What are Social Skills? 8 Examples of Workplace in 2024

Social Skills

What are social skills? 8 Examples of Workplace – Life skills and social skills are quite familiar terms, but not everyone understands them clearly. So specifically, what are social skills? How important are social skills in life and work? Which skill is most needed among social skills? All will be answered in detail below.

What are social skills?

The concept of social skills is a person’s ability, which is created from learning in communication activities with others. Especially in places with many social rules and many different communication relationships, people with social skills will quickly assert their value such as schools, companies, and businesses.

The importance of social skills

Developing social skills means aiming for positive activities to create situations and challenges to improve the ability to receive information, evaluate and process it.

Mastering social skills helps children master themselves and proactively behave appropriately in school and society, learning effectively. For adults, developing social skills is a prerequisite to adapt, improve and develop in society and company.

Specifically, the role of social skills includes:

  • Participate in activities that help develop physically and improve health to study and work better.
  • Improve cognitive ability and mental comfort to study and work.
  • Create more opportunities to communicate and practice more life skills.
Social skills help us adapt and develop in society
Social skills help us adapt and develop in society

Why do employers value social skills?

Besides professional knowledge, skills are also very important for you to conquer employers looking for a suitable job for you. Among them, social skills are very important, which are the personal qualities of each person. Almost every job today requires social skills to complete the job well. For example:

  • When you work directly with customers, you need social skills to be able to listen and be patient with their questions.
  • When you work in a group, you need social skills to be able to get along and connect with other members, then you can work effectively.
  • When working as a manager, you need this skill to call, stimulate and motivate subordinates.

Note: Even if the work you do every day does not require interaction with others, you should still equip yourself with social skills to communicate with colleagues in the same company or conquer employers when necessary.

Top social skills needed to work effectively

After understanding what social skills are? You should equip yourself with some important social skills to help you work effectively and advance in your future career.

Employers attach great importance to social skills
Employers attach great importance to social skills

Empathy skills

Empathy is an important social skill you should practice. Mastering this skill will help you have good relationships with everyone, from everyday relationships to colleagues, superiors or customers at work. 

Empathy skills help you understand the other person’s thoughts and feelings, thereby leading the story effectively.

Teamwork collaboration skills

Teamwork is very important when you work, because no job is solitary, to be successful there must be combination, exchange, and appraisal. Even if you work alone, collaboration will motivate you to complete work better and more effectively.

Teamwork skills play a significant role in completing and improving work performance. For example, it takes 3 days for one person to work, but a coordinated team will only take one working day, which will help increase productivity.

Communication skills 

Verbal communication is used frequently, every day, but not everyone is good at it, and not everyone has speaking skills. Wanting to speak well requires you to regularly practice your expressions, tone, and voice.

Gesture communication is often combined when communicating directly to emphasize the story, making the speech being presented more attractive and appealing to the listener.

Listening Skills

Listening is very important in communication, from everyday life to meetings and presentations at work. If you have listening skills, you will easily receive information requested by your boss and presented by your colleagues. This helps to ask questions or perform tasks more effectively and save time.

Time management skills

Time management is also one of the useful social skills, essential at work. Proper time management will help you understand what is productive and what is busy. Everyone works 8 hours/day, but many people can work effectively and quickly during that time and still be able to communicate with everyone. There are many people who work very hard but still can’t finish their work, that’s because they don’t know how to manage their time.

“Time is gold and silver”, so time management skills will bring us success. 

Problem-solving skills

Situations that arise at work always do not have a ready-made response plan or script, but depending on each person, there will be different ways to handle them.

People with problem-solving skills will always calmly receive information, use reason to analyze, judge and suggest the most optimal solution.

Skills to adapt to change

Why is this skill important? Through the recent Covid – 19 pandemic, you will clearly see that many companies and businesses have had to change their original operating structure to survive, which is adaptation. Employees in companies are also required to adapt to that change in order to survive and develop.

Therefore, the ability to adapt is very important in the digital age, whether you learn quickly or slowly, effectively or not depends on this skill.

Resistant to high pressure at work

You are very familiar with this skill, right? This is an important skill that almost every employer will ask their candidates during the interview. Can you withstand high pressure at work? How do you handle when work is too stressful?

Therefore, practicing the ability to work under high pressure will help you a lot at work.

What are social skills? There are many social skills, including very important skills, which are considered the key to a person’s success. Therefore, right from when you are still in school, take the time to practice and hone important skills for yourself, it will help you a lot on your future career path.

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