How to Get Spotify Premium Cheaper in 2024 Using A VPN

Get Spotify Premium Cheaper

How to Get Spotify Premium Cheaper – If you’re exhausted from thinking how is it possible to get Spotify Premium for cheap, then don’t worry we’ve got your back. We’ve come here with a great solution that you can use to get Spotify Premium for cheap and make some great savings on the way and that is to use a VPN.

Spotify premium package offers you ad-free music, flamboyant sound quality, no ads, and a host of other features. Based on the region, the subscription rates differ so it can be a little unfair for the users. You are lucky that by using a VPN, you can fix this problem and heavily reduce the cost of Spotify Premium. So, just start reading!

Why should you upgrade to Spotify Premium?

Whether to pay for Spotify Premium can be a million-dollar question. It has now been a bit complicated to choose between Spotify Free and Premium because the popular rivals of Spotify have made some recent improvements in their music streaming services.

For example, Apple Music, already provides lossless and spatial audio, while Spotify seems to lag in terms of its high-quality music streaming. If you’re wondering about leaving Spotify free for its Premium version, then you might be confused about whether paying $10.99 a month is still a worthwhile choice.

To make it easy for you to decide, we have chalked the differences between these two packages clearly so that you can do a clear assessment-

1) No longer shuffle-only mode

By upgrading to Spotify Premium, you get to play any song you choose on demand. On the other hand, outside of a few playlists, including daily mixes, the free version allows you to only listen in the shuffle mode. Spotify’s free service does not limit you to shuffle-only mode only when you are using the Desktop or Tablet.

2) Endless skipping and replays

You can only skip a certain number of tracks using Spotify’s free service. You only get six skips each hour specifically. You may skip as many tracks as possible with the premium service. Additionally, listeners on mobile devices have the option to repeatedly press the back button or set a song on repeat.

3) Improved Audio

You can only increase the bitrate of the music you listen to on Spotify Free to Standard (96 kbps) or high quality (160 kbps). If you utilize high headphones or speakers, Spotify Premium’s extremely high-quality streaming of 320 kbps can produce better more detailed music.

4) Play complete albums

Spotify Free won’t allow you to play whole albums. The default setting is a shuffle mode, and unless you’re using a web player or tablet, you can’t use other options like rewind or repeat. No matter what device you use, with the premium subscription you can stream any album in its entirety.

How to get Spotify Premium Cheaper in 2024

We’re always looking for ways to listen to songs for free, and Spotify does not make any exceptions.

Spotify is a widely popular music streaming service. Nevertheless, despite its widespread acceptance, it has some restrictions in China and Dubai.

Additionally, the price of Spotify premium subscription plans can vary by region. For example, in the US the cost is around $10.99 per month whereas in Turkey or Argentina, it can cost around $1.48 or $2.20 a month.

Which countries provide Cheaper Spotify plans (around $1)?

You must understand how to select the country in which to connect if you want to pay for your daily subscriptions at a lower price. Not just Spotify, but a number of locations are well known for providing cheaper subscription rates. To save money more and more customers are currently choosing to use a VPN. Of course, there are a lot more examples than this.

The following nations actually give the best deals on Spotify:

NoCountrySpotify Individual price/month
2India $1.45
3Turkey $1.48
4Egypt $1.62
5Argentina $1.74
6Bangladesh $1.84
7Sri Lanka $1.63
8Ghana $1.47
9Nigeria $2.19
10Vietnam $2.44
11South Africa $3.21
12Indonesia $3.54
13Brazil $4.48
14Ukraine $4.99
15US $10.99
16Germany $10.99
17France $11.79
18Finland $13.19
19UK $14.08
20Denmark $16.11

The costs are only provided for informational purposes because they can change depending on a number of factors. It is possible that the cost of a Spotify Premium subscription abroad is more expensive or less expensive when the conversion rate is taken into account. Despite this, connecting in nations like , India, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Sri Lanka or Argentina is still preferable.

How can a VPN help to get Spotify Premium for Cheap?

If you’re wondering to get Spotify Premium for cheap or access the app from a prohibited location, then you must consider getting a VPN.

To bypass the platform’s geo-restrictions, you can easily connect to a server in a region where the premium version of the app is affordable and available. A VPN can alter your IP address. To bypass a platform’s geo-restrictions, you can easily connect to a server in a region where the premium version of the app is affordable and available.

If you try to access Spotify from a restricted location without a VPN, then the following message may appear —“Currently, Spotify is unavailable in your Country” –

It is best to use a tried-and-tested VPN with a quick connection speed, has a sizable fleet of safe international servers, and comes with robust security features to effectively access Spotify Premium. Here, we’ve outlined a list of VPNs you can use to unlock Spotify Premium at the cheapest price possible.

Best VPNs to Use for Spotify Premium Cheap Subscription

1) NordVPN

NordVPN is a trustworthy VPN that you can utilize on Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android. It can help you to connect 6 devices simultaneously. Users are safeguarded by the different security techniques employed by NordVPN.

