How to download Instagram Story – Easy 2024 Guide

How to download Instagram Story 2022 (5 Easy Ways)

How to download Instagram Story? In the Instagram app, one of its most famous tools is the story , where you can post photos and videos of yourself, as well as see other people’s. 

Therefore, we know that in the application the diversity of content is enormous, and there are many things that we want to save so we don’t lose or even send them in WhatsApp groups , important tips, recipes and advice, for example. 

Fortunately, most of the time, when it comes to publications in photo form, you can save them just by taking a printout . 

However, this is not the same with videos.

It is worth remembering that, on some cell phones, you can still save videos through the option to record the screen, but the quality is not always the best, and not all devices have this tool.

However, in this article you will see ways on how to carry out this process through the different categories of cell phones, and also through the computer.

So, be sure to download Instagram videos on your mobile as well.

What are Instagram stories?

Currently, it is very difficult for someone not to know the Instagram app and its tools, more specifically the story , but in case you don’t know much about this feature, we will explain. 

The story is nothing more than that visual element in which photos and videos are posted, and appears when you tap on someone’s profile picture, right at the top of the platform’s homepage.

Even when a follower posts something in this tool, a purple circle automatically appears around their profile picture, which means that the person posted a story. 

In addition, in stories you can also make live videos and boomerangs, including several other options that are available in these resources, such as writing something, putting gifs, drawing, etc.

How to download Instagram Story?

Faced with social media , we often find ourselves in a vicious circle that is spying on the lives of others, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

In addition, when someone posts something, sometimes it generates several feelings in those who are watching the content, which in some cases can lead you to want to save or keep such a post.

However, as already mentioned, there is still no option on the platform itself to download stories from someone else’s account .

However, when it comes to technology, there are certainly apps and tools that allow you to download Instagram stories . 

As much as you can see such stories several times until it disappears, after 24 hours it will no longer be available, and that’s where the use of applications directed for this comes in.

With this frustration category in mind, we created another article that makes it possible to use some online tools to download music from YouTube in minutes.

How to download your own stories?

As simple as it may be, not all people have the knowledge of how to download their own Instagram stories .

What is most known is that today there is the “ Instagram Highlight ” option , which allows you to leave it saved and visible to your followers, directly on your profile.

However, few know, but you can download your own stories , and thus leave those usually unique moments saved in your phone’s memory.

So, for you to understand better, here’s a super simple step-by-step guide on how to download Instagram stories , saving photos and videos you liked on your phone.

Publish your stories! 

First of all, you need to post something in stories for everyone to see, whether it’s a photo, video or boomerang.

Then you can make your publication the way you like, putting frames, stickers, drawing, using GIFS, etc.

So, as soon as your content is ready, just post it.

Tap the 3 dots! 

Once the content is published, you need to enter your stories again, tapping on your profile picture, where three dots will be visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

Once that’s done, tap on this icon, and then some options will appear. 

save your stories

Therefore, as previously mentioned, some options will appear, including the option to save the stories , where you must click, if your intention is to save the publication in your gallery.

Generally, to download your Instagram stories is just that, but if you want to understand how to save someone else’s, just keep reading the article. 

View your stories in your mobile gallery.

Finally, after you download the stories, they go directly to your gallery, where you just open the default app and view the saved moments.

Remember that with this function, you can enjoy and post to other story locations, such as the recent Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Stories.

How to download third-party Instagram stories?

Normally, Instagram doesn’t make it very easy when it comes to downloading stories from friends or acquaintances.

That is, yes, you do not have the possibility to download other people’s stories directly from the native application of the social network.

Therefore, you will need to target third-party applications or specific web sites.

Therefore, it will be necessary for you to download an application or extensions to do this, regardless of whether your device is an iPhone , Android , or even a computer .

However, don’t worry, this process is extremely simple, and we’ll show you how you can do it on devices.

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In both cases, we consider the applications most used by users, and they are currently most prominent.

download Instagram Stories 1
Image: Freepik.

For users with Android device

Fortunately, there are several ways to download Instagram stories available for every category of mobile system. 

If your device is Android, just follow the steps below.

  • First, access the Play Store application on your mobile phone .
  • Then download Story Saver .
  • After that, log in to the app with your Instagram account .
  • Then just search for a specific story , be it a photo or video, and then just download the one you chose.

Finally, the downloaded files will be saved in a folder in your gallery with the name of the application that performed the service.

For iPhone users.

With so many features, the iPhone still doesn’t have the tool to download other people  ‘s Instagram stories .

However, just like the previous one, there are also apps that can perform this action for you.

So, if you have this device, follow these tips to get what you want:

  • Get started by logging into the App Store . 
  • Download the Story Reposter app .
  • Once you open the app, enter the profile name of the people you want to download the story.
  • Then select the desired image or video.
  • Finally, click on the download button , and then on the button to save the post to your phone.

For computer users (“desktop”). 

As unusual as it may seem, many people tend to use social networks from their own computer, which does not interfere with anything.

You need to know that in some cases using the computer can be even better, considering the screen size, sound and among other things.

In other words, some things you haven’t seen on your cell phone can become clearer by watching the stories directly on your computer.

That way, if you use the “desktop” to access the networks, don’t be frustrated, because there are also ways to download Instagram stories from this device .

WP Dev Shed refers to downloading the Google Chrome extension “Downloader for Instagram” or going to the “Storysaver” website.

For you to understand better, check out the respective processes used for both forms:

Using Downloader for Instagram extension.

At first, start by downloading the extension in your browser .

Search for the name of the profile you want to download the story.

Finally, tap to view the person’s stories and select “ download ” to download the one you want, or click “download all” to download all stories.

Through the Story Saver website.

  • After entering the site, write the user’s profile name and click download. 
  • Then choose between a current story or one of the highlights.
  • Then just click save as to save to your computer.

In addition, like the other apps, in these mentioned there is also no way for the person to know that you saved their stories.

Other apps for those looking to download Instagram stories.

download Instagram Stories 2 1

If you didn’t like using any of the applications mentioned, know that today there are already a range of good options.

In this way, regardless of whether you have an Android or iOS device , you will be able to download other applications and test the one that suits you best.

In this sense, for you to understand better, check out some of the main apps for those looking to download Instagram stories :

  • Repost Story for Instagram
  • SnapInsta
  • In Grabber

So select and use the best option that suits your purpose.


Did you see how downloading Instagram stories is a very simple and intuitive task? So, you know that video of your friend, or a famous one, that you would like to see again another time?.

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