How to Choose a Good Virtual Assistant

How to Choose a Good Virtual Assistant

How to Choose a Good Virtual Assistant – The conscious choice to enhance the digitization of your company

“We know the potential of Artificial Intelligence, we know that our company needs a digital implementation in order to be more competitive on the market but we find ourselves inundated with often conflicting proposals that we cannot distinguish as suitable or not for our needs.”

We often find ourselves faced with situations of this kind, in which the main doubt is to make the right choice for one’s business, integrate technologies into one’s systems that are really capable of making a significant leap in quality and provide positive feedback on several fronts .

For this reason we decided to analyze and group all the essential (essential) characteristics that a good Virtual Assistant must have in order to perform adequately and correctly .

Considering all the technological components of a Virtual Assistant and evaluating how each of them can support and facilitate the internal and external work of your business is the most appropriate way to take the decisive step towards an innovation that stands out on the market.

Why choose a Virtual Assistant?

Before introducing you to the actual technology, we want to open a parenthesis that can clarify your ideas on why choosing a Virtual Assistant for your company.

Making use of the help and skills of a Virtual Assistant means revolutionizing the customer loyalty process . The 4.0 consumer is a demanding user, he expects full and constant availability from companies; the Virtual Assistant intervenes precisely to fully satisfy these new needs, guaranteeing precise answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

But the potential of a Virtual Assistant is not only reflected in the relationship with customers, companies, in fact, derive considerable internal benefits , which allow, for example, human operators to concentrate on complex problems, optimizing their work .

Furthermore, thanks to the Virtual Assistants it is possible to create a precise targeting of users thanks to the information coming from the conversations.

This type of solution and communication certainly has an impact on the Customer Experience , creating the right engagement and providing a very high and innovative level of User Experience .

What are the characteristics of a good Virtual Assistant?

Therefore, in order to choose a Virtual Assistant who carries out his activity in the most optimal way, it is necessary to make sure that he is equipped with precise features , each of which contributes to the quality of the work itself.

We have therefore classified these characteristics into 10 distinct ones , you can find the detailed information in our free guide, download it for free here.

In the meantime, let’s see the top 5 together:

1. Multimodality

To involve your customers at 360° , the Virtual Assistant you have chosen must be multimodal, i.e. it must make use of the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence to create strong and lasting connections with users.

What do users need most of all today? To get excited!

A good Virtual Assistant must, therefore, be able to identify the emotional state of the user with whom he is talking to adjust the conversation accordingly.

2. Omnichannel

As can be deduced from the word itself, omnichannel means being present on any type of channel, from VoIP to Facebook Messenger, a good Virtual Assistant must integrate with all the channels the company is equipped with in order to be able to respond to customers from any access point .

3. Customer intent recognition engine

Knowing your customers allows you to acquire a very important advantage for the creation of new marketing strategies, having information about their attitudes and desires allows you to build a solid and lasting relationship.

A good Virtual Assistant must, therefore, guide the user at every stage of his experience, before and after the purchase to ensure a smooth customer journey.

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4. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Dialog Management

You will surely have come across the acronym NLP.

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing, or the ability to process natural language. This feature is essential for a Virtual Assistant because it determines the success of the dialogue with users, thus generating adequate and correct answers to requests made, in multiple languages!

5. Word Sense Disambiguation

Another element, which is talked about less often but which is of fundamental importance, is the Word Sense Disambiguation algorithm. Only thanks to this technology, in fact, a Virtual Assistant is able to contextualize the meaning of words and not run into disambiguations.

Have we intrigued you and would you like to learn more about the subject to make the right choice for your company?

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