It also has a “double VPN” feature that can send your connection across two servers for added security.


a) Threat Protection: It is used to disable ads, trackers, and malware to create a safe browsing experience. It provides an additional degree of security online.

b) Dark Web Monitor: It helps users to get notified if their private information gets revealed on the dark web.

c) Meshnet: Meshnet enables direct connections with other gadgets via private, encrypted tunnels that are helpful for gaming and file sharing.

d) Automatic Kill Switch: This feature automatically prevents the user from accessing the internet once the VPN connection drops. In this way, the user is rescued from potential risk.

2) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers premium plans that can safeguard both their personal and business activities. The company enables connections between Indian users and its virtual servers that are spread throughout 94 nations outside of India.

Users can choose an Express-VPN compatible Wi-Fi router which can protect many devices for high-speed, dependable internet access even if it supports up to eight connections.


a) DNS security: It utilizes a private DNS that can perform its own encrypted DNS queries to protect users from outsiders and to improve internet speeds.

b) Unlock Websites: ExpressVPN encrypts network traffic with AES-256 and masks users’ IP addresses. VPN users can download their preferred content such as live sports, and TV shows, and trade cryptocurrencies to international channels because of this feature.

c) Defy Censorship: By using RAM-only servers, ExpressVPN can circumvent censorship because they don’t track connection logs.

It has shut down its servers in India, but by connecting with any IP address from one of 94 other countries, it still enables users in that nation to access prohibited websites, services, and fire-wall protected content.

d) Kill Switch: It has another special feature called “Network Lock”, a kill switch function that can prevent connected devices from accessing the Internet when the VPN connection drops.

e) Split Tunnelling: It has to be kept in mind that most Indian Banks do not permit their customers to access accounts using computers linked to VPN. In that case, the split tunneling feature helps you to choose between devices that need VPN connections and those that do not.

3) IPVanish

IPVanish provides extreme levels of online privacy with lightning-fast and secured internet access. You’ll great download speeds, round-the-clock customer service, simultaneous connections to an unlimited number of devices and you’ll get access to more than 2,200 servers in 75 countries.

IPVanish can be an excellent choice if you use public Wi-Fi to browse the internet, wish to boost the security of your online accounts, or desire to get increased privacy for your ongoing online business.


a) Anonymity: Browse the web anonymously without having to worry about privacy because IPVanish never records any of your VPN connections or internet traffic. It means that you won’t be connected to any timestamp or IP address. Moreover, it uses shared IP addresses to mask your exact location, so it is impossible to track you.

b) DNS Security Measures: IPVanish uses its own private DNS servers to translate site addresses into their corresponding IP address. The users who are connected with its VPN can only access the DNS Servers and privacy and safety of the DNS servers will be maintained.

c) Dedicated IP address: Unfortunately, IPVanish does not offer any dedicated IP address.

d) Kill Switch: If the IPVanish connection becomes unreliable for any reason, a kill switch will cut off your internet access. It routes your internet traffic through the VPN, so this function lets you keep your online identity and privacy safe.

Alternative Ways to Get Spotify Premium for Cheap

If you’re in the UK or US, then accessing Spotify Premium with a reputable VPN to make it cheaper can be a sensible decision.

But if you’re not fond of using a VPN and consequently looking for some alternative ways to get Spotify Premium for cheap, then we’ve come to the rescue.

These are some of the ways you can use to get Spotify Premium package for cheap:

1) Make use of the free trials

We’ll recommend you make use of your available free Spotify trials before subscribing. When you register as a new member, you can directly enjoy Spotify Premium for four months free. Additionally, Microsoft Rewards has offered 3 months of Spotify for free. It is good to check for more offers to continue Spotify Premium for free.

2) Premium Family Membership

For $16.99 you can opt Spotify premium family membership if your entire family enjoys listening to music. It is good to have an account under the same membership for each family member because it can cover up to 6 people living at the same address.

3) Spotify Student Discount

It is best to utilize your Spotify student discount if you significantly reduce your monthly cost. One user will pay £10.99 per month for a standard Spotify account. However, you can obtain the same service for £5.99 provided you are a student. You can also sign up for a student membership as a new user as it will help to get a free trial of Spotify.

4) Free trial

Spotify Premium can be availed for a single month. As a result, you’ll get 30 days to take the offer of the paid plan.

5) Share with Someone

If you need to share Spotify between two individuals, you can utilize a Duo Plan. For a monthly fee of £14.99, it will provide access to every Spotify Premium feature. To be eligible for a duo account, you need to stay under the same roof with your partner.


Till now, we’ve done our best to tell you how to get Spotify premium for cheap if you’re on a tight budget. We’d personally recommend you get a reputable VPN to connect to a server where Spotify premium plans are affordable. Otherwise, you can use any of the alternatives to get Spotify for cheap.

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