10 Best Anime Torrent Sites to Download Anime in 2024

Best Anime Torrent Sites

10 Best Anime Torrent Sites To Download Anime in 2024 Updated lists – If you’re someone who is a die-hard fan of Anime, then you must know how Anime has become so popular in the past two decades.

Anime lovers want to binge-watch anime online and the best place they find anime online is by accessing torrenting sites. Although there are a lot of torrenting sites but majority of them are restricted. KissAnime and KissManga, two popular anime torrenting sites were taken down recently, so anime lovers started to look for some other torrenting websites.

We’ve brought some of the best torrenting sites for downloading anime series like Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis. So, anime lovers, we’ve got your back. Start reading!

A Little About the Anime Culture

Anime is a form of fancy hand-drawn and computer-generated animation that originated from Japan. It is derived from the English word “animation”. it refers to the collection of Japanese animated works regardless of origin or style.

Now, you can choose from a gamut of anime titles and the genre has developed into one of Japan’s most significant exports. The anime narratives are realistic, dramatic, and emotional. It features characters with wide oval eyes, outlandish haircuts, and humanized bodies.

Anime is exclusively for mature audiences. Anime studios have been successful at creating anime content for popular anime studios including Studio Ghibli.

Anime torrents

Why Anime is so popular?

Anime became popular in a short time. The reason is that anime is mostly viewed by mature audiences who typically have a hectic schedule to maintain. The anime series format seems to be perfect for them. Anime has typically 20-minute episodes which makes them simple to watch and enjoy.

The condensed format of the anime episodes is pretty entertaining, and it allows the users to watch lengthy series in only a few days.

Moreover, anime is accessible online and can be legally seen on online streaming services. Nowadays, anime is the greatest form of entertainment available worldwide and its industry has also grown quite significantly.

10 Best Anime Torrent Sites to Download Anime in 2024

There is a variety of anime media that is available for users to download – including TV series, films, and comics in Anime torrent sites via P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network. These are some of the resourceful websites heavily popular for those who desire to obtain a variety of free anime content.

These free torrent websites are so popular because legal streaming services are mostly paid. The users need to be cautious because downloading via torrents is risky for it can expose anyone to install malware. However, these are the most popular destinations for getting anime series.

We’ve crafted a list of popular torrent services that anyone can use to download the anime series:

1) Nyaa Torrents

Nyaa Torrents

Nyaa is a torrent website with an intuitive and easily navigable interface. It has a massive torrent collection than the majority of its competitors. It has an exquisite collection of TV shows, movies, music, novels, and video games. It has a clean, organized interface with many sections and subcategories which makes it easier to find the relevant files to download.

It is an excellent resource for downloading every anime that you’re familiar with. The majority of the anime available on Nyaa are subtitled and raw versions, and they’ve got some respectable 720p/1080p HD quality.

There are no pop-up ads and registration is not required for downloading, because the website is easily accessible online.

Website: https://nyaa.si/

2) Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan

Tokyo Toshokan is a dedicated bit-torrent website available for Japanese media. It has a small-text-based navigation design concerning the content types we’ve just mentioned, and it further allows users to search for torrents in a more detailed manner, through torrent size, submitter, and comment. Along with a heavy catalog of anime TV series, movies, and OVAs, this website offers an easy download of manga, drama, music, and adult media content.

It is simple to use Tokyo Toshan to download torrents as the website is regularly updated with new torrents. No registration or sign-up is needed. Users can select the anime of their choice and download it. Altogether it is an extremely hassle-free experience.

Website: https://www.tokyotosho.info/

3) Horrible Subs

Horrible Subs is another torrenting website on our list. It consists of a massive collection of high-quality anime TV series and movies available on this excellent anime torrenting platform. It allows users to download anime-related content in a variety of video quality options ranging from 480p to 1080p.

The best feature of this website is how frequently it is updated with the most recent information. So, if you’ve decided to view the current anime series or movies, then this torrenting website can be your one-stop solution. Moreover, here you can find both dubbed and subbed anime content.

The interface of the website is extremely elegant and it gives a simple user experience. Go to the search bar to search for the anime you wish, and also, you’ll find all the upcoming releases on the right sidebar of the page.

Still, the website does have room for improvement. It lacks certain capabilities that if present could have added a lot for a great user experience. Although, it is a great torrenting website with the massive amount of content it stores. 

