6 Best GPS Navigation app for Android in 2023

Best Navigation app for Android 2022

Best Navigation app for Android in 2023Now all of us use a navigatoralmost daily to orient ourselves in a new city or to reach a specific restaurant. In this regard, for Androidthere are many appsthat perform this function – thanks to GPS and an Internet connection – however among these there are some, both in terms of accuracy and for the features they offer.

In this guide, therefore,we will recommend six applications– for every taste – that will help you reach any destination, with any information in real time, such as accidents, speed cameras and speed limits. You may also be interested in thebest Phone booster Android apps.

Best GPS Navigation app for Android in 2023

Google Maps

As the first “name” we can only indicate that of Google Maps , the most famous navigator in the world. The app, installed on allAndroid devices, allows you to see the map of the whole world, as well as offering really interesting features, such as the ability to calculate the distance between the starting point and the arrival point,both on foot and by the car.

Furthermore, if the route is covered bypublic transport, the application also tells you which type of vehicle to take (and all the relative timetables). Among other things, there is no lack of references to shops, restaurants, public offices and much more, to which the reviews published by users are also attached.

The app, free and which can also be used without internet (in this case you need to download the desired maps),signals the presence of speed cameras, speed limits and any accidents. Finally, the use is quite simple:

  • Open the application
  • Enter the name of the destination in the top bar “Search here”
  • Click on “Indication” (blue button)

And since we’re talking about the Google ecosystem.


This free navigator, alsoowned by Google, is always very popular with motorists (it has over 100 million downloads on thePlay Store). Completely free and above all functional, the application has a peculiarity, namelythe ease with which to share an accident,the presence of a speed camera or any obstacle that can slow down the travel time (just click the appropriate icon at the bottom) .

Unlike Maps, however,it works only with the Internet connection activated, just as it does not currently support navigation in lanes reserved for public transport, bicycles or trucks.

In any case, thanks to the real-time sharing of all this information, Waze is able to promptly communicate how long it will take you to reach the desired point. Finally, the applicationalso provides the ability to set a default place, such as the address of your home.

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

This navigator, which boasts over 50 million downloads on the Play Store,includes maps signed by TomTom and other companies, as well as offering a3D viewing mode. Among its strengths, moreover,an excellent voice guide.The operating mechanisms are identical to those already seen, as are the information provided along the journey (accidents, parking tips and warnings on particularly dangerous roads).

The only “drawback” is the cost of thesubscription. Although the application is free, to access all the features you need to sign up for a subscription, which includes free use for 7 days and then anannual cost of $19.99.

HERE WeGo Maps and navigation

FormerNokiaprogram , it has over 10 milliondownloadson the Google Play Store . Among its strengths,precision, the graphical interface– always intuitive – and the various functions, rather similar to those already offered by Maps.

Operation is not far from that of any navigator:

  • Enter the destination to be reached in the “Destination” field
  • Press the “Directions” button
  • Click on the arrow icon.

Also in this caseit is possible to use the app in offline mode.The only alleged weaknesses, according to user reviews, is represented bya certain difficulty in recalculating a routeand in the not always precise positions of certain buildings.

Petal Maps

It is afree application, available forAndroid and HarmonyOS (Huawei).It offers the typical features of a satellite navigator, even if, as claimed by several users in the reviews on the Play Store, it still has a lot to improve.

For example, in addition to some alleged problems with the GPS signal,some have reported some difficulties in following the voice guide, especially near the crossbeams. In any case, the developers are working hard to be able to offer a valid and free alternative to the major applications, on all Google Maps.

On the other hand,the navigation graphics,also available in AR and the possibility of using the application without internet connection , areappreciated


OsmAndis an application based onOpenStreetMap, which has a particularity, that is, it allows you to navigatetaking into account the preferred roads and the size of your vehicle.

In addition, it allows you to choose routes based on slopes and, among other things, records GPX tracks even without an internet connection. The application, free and available forAndroid, HarmonyOS, iOS and Amazon,is among the most preferredfor those who love cycle and pedestrian routes.In fact, as the official website indicates, offline maps include:

  • pedestrian, hiking and cycling routes
  • Map display and navigation mode for bicycles and pedestrians
  • Optionally displays public transport stops (bus, tram, train) including line names
  • Optional trip recording to local GPX file or online service
  • Optional display of speed and altitude
  • Visualization of contour lines and shading of hills (via additional plug-in).

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