10 Best Dictation Software for Windows 10

Best Dictation Software for Windows 10

Best Dictation Software for Windows 10 – In this article, you will discover the best dictation software, For decades, automatic speech recognition has evolved to become essential in many areas today.

Whether to save time when taking notes, for medical or other applications, voice recognition software will allow you with your voice to control or write content.

We will first see what is voice recognition software and then we will see the top 11 of the best Dictation software.

What is Voice Dictation Software?

Voice recognition or voice dictation software can transcribe a voice into written text.
It can also identify and understand human speech to execute a person’s commands on a computer.

The applications of this technology are numerous and are becoming more and more powerful, in particular thanks to artificial intelligence.

Best Dictation Software for Windows 10

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing is a  free voice dictation software integrated into the Google suite. It is therefore the ideal tool if you want to combine dictation and voice recognition with the Google suite.

Google Docs includes a very accurate yet easy to use dictation feature called “Google Docs Voice Typing”.

To access it, head to Google docs and Tools > Voice Typing, and a microphone icon will appear on the left. Click on it and start talking. If you remain inactive for about 30 seconds, the microphone automatically turns off. Click it again to resume.

If you need help or want a list of commands, click the question mark in the microphone icon. Help is displayed on the right, where you can scroll or search for voice commands such as punctuation, text formatting, editing, and even moving around in your document.

This solution is therefore perfect if you have no budget and want to use a voice recognition feature simply in Google Docs.

Braina PRO

Braina is an intelligent personal assistant, human language interface, automation and voice recognition software for Windows PC.

Braina is a multifunctional AI software that allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in most languages ​​of the world.

Braina also lets you accurately transcribe speech to text in over 100 different languages ​​around the world.


Speechnotes is another easy to use voice dictation app .

Based on Google’s voice recognition engine, Speechnotes is a simple online tool for dictation and voice transcription. As there is no need to download or install any software to use Speechnotes, it is by far one of the most accessible dictation tools on the internet.

The app is backed by Google’s voice recognition technology.

The advantage is that there is no need to create an account, just open the application, press the microphone icon and go.

Speechnotes is also incredibly user-friendly, automatically capitalizing your sentences, automatically saving your documents, and letting you dictate and type at the same time.

To make things even easier, you can quickly add names, signatures, and other frequently used text using a set of custom keys on the built-in keyboard. Capitalization is also automatic, and every change made to a note is saved to the cloud.

You can then email your documents, print and file them, export them to Google Drive, or download them to your computer.


With a variety of software and mobile apps for different use cases (Dragon Legal, Dragon Medical, Dragon Professional), Dragon is a very advanced voice dictation software that can handle specialist vocabulary from many industries and comes with great features, like the ability to transcribe text from an audio file you upload.

The software also offers audio shortcuts. Indeed, by saying a specific word, you can trigger the writing of a sentence or a sequence of words. Which can be handy to save time.

Once you’ve finished a dictation, you can email it, share it (eg Google Drive, Dropbox), open it in Word, or save it to Evernote. You can perform these actions manually or by voice command (for example, “save to Evernote”).

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DeepTranscript is the voice dictation software powered by Deepl, the famous online translator.

In addition to being based on one of the best technologies on the market, DeepTranscript has a very advantageous free plan with more than 20 hours of free transcriptions.

We therefore recommend that you test this powerful tool.


Happyscribe is voice recognition software that allows you to transcribe your audios into text or even add subtitles to your videos directly and very easily.

Happyscribe offers 2 different plans, the first which uses its AI with an accuracy rate of 85% which is not perfect but still saves valuable time, and a plan which uses a human for transcription.
Depending on your needs, one or the other offer may be interesting.


SpeechTexter is a free voice dictation software that works specifically on the Chrome browser or with Android. Although the app’s privacy policy mentions that it doesn’t store the text, it may be processed by Google’s server (since you do it online through the Chrome browser or Android app). So keep that in mind.

The app offers easy speech transcription, with high accuracy. The platform allows live transcription, where you can click start and start talking. When the transcription is complete, the text is displayed in the main window along with the “result confidence wheel”, which shows the estimated percentage of words transcribed accurately.

Google speech-to-text API

Google’s speech-to-text API recognizes more than 120 languages ​​worldwide and makes it possible to integrate this speech recognition functionality into all your favorite applications.

Moreover, a fun fact is that this API is behind most voice recognition software because it is one of the most powerful on the market.

If you are therefore in tech, it will surely be more profitable for you to use this API than to use the voice recognition software mentioned above.


Dictation.io is a relative newcomer to voice recognition software .

Dictation.io supports dozens of languages ​​and is very convenient for taking notes without having to write.

To use it, select your language then click on the microphone icon and start speaking and voila!

Once your notes have been taken orally, you can simply export the content wherever you want.

The solution is free and powerful, we strongly recommend that you test it!


E-speaking is a downloadable voice dictation software.

This software is available on Windows only and allows you to control the computer by voice.
This voice recognition tool allows you, for example, to open your software directly by speaking without having to click.
Interesting features but a bit old school.

Which software to dictate a text to the computer?

According to our tests, the easiest way to dictate a text to the computer without having to write it is to use Google Docs Voice Typing.

Indeed, the solution is free and allows you to take notes easily without installing any software.


What is Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition or voice dictation software can transcribe a voice into written text. It can also identify and understand human speech to execute a person’s commands on a computer.

What is the best Voice Recognition software?

There are much powerful voice dictation software, among the best we find: Google Docs Voice Typing, Speechnotes or Dictation.io

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