How to Remove ‘Forwarded’ in WhatsApp messages

How to Remove 'Forwarded' in WhatsApp messages

How to Remove ‘Forwarded’ in WhatsApp messages – We know that you, who are reading this post right now, are a regular WhatsApp user (and, if not, know that you are an exception to the rule). And I also know that you fell into this post interested in eliminating some problems from your life.

How do I know this? Because it’s obvious that you want to forward content received from WhatsApp to other people without indicating that it was received by someone else.

Ok, I know that such a procedure has its side effects on the social aspects, but I want to believe that people will not use the information in this post to harm others (although life has taught me that you can’t rely on other people’s common sense ).

How to Remove ‘Forwarded’ in WhatsApp messages

Anyway, in this post, we are going to find out whether or not it is possible to forward something on WhatsApp without the default indication of the messaging app (which shows that the message has been forwarded).

Why do you want to be someone more discreet (maybe)?

Almost everyone knows what I’m talking about when I refer to the term ‘forward’. This option allows any user to share a private message, image or video with any other contact they want.

The functionality streamlines the process of sharing third-party content, as with just a few clicks it is possible to redistribute that message, photo or video to a small group of people. 

The only ‘but’ is that the forwarded content will display a tag for the target contact, indicating that the person took this information from another conversation and passed it on to you.

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For most people, such an indication does not pose any kind of problem or inconvenience. But… you know how it is… there are always those who will be bothered by this, and may not want the ‘resent’ to appear in the forwarded message. 

It may even be so that the conversation is as clean as possible of visual references, but usually the motivation lies in external factors or personal issues.

To meet the wishes of these people, we are now going to show you how this ‘forwarded’ or ‘forwarded’ message disappears from the message you are going to send to someone else on WhatsApp.

How to remove ‘Forwarded’ from messages on WhatsApp

To resolve this issue, just use common sense.

If you want to forward a message to someone else on WhatsApp and you don’t want to leave this indication in the conversation, instead of forwarding the message, just copy and paste the content in question.

That is, copy the content you want to send to the other person, enter the target conversation and paste what was copied before. That simple.

Okay, you want the process step by step. Alright, here we go:

  1. Enter the conversation where the message is, and leave your finger pressed on the text, photo or video you want to forward.
  2. The content will be marked and, instead of selecting the Resend item, select the Copy option.
  3. Enter the target conversation and paste the previously copied message.
  4. Remembering: for images and videos to be forwarded, you must first download them from the phone gallery before sharing the content for the target conversation.

Finally, it is important to advise that the best thing is to leave the item ‘Forwarded’ indicated in the conversation, just so that you are a very clear and transparent person in your WhatsApp conversations.

It’s pretty boring to hide things from people, isn’t it?

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