, OK?

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