10 Best Anime Filter Apps in 2024

Best Anime Photo Editor

Best Anime Filter Apps – With the help of an anime style photo editing app, you can now easily change photos into anime-style only via a smartphone, both on Android and on iPhone. Changing a photo to look like an anime character is currently trending among the public. Not just for fun, these edited photos are even widely used as birthday gifts, weddings to graduations.

Best Anime Filter Apps

If previously to make a face similar to an anime or cartoon character you needed a computer or PC, now to edit it you can do it via Android and iPhone devices. So, in the following article, Techjustify will provide some recommendations for photo editing apps that are trending for anime that you can try. What are the names of the apps? here’s the answer!


Prisma is the first anime Filter app that you can try. Unlike most apps, prisms are made by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology or artificial intelligence technology.

Changing photos into anime style in the Prisma app can only be done online because this app requires an internet connection. Therefore if you find the results of photos that are not good, such as blurring, it could be because your internet connection is unstable.

Oh yeah, here are a few tips, for those of you who want to get the most out of prisma edits. Instead of uploading photos from the gallery, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the camera roll feature in the prisma app. In this way, in addition to more optimal edits, you can also more freely arrange framing.


The second anime filter app that you can try is Everfilter. This photo editing app from China appeared after the prisma app became popular in cyberspace. Even so, compared to prisms, you could say that Everfilter is better than prisms.

This is because this app has tone filter results like Studio Ghibli, such as the effect of white clouds and blue sky with a beautiful combination of pastel colors. As for being able to use this application, you only need to download it on the Google Playstore and Appstore for iOS.

PicsArt Photo Editor


PicsArt is one of the best Anime photo editing apps available today. Compared to similar applications, PicsArt offers effects that are far more complete than other apps. Before being known as an app for editing photos into cartoons and anime, PicsArt was already known as an app for making collages. As the number of PicsArt users has increased, which has now reached 9 billion active users worldwide, PicsArt has begun exploring PC devices by releasing PicsArt for PC.

This is done so that it is easier for users to access the app without the need to install it at all when using the app. However, users only need to access it via the browser. So, how do you edit photos into anime on PicsArt? As for editing photos into anime, you only need to use comic effects.

Meitu Beauty Cam

Even though it’s been more than 13 years since it was released in 2008, Meitu Beauty Cam still exists today. This is inseparable from the animate feature, which is specially present for users who want to change their photos or faces into cartoon or anime characters with different backgrounds. In order for the edits to be maximized, you can also take advantage of the photo retouch feature which can get rid of pimples, eye bags, black spots to wrinkles.

Image Upscaler

Photo to Anime by Image Upscaler – the innovative AI online tool that allows users to convert their photos into anime-styled images using advanced artificial intelligence. Users can turn their regular photos into captivating anime art with just a few clicks. The process is simple: upload a photo, wait for a few seconds, and receive an anime version of the image. 

The tool captures essential features from the original picture, ensuring that emotions and distinct characteristics are retained in the anime rendition. 

This service is ideal for those looking to add a creative touch to their images, whether for personal entertainment, blogging, or business purposes. “

Anime Face Changer

If you want to change your photo into anime style, then you can do it with this Anime Face Changer application. Many users rate this app as having many weaknesses, apart from using the edited Chinese language, this app is also less smooth and perfect. In fact, it could be that less than optimal results occur because users do not understand how to use the app properly. For example, you don’t move up the slider to get a good resolution.


Tiktok Anime

Did you know beforehand that you can use TikTok to edit photos into anime? TikTok is indeed better known as a music video platform that allows its users to make short music videos. However, it’s not only limited to that, TikTok has also started adding several features to the platform.

The features include adding music, video editing, sticker filters, video edits, voice changers, beauty filters, auto captions and don’t miss the comic face feature. Even though it doesn’t have as complete features as other photo editing apps, the results of this one apps edits are no less than the others. Through a feature called comic face, you can change your face like an anime character.

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Line Camera

These free apps provide lots of features and filters that reveal interesting details. If you want to edit photos directly, you can use your original photos by taking your best photos directly with the front or rear camera. Interestingly, Line Camera is a user-friendly app because it has a small size, which is only 3.5 MB. This app is also available for free on the Play Store which you can download right now

Projector Photo Editor

Projector Photo Editor is an application for an anime Filter App that you can install on your smartphone. Besides being very easy to use, this app also offers pretty good results. Unfortunately, this application is only available in its home country, China. So if you want to use this application you have to download it via TapTap or APKPure.


Capcut Anime

Already know how to edit anime photos in CapCut? How to edit anime photos on CapCut is quite easy, first you have to create a new project first, then enter the photo you want to edit. Next select the “Style” menu and swipe to find the anime effect.

In general, the CapCut app is very user-friendly because it is equipped with a simple interface that makes it easy to use. Apart from that, what distinguishes CapCut from other applications is the green screen feature that can be used to remove the background of a video.

So, those are Anime Filter Apps that turn into anime that you can try. Apart from the app above, there is actually one very good software for producing anime-style photos, that software is Photoshop. Unfortunately, how to make an anime photo in Photoshop requires precision, patience and a lot of time.

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