6 Best Free Alternative to IDM to Try in 2023

Best Free Alternative to IDM to Try in 2022

Best Free Alternative to IDM to Try in 2023 – For those of you who like to surf the internet, whether using a mifi modem or other internet packages , you have certainly heard of a download manager application called Internet Download Manager or more familiar with the name IDM.

As the name implies, IDM is useful for managing downloads. In addition to managing downloads, download manager applications such as IDM can usually also be used to speed up download times.

The mechanism is like this, the download manager application creates a connection branch (eg 8 or 16, depending on the setting) which will request files from the server simultaneously but with different bytes.

In each connection, there must be a bandwidth limit, so if we use IDM or the like, the server thinks we are using a lot of connections, with that we can get a larger total bandwidth and make our connection faster.

Maybe you will feel a bit confused by the explanation above, but we don’t think that information is too important for you to know, what is certain is that the download manager application makes the internet connection speed faster.

Because IDM itself is a paid application, so if you only use pirated ones, there will usually be a fake serial number warning continuously.

Best Free Alternative to IDM For Windows to Try in 2023

It would be nice if you rewarded the developers of this great app by purchasing the full version of the app itself.

If you can’t or don’t want to, you can use similar applications that are released for free as below.



The first choice we recommend is EagleGet, apart from being free, the difference in download speed between IDM and EagleGet is not too much.

EagleGet is also the same as IDM which can detect links to download automatically, besides that EagleGet which was just released in 2013 also has a simple appearance but looks cool and modern at the same time.

EagleGet is also equipped with an automation feature , which is a feature where EagleGet will check a completed download to be safe from viruses or malware that are scattered on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about viruses that could be in the downloaded file.

In addition to the above, there is another interesting feature of EagleGet, namely being able to schedule the download process.

For example, you have a large 12 o’clock night quota but you are going to sleep, you can schedule the download to run at a time above 12 o’clock at night with a note that your PC or laptop is on for sure.

EagleGet can run on many browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox.

EagleGet Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • There is a virus or malware checking feature (+)
  • Good performance for download speed(+)
  • The download process can be scheduled as desired (+)
  • There are ads (-)

Download EagleGet


uGet is an open source download manager application that is released for free on Windows. This app features multi-connection downloads which splits files to increase download speed.

uGet is also able to schedule downloads, pause and resume downloads and download multiple files at once.

What makes uGet interesting is the appearance itself, this download manager application is able to adjust the colors depending on the Windows 10 theme you are using.

uGet is an alternative IDM application that you should pay attention to because almost all the good features in IDM are also available on uGet.

uGet Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • Beautiful dark mode display (+)
  • There are various themes to choose from (+)
  • Support downloading multiple files at once and can be scheduled download times (+)
  • The configuration process may be a little difficult (-)

Download uGet

Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager can download the same file from different sources so if one server looks old, then another server will help so the download speed will look fast.

Free Download Manager also supports downloading torrent files, you just need to drag the torrent file into the application window so that the download process can start.

In addition, Free Download Manager can also download videos from Youtube quite easily, namely by copying and pasting the video link that you will download into Free Download Manager, then you can set the name, format and quality of the video without the need for an additional application to convert it. .

You can also set how much traffic goes into the download, set the priority of torrent files and drag and drop URLs from the web browser, there are also extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.

With a user-friendly appearance too, Free Download Manager can be an interesting alternative IDM download manager application for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Download Manager:

  • Display that is user friendly but looks modern at the same time (+)
  • Support downloading Torrent files (+)
  • Sometimes, the link identification process that is copied to the application feels too long (-)

Download Free Download Manager

JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2 is a free application that is used as a download accelerator, this application is Open Source and can be used for free.

Unlike similar free download manager applications that present ads, JDownloader doesn’t fill your computer screen with any ads at all.

You can also pause downloads and set a time for downloading. JDownloader 2 is also available on many platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Other features here include set bandwidth limits, auto extract, multiple file downloads and support for downloading YouTube or Vimeo and many others.

In addition to many features, JDownloader also has approximately 300 separate plugins that can add features to this download manager application.

One of the popular plugins is a plugin that is able to schedule the download process.

Pros and Cons of JDownloader 2:

  • Abundant plugins (+)
  • Free with no ads at all (+)
  • Support for downloading on video streaming sites (+)
  • Download multiple files at once (+)
  • Display looks old school (-)

Download JDownloader 2

Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager or more shortened to XDM claims that it can increase your download speed up to 500%.

We think that’s an excessive claim, but this application can indeed increase your download speed, even if it doesn’t reach 500%.

The features contained in it also include other standard download manager applications such as being able to pause downloads or retrieve videos from video streaming sites as well as scheduled downloads.

One of the interesting things about downloading videos on YouTube using XDM is that this application is able to directly download all the videos in the playlist without the need to copy links one by one.

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XDM also has extensions that integrate well in popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or Google Chrome.

Another important feature in XDM is the ability to scan downloaded files and can turn off the computer if the download is complete.

Pros and Cons of Xtreme Download Manager:

  • Support download on popular video streaming sites (+)
  • The download process can be scheduled as desired (+)
  • Support for downloading playlists on YouTube in one click (+)
  • The display may look ugly (-)

Download Xtreme Download Manager



DownThemAll! is an extension in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome that is useful as a download manager or accelerator.

DownThemAll! can be paused and restarted at any time without losing download data at all, you can also download all available links, even images or objects on web pages.

One of the main advantages of DownThemAll! this is its ability to multi-part download. When you download, the download will be split into several parts, then it will be combined again after the process is complete similar to what IDM does.

For those who use the Firefox browser, DownThemAll! even get the predicate as one of the recommended plugins.

DownThemAll’s Advantages and Disadvantages! :

  • Get recommendations from Mozilla Firefox (+)
  • Can download almost anything, including images or objects on a website (+)
  • Comes as a plugin, no separate apps (+)
  • Performance outside Firefox, like in Chrome or Opera is still dubious (-)

Download DownThemAll!

Thus the article is about the recommendations for the best IDM Alternatives applications for laptops or PC computers. You can use the download manager application above as a free alternative to IDM.

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