17 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

16 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

16 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers – As we all know, Google Chrome extensions are useful tools that can be added to extend the browser’s capabilities. 

In addition, the extensions are intended to improve efficiency, productivity, and the user experience as a whole. For example, Adblock is very popular because it blocks advertisements on web pages (I take this opportunity to remind you to add among the AdBlock exceptions if you want to support the blog!). 

But let’s go straight to discover 17 useful extensions that must be present in the toolbox of every digital marketer.

Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

1. Bit.ly

Bit.ly allows you to edit your links and instantly share and save content directly from your browser to your bit.ly account. You can quickly shorten a link and mark the domain to personalize it with your business. With bit.ly you can also monitor statistics in real time to see which digital strategies are performing best.

2. Buffer

Buffer Chrome extension is the easiest way to share content while visiting websites. It allows you to manage the daily schedule of posts to be published and to monitor their performance.

3. Colorzilla

Colorzilla gives you the ability to detect any color from a web page, just point the viewfinder on the element of the page from which you want to know the exact color and Colorzilla gives you the exact color code that you can then use on all graphics software and on your website’s CSS. It also keeps in memory all the colors detected with the possibility of creating color palettes.

4. Pushbullet

Pushbullet allows you to send images, files and links between devices and people. You can send a link to your phone by simply right clicking on it. A great alternative to AirDrop for Windows!

5. Ghostery

We marketers are well aware of how site tracking works. And when we visit other websites it is handy to know what they track. Ghostery allows us to see the trackers, pixels, bugs and beacons that companies place on their pages. You can identify who is tracking you from Facebook and Google and get the related links to the Privacy Policy.

6. Diigo Web Collector

This old but effective extension allows you not only to save the pages you visit, but to highlight the information you want, write notes, and refer to it in a list for later. Diigo allows you to collect everything in one place with highlights and notes so you can review those articles you found useful. It is also possible to reach the collection from any PC using the login credentials.

7. LastPass

Although Chrome already has its own password saving system on the Google Cloud, LastPass is the solution to remember the hundreds of passwords that the digital age imposes on us. The convenience of LastPass is being able to remember passwords by keeping them under a single security key. This makes the digital marketer’s job a little easier.

8. Sniply

Sniply allows you to drive people to your website through the content you share on social media. You can embed your call-to-action on other websites, along with personalized messages for readers on the web. Sniply can detect when you paste a link and then ask if you want to embed a message on that page.

9. Hubspot Sales (formerly Sidekick)

Hubspot Sales is the email tool every marketer, salesperson, or professional in general could want. It works with any email address to schedule emails to be sent, see who opens and clicks sent emails, and view other statistics on your social networks. Recommended for HubSpot CRM users and for teams.

10. Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus is a simple and complete Chrome extension that allows you to capture the screenshot of an entire web page (automatically scrolls to the footer and photographs the entire web page) and saves it on your PC or on the cloud. 

Once the screenshot is captured, a mini editor for notes and sketches also appears, as well as the ability to record the video of the screenshot.

11. Yesware

Another email tool that shows you who is opening your emails, sends notifications when emails are opened or clicked, and also tells you which device was used. It also provides you with gmail templates that you can use multiple times, with detailed reports on which templates bring the highest recipient engagement rate.

12. Mozbar

Pandora’s Box for SEO Experts, this extension allows you to create custom SEO searches based on search engine, city, state, etc., access SEO metrics while browsing the web, and test keyword ranking difficulty.

13. Seoquake

Seoquake shows you various SEO Ranking factors of any web page. This extension can highlight nofollow links, text density, keyword density on a page and compare them with another site / page. Take it as a quick reference tool to help you improve SEO.

14. Evernote

Chrome extension of good old Evernote. It always remains the best tool to organize articles, notes and manage their priority to increase productivity. With Evernote you can work offline and take notes, collect web articles, multimedia content, all in one organized space. It is a great tool for managing and sharing resources with your team, and can be used on all devices.

15. Momentum

Momentum is an app that helps you add some discovery to your day. It fills a new default card with an inspirational background page photographed in a beautiful location around the world, peppered with an inspirational phrase and a place to write your daily goals. The ultimate goal of the extension is to give your day moments of sparkle inside a boring web browser.

16. Feedly

The Feedly Chrome extension allows you to add stories you encounter to your feed during the day, which you can then retrieve pizu later in the day. You can also share the pages or send them by e-mail with just a click of the mouse. It basically puts all your favorites in one place.

17. Right Inbox

As usual a bonus point! But I also did it for superstitious reasons :)) Right Inbox is a tremendously simple and powerful tool that simplifies your workflow, and greatly increases your productivity on e-mails. This extension specifically enhances your Gmail inbox with 4 functions: email scheduling, email reminders, recurring emails, and private notes.

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