HorribleSubs Alternative: utw.me, ggkthx.org, doki.co etc

4) Anime Tosho

Anime Tosho

Users can download the most trustworthy and recently updated torrent files from Anime Tosho, a good anime torrent service. It is regularly updated and users can find a ton of fresh anime torrents.

You can download your favorite anime series in SD and HD. It is pretty resourceful since you can download the anime series with subtitles and subtitle files. The interface of Anime Tosho is straightforward and self-explanatory, and you may choose from a variety of UI styles according to your interests. Additionally, the interface of the torrent website helps users to explore torrent files on these four parameters – update time, file size, all content, or only show trusted.

Website: https://animetosho.org/

5) Erai-Raws

Erai-Raws torrent sites

Continuing our expedition on choosing the best torrent website for Anime, we’ve come towards Erai-Raws, a promising torrent site.

It has a remarkable database of recent anime series and movies along with batch torrent files, encoded anime, and subtitled anime. You can breeze through the interface because it is easily navigable and well-organized.

Users can download their preferred torrent files by choosing them from the many available languages and resolutions. Additionally, there are some extra methods for downloading torrents from Erai-Raws.

Website: https://www.erai-raws.info/

6) AniRena

AniRena torrent sites

AniRena comes with a huge collection of anime torrent files, including those for anime games, AMV, music, and movies. It provides some precise yet detailed information to the user about each torrent file so that the user can swiftly determine whether the file is suitable to download.

Downloading in AniRena is pretty basic because neither you do not have to create any account nor is there a need to open new web pages because the website is simple and effective. AniRena is a classic torrent site, earlier known to be “Shockerz.net”. It is currently a strong competitor in the world of anime “torrents”.

Website: https://www.anirena.com/

7) Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay torrent sites

Pirate Bay, is a popular torrent website that has now been active for ages. It has a huge database of all kinds of audio, video, applications, games, and e-books, among other things. On the website, you may find every type of media file including anime.

However, Pirate Bay does not have a specific category for anime which makes it challenging for anime lovers to find specific anime. However, everything is a lot simpler if you know the name of the anime you would want to download. Just search for the specific anime in the search box and you’ll get the desired results pretty soon.

Website: https://thepiratebay.org/index.html

8) Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is another P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file-sharing torrent service. It is a simple yet beautiful user interface that is easy to navigate. The speed of the website is too good and the majority of the people who enjoy peer-to-peer file sharing are familiar with the website. It also has a good collection of movies anime etc. 

Website: https://limetorrents.so/

9) AniDex

Although this torrent website was shut down a long ago it was revived by its former employees. It is one of the anime torrent websites that offers a huge selection of anime genres- from romance to thriller.

In addition, you may find the most recent Manga in .cbz file here for offline reading. The novels come in two main languages.

It is the quick search bar that has the option to hide content that is not appropriate for all users to look up to your favorite anime. This is a dedicated area for anime soundtracks in both lossless and lossy versions.

Website: https://anidex.info/

10) Torrentz2

Torrentz2 torrent sites

Another torrent search engine called Torrentz2 is massively popular, and it also provides anime torrents. The website resembles another well-known torrent search engine. The site is an exclusive store with everything you could think of such as a huge library index containing movies, anime, shows, video games, and software. Unfortunately, the website is not accessible in many countries.

Website: https://torrentz2.nz/search?q=Anime


If you’re fond of watching many anime series and movies for free then searching for them on torrent sites could be the best option for you. We’ve provided a detailed article on the 10 best torrent sites to use for downloading your favorite anime series.

Erai-Raws can be a great option as a torrent site for downloading your favorite anime shows as it has a massive database of recent anime series

in batch torrent files and also, they’ve got subtitled anime. Pirate Bay can also be used for downloading anime but they don’t have a specific category, so you’ve to search manually for the anime series you wish to see. It’s legal to use torrenting sites but in such a way that your security is not compromised online.


Which Anime torrent site is best?

It is subjective and it depends on the user’s personal preference. We’d personally recommend using Erai-Raws and Ani-Dex.

Are torrent sites legal?

Anime torrents are particularly legitimate. However, downloading anime torrents that are copyrighted can get you into serious trouble so, be careful before downloading content from torrents.

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