5 Best Apps to Auto Caption Stories on Instagram

5 Best Apps to Auto Caption Stories on Instagram

5 Best Apps to Caption Stories on Instagram – Instagram users can turn to third-party apps to add captions to videos for Stories. The application market has several tools that allow you to subtitle videos with interactive phrases that can draw attention on social networks. 

Thinking about helping our readers, we prepared this article with the 5 Best Instagram Caption Apps For Stories.

We separate options of free applications with several functions that can make your videos even more attractive with interactive and colorful subtitles. 

The alternatives we have listed can be found on Android smartphones and on the iPhone. Let’s analyze them next.

Best Apps to Auto Caption Stories on Instagram

1. Autocap

To get started, we recommend the free Autocap application as an alternative. It is a smart editing tool that can identify the audio of the video and transcribe all the speeches of the people. The system has advanced voice recognition capable of automatically generating subtitles.

The tool creates a timeline and divides the sentences into columns so that they can be edited after app recognition. Tap on one of these columns to edit words and solve possible identification problems that the app may present. You can adjust the terms used by the artificial intelligence so that the subtitle matches the video.

The application even allows you to add animation effects over the texts. Among the options are animations that simulate a typewriter. The generated files can be shared directly to Instagram . Autocap has versions for Android and iPhone.

2. Kaptioned

Finally, we chose the Kaptioned app. With versions for iPhone and Android smartphones , this tool gives you the option to automatically add subtitles to your videos. With an interface only in English, it has a simple and intuitive interface that does not present any difficulty in use.

Users can import a video from the cell phone library and select a language in the recognition system. Once this is done, the application will start the transcription and present the result in a few moments.

Subtitles can be given colored backgrounds and can have their time in the video set in post-editing. That way, users can make fine adjustments so everything stays in sync. The “Share Video” option offers direct sharing with Instagram Stories.

3. Clips

Clips is a specific alternative for iPhone users. The tool, which is developed by Apple, offers augmented reality effects and animations that can completely change the look of videos. Users can use the “Real Time Titles” option to have the system transcribe the audio and generate subtitles automatically.

The feature is presented with a message bubble like those in comic books. Just tap on it for the AI ​​to start the speech recognition procedure that is in the video. Transcription is almost instantaneous and does not initially require any adjustment by the user.

For the tool to work, you will need to record the video using Clips. It is not possible to import library content for this purpose. The interesting thing here is that when recording the video, the subtitles appear in real time. Created content can be shared directly to Stories .

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4. Capcut

Capcut is a famous video editor used by many Instagram and TikTok users. Few users know, but it has a tool to generate automatic subtitles . As with other apps on this list, it uses an artificial intelligence system to recognize the speeches in the video and transcribe them into text overlays.

Subtitles are generated on any video in the mobile ‘s library . So, just start a new project in the tool and use the “Text” option. Then select “automatic subtitles”. It will be necessary to define the desired language so that the artificial intelligence can recognize the speeches.

As a differential, Capcut offers an option to make edits in several recognized speeches. In this way, you can fine-tune the subtitles so that they represent exactly what people said in the video. The app also allows direct sharing with Instagram and has versions for iPhone and Android.

5. InShot 

InShot is also a very famous app that offers the option to add subtitles to videos. However, unlike other options in the list, the user must add the subtitles manually. This feature may seem unfavorable, but it all depends on what kind of subtitles you need.

This tool can help people looking for an app option to add subtitles to videos where there is no person talking. It is useful for creating tutorials, video tributes, product presentations and other types of content that can be shared on Instagram Stories.

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It lets you add subtitles and use the timeline to adjust them. A text box can be moved in any direction so that it appears wherever the user wants. It is still possible to decrease the time that the subtitles are displayed to precisely adjust the phrases with different cuts of scenes. 

The app has versions for iPhone and Android and, like the others, allows direct sharing with Instagram.

What is the best caption app for Instagram?

Best Instagram Caption Apps

1. Autocap
2. Kaptioned
3. Clips
4. Capcut
5. InShot 

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