How to Check MAC Address

How to Check MAC Address

How to Check MAC Address – MAC Address stands for Media Access Control Address. This MAC is in the form of a code that must be owned by a Network Interface that uses a controller or wireless.

How to find out the MAC address can be done on almost any PC device that is connected to an ethernet network. The MAC address is usually called the Ethernet address or physical address because there are components that exist in Android cellphones and laptop PCs.

This physical address or MAC address consists of an address or it can also be called a unique code with a 48-bit or 6-byte system. Every device connected to the router must have this MAC address.

For a more detailed explanation, the MAC address itself is a unique identifier that all network interfaces have, whether it’s a NIC (Network Interface Controller) or WNIC (Wireless Network Interface Controller).

MAC addresses are issued by manufacturers following IEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards, and are used as network addresses in all IEE 802 network technologies, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks.

The MAC address must be owned by devices that you often encounter in your daily life, for example, such as laptops, your Android cellphone, or computers.

When used, MAC addresses are often used to provide or block connections assigned to a device.

By knowing the MAC address of a device, whether it’s a computer hardware device to a mobile one, the admin can determine whether to block the device or not.

MAC addresses are owned per device, not per device. In one computer device, for example, there is a MAC address for devices that are directly connected to the network, for example Bluetooth, LAN cards and wireless.

By knowing the MAC address of a device, you can manage access, for example whether the device can access a network or not.

How to check the MAC address is a very important thing for people to know today who are already dependent on the internet.

Sometimes when you are using a computer, laptop, or Android phone there will be an activity that requires you to provide information related to the unique code on the network.

Such conditions usually occur when you are online with a hotspot service somewhere, for example, a wifi corner, etc.

Often people indirectly use hotspot services so they have to register first with the institution responsible for obtaining a username.

The username will be used to login to the hotspot service. Now while registering, you will be asked for the MAC address.

This will be very confusing for ordinary people who are trying it for the first time and don’t know how to check the MAC address on the device used.

How to Know the MAC Address on a Laptop PC

This is where I will share a little information about how to check or find out the MAC address on a laptop computer device. Immediately, see the tutorial below.

The first step you have to take is to bring up the Run window on the desktop by pressing the “Windows + R” keys simultaneously.

If the Run dialog box has appeared on the screen, then type “cmd” without the quotes then press enter on the keyboard.

Then the Command Prompt window will appear. Just type “getmac/v” without the quotes.

MAC Address information will be displayed.

On the left it will show the Connection Name, the Ethernet option means it shows the LAN Card, the Wi-Fi option points to the Wi-Fi or WLAN that the hotspot needs, and the Bluetooth option referred to here is the Bluetooth device on the Laptop PC.

If you are still confused about where the MAC address is located on a Laptop PC, it is usually coded between numbers and letters totaling 12 characters.

If you want to know detailed information about the MAC address and your network identity in more detail on the device you are using, in the cmd window type “ipconfig/all”.

How to Check MAC Address on Android

The next information is how to check the MAC address on Android and the process, please pay close attention.

The first step you have to do is open the Settings menu or the settings on the Android device that you are using.

Enter the Wifi menu, after you enter the next wifi network, click the menu in the lower right corner, then click continue, after that the MAC will be listed in the MAC address.

If it’s not clear, you can see the image below. (usually top right then continue by selecting the Advance option) Because I’m using Asus Zen C.

For most other cellphones, after entering the Advance section, you can select the Wifi option if you want to check the Wifi MAC Address on the Android device.

Slide the screen down until you find the MAC Address you are looking for. How to check the Bluetooth MAC address is also exactly the same as checking the Android MAC address for wifi.

The difference is you only need to select the Bluetooth option before finding the MAC address.


Now you are no longer confused when asked for information about MAC addresses to be able to use certain networks.

So, that’s a little information about how to check the MAC address on a PC or Android, I hope it’s useful.

If you feel our article is needed by relatives, relatives, or anyone who needs information.

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