10 Best Books for Programmers Should Read in 2024

Best Books for Programmers

Best Books for Programmers – Yes, jobs related to programming are always jobs that require high concentration, exploration, eagerness to learn, and highly specialized skills.

The books I share below will present detailed knowledge about programming and data. What I like is that these books will have illustrations to help readers better understand the problems you often encounter.

Besides, these books will also support your work more effectively in terms of programming thinking, writing code, developing applications, etc. At the same time, it will improve your abilities and management thinking…

10 Best Books for Programmers You Should Read

Code Complete

Author: Steve MC Coonell

This is an extremely good book about programming techniques for those in the IT industry.

The book helps Programmers change their thinking and perception to create useful software.

Besides, the book’s content also includes detailed instructions to solve problems when writing code.

In particular, the knowledge presented is never outdated and is for all levels, including beginners or long-time professionals.

The Mythical Man Month

Author: Frederick P. Brooks. Jr

This book will cover common problems related to IT.

Besides, the author also mentions people in project management to achieve the best results, bringing many effective and appropriate model management methods in all stages. Helps you apply it to your daily work more optimally.

This is an extremely useful book for Programmers who want to develop more skills and advance in their work.

Clean Code

Author: Robert C. Martin

Writing code is not easy, writing code that others can read, understand, edit, and maintain is even more difficult. Clean code is a good book that every developer should have.

This book will help you build good habits when writing code, so you avoid writing haphazard (unoptimized) code. At the same time, the book will provide detailed instructions and an easy-to-understand presentation so you can get acquainted and write “clean code”.

This is a book that is considered very good value for money for students as well as those who start coding.

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams

Author: Tom Demarco and Timothy Lister

Are you a Leader or Manager? Are you wanting to improve your management capacity? Yes, then the book Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams will be very suitable for you.

The content of this book will focus on helping you solve human problems, helping you optimize team resources, and develop your capabilities to create valuable products.

At the same time, it also helps you create a friendly and effective working environment. In particular, the content of this book will not be outdated over time but is also very useful.

Advanced Linux Programming

Author: Mark L. Mitchell, Alex Samuel, Jeffrey Oldham

This classic programming book is dedicated to those who research the Linux operating system, synthesizing all information about Linux.

This work is really useful for inexperienced programmers and even those who have experience working on Linux systems. At the same time, the material also provides advanced topics to create good applications from experts with many years of experience.

C# Programming Yellow Book

Author: Rob Miles

This is the book that will get you hooked on programming. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the book is useful for you with instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

In this book, the author focuses on basic topics in C# programming and also mentions other programming theories. If you want to start learning programming, C# Yellow Book will be a useful knowledge base for you

C++ Gui Programming with Qt

Author: Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield

C++ Gui programming with Qt 3 provides the necessary knowledge about Qt – the foundation for building applications on the operating system, including a system of knowledge accompanied by many easy-to-understand examples.

Most of you working on Qt encounter difficult problems such as files or sockets and some other problems. This book helps you overcome those difficulties.

Ruby on Rails 4.0 Guide

Author: Stefan Wintermeyer

The Ruby on Rails 4.0 Guidebook will help you learn how to install a development system on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Ruby Basics,…

Besides that, you will learn how to set up a production webserver on Lunix and templates. You will easily access specific topics more easily. This is a book that helps you become a genuine professional.

Core HTML5 Canvas

Author: David Geary

By leading readers through many vivid examples with images, videos, effects, etc., the author effectively helps readers understand important content about canvas.

For those of you who tend to develop in the fields of graphics, animation, and game development, this programming book will be extremely useful for you.

Author David Geary will guide you from the basics to advanced techniques. Do it with the author, you will unexpectedly develop your creativity.

Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Author: Martin Kleppmann

Yes! Data and its effective use is a difficult problem that needs to be solved today.

The book Designing Data–Intensive Applications will help you navigate data processing more properly by examining the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies.

Besides, you will learn how to put your creative ideas into practice and fully utilize data for today’s applications. That is also the basis to help you expand and make applications better.


Okay, above I have compiled the 10 best books for Programmers beginners, and professional developers as well.

Because sometimes you code well and have been coding for a long time, but there are skills you don’t pay attention to, or can’t learn yourself during the coding process.

These books will help you improve your ability to write code, develop applications, and improve your management abilities. Besides, the important knowledge in these books will help you advance and develop in your coding career.

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