The Best Drones For Filming

Best Drones for Filming

Best Drones For Filming – With the explosion of the domestic drone market, it is difficult to make a choice. Discover here all our tips for choosing the best drone for filming.

Do you want to treat yourself to a drone for breathtaking aerial photography? The home drone market with camera has exploded in recent years. Despite a slight decline over the past two or three years, the choice remains very wide if you want to buy an RC (radio-controlled) drone. It all depends on your expectations, your uses and your experience!

Best Drones for Filming: the criteria

The main interest of a recreational drone is to be able to film, offering an impressive shot. Therefore, the quality of the camera, its definition (HD camera, 4K camera, drone for GoPro, etc.) and its angle of view are decisive criteria.

The autonomy of the drone is also essential, if you want to be able to film comfortably. But its weight, its size, its maneuverability, the presence (or not) of a guidance or obstacle avoidance system are also to be taken into account.

Note: given their weight, the first three drones in our buying guide require a flight license to be used, issued following training provided online. The other two are usable by a pure beginner.

#1: DJI Phantom 4 Pro, the “Professional” solution !

When it comes to remote-controlled drones, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro stands out as a real benchmark. The “Pro” precision of its name is not a pure marketing choice: if you are planning to buy a semi-professional drone, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro will offer you everything you can expect. The strong point of this drone is undoubtedly its camera: its 1-inch CMOS sensor allows you to take photos in 20 Mpx and make videos in 4K up to 60 fps.

Add to that optimal stabilization, excellent maneuverability (even if you need to have a few hours of flight on the clock to take full advantage of the shooting possibilities of this drone), an autonomy of 30 minutes, a range of 7 kilometers, and, for a final price of $1499 and $1799, top-flight value for money. An almost perfect drone, in short!

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#2: DJI Mavic 2 Pro, the subtle balance

If you’re looking for a less expensive drone with high-end performance, perfectly calibrated for sharing on social networks, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the RC drone with camera for you! For $1,239, this is probably the best value consumer drone. In terms of aerial photography, this drone has nothing to envy to more expensive models, thanks to a 4K / HDR camera, allowing you to film in 4K at 30 fps or 1080p at 96 fps.

It is also equipped, like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, with an obstacle sensor and an image recognition system, which allow it to automatically follow a moving object. Its light weight (907 g) allows it to reach a speed of 64 km/h. Its range is 7 kilometers, with an autonomy of almost 27 minutes. It also has a native function for live streaming on Facebook, Twitch, Periscope or YouTube. An explosive cocktail!

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#3: PowerEgg X, the most modular

Let ‘s continue with a small technological curiosity: the PowerEgg X. It stands out among the best drones for filming thanks to its exemplary modularity. It works both as a drone, or as a handheld action cam , GoPro type. The on-board AI is also able to recognize the owner of the 4K / HD camera and leave it in the middle of the frame!

The camera, precisely, has a CMOS sensor of 1 / 2.8 ” inches in 12 Mpx, with a sensitivity of 100 to 3200 ISO. This camera can shoot in 4K at 60 fps at a maximum of 75 MB/s, in Full HD at 120 fps and in HD at 240 fps. The quality of shooting is therefore there with this drone! The autonomy is 30 minutes, the range of 6 kilometers. All for a fairly low price of $899 for the “classic” version.

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For $999 you can opt for the “Wizzard” version, with two floats and protection against projections. An obvious choice if you want to buy a drone to film in the rain and land on the water!

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#4: Parrot Anafi and DJI Spark, light as feathers

Change of atmosphere with the Parrot Anafi, which can be classified as an excellent inexpensive mini-drone. For $599, it weighs only 350 grams. Light, stable, with excellent maneuverability, it is ideal for sneaking around at lightning speed. The quality of the HD camera is not to be outdone, even if it does not compete with the models mentioned above.

In the same price range is the DJI Spark, another great cheap mini drone. For $499 Spark , it is a truly leisure-oriented drone, where the Parrot Anafi is reserved for slightly more experienced pilots. The DJI Spark attracts the eye with its pop and colorful side, but offers an ideal HD camera for quality aerial photography: the 12 megapixel CMOS sensor can thus film in Full HD at 30 fps. All with an autonomy of 16 minutes, more than correct for the price.

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#5: DJI Mavic Mini, the low price

Let’s finish with DJI Mavic Mini on the entry level, the best inexpensive drone for filming: the Mavic Mini. For less than $400, for less than 250 grams, it is still a four-engine with three-axis nacelle, a guarantee of optimal shooting quality for an RC drone. It can fly up to 47 km/h, facing winds up to 25 km/h, with a range of 25 minutes. Undoubtedly the best option for pure neophytes.

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