Best App Lock For Android in 2022

Best free App lock for Android 2022

Best App Lock For Android 2022 – Until now smartphone manufacturers continue to improve the protection for users of their devices. 

One of the security systems implemented is by integrating the fingerprint sensor on one side of the device. This sensor serves to protect the smartphone so that it cannot be used by anyone other than the device owner. 

However, some users think that the system only applies to the lock screen. Of course, additional security is needed so that some important applications cannot be opened arbitrarily by others. 

You can get this by using a special Android Apps locker.

Best App lock For Android in 2022

You have the opportunity to try many recommendations of lock apps on android. Each of these applications can also be obtained very easily through the Play Store. 

Most of those apps are available for free. In addition, the features of the application will also provide maximum protection for the main applications that are considered very important. 

In fact, applications like this also do not have a very large file capacity. This is very important to use for devices that have minimal specifications.

Here are Best App lock for Android  with ideal functions, such as:


Applock for Android 1

One of the highly recommended android app lockers is Applock. This application does provide the functions that device users need. 

This application can lock many important applications that can only be accessed by yourself. 

The protection system offered by this application is in the form of a PIN combination to a fingerprint scanner. 

You can choose an easier and more ideal system. In addition, other additional features will also provide convenience for you. 

An additional feature provided is that this application can make natural system settings for services such as telephone or smartphone settings.

Download From PlaystoreAppLock
Total Download100 Million+
Size9.6 MB
Offered byDoMobile Lab
Rating Google Play4.3

Applock – Fingerprint

As the name suggests, this Applock application supports fingerprint as an application lock method, in addition to PIN and pattern of course.

Various interesting features are also available in it, such as Fake Lock , which makes the applications we lock appear to be unlocked by giving an error message when opening.

Then there is Notification Lock which will block notifications from an application that appears in the notification bar, then there is also Smart Lock which will lock applications only in certain circumstances, for example when activating WiFi or Bluetooth.

Download From PlaystoreApplock – Fingerprint
Total Download50 Million+
Size4.0 MB
Offered bySpSoft
Rating Google Play4.4

App Lock Password

Just like other applications, this Fingerprint Password App Lock also has an ideal function for implementing a security system for applications on smartphones. 

This application is quite popular among App lock for Android users. This is because the interface is very easy and minimalist. 

In addition, the capacity or size of this application file is not too large. Of course, this will affect the important functions of the application when used for smartphones with minimal specifications. 

Some important features that you can enjoy from this application such as application locking to synchronizing the fingerprint scanner for certain android devices.

App Lock Password, Lock apps From Playstore


Apart from locking apps, LOCKit can also be used as a screen locker. It doesn’t stop there, LOCKit also has other built-in features such as a file scanner, booster and notification cleaner . You can open the application by pattern, PIN or fingerprint method.

Apart from locking apps and screen, you can also hide edited Android photos or videos from the gallery to place them elsewhere or simply lock certain folders.

With a small application size, LOCKit claims to be able to minimize the use of your phone’s RAM and battery.

Download From UptodownLOCKit
Total Download10 Million+
Size5.4 MB
Offered bySuperTools Corporation
Rating Google Play4.7

Norton App Lock

One of the best anti-virus developers in the world, Norton, also offers a lock application that offers many interesting features. 

This application called Norton App Lock has several functions that will protect the service or system of your Android device. 

Applied system settings such as combinations of numbers to patterns for security on applications and files. 

Apart from that, this app also adds other services that similar apps may rarely offer. 

Norton App Lock will capture images of other people’s faces trying to forcibly unlock the combination code three times.  The photo of the face will be saved in the gallery of your smartphone.

Download From PlaystoreNorton App Lock
Total Download1 Million+
Size4.3 MB
Offered byNortonMobile
Rating Google Play4.6


This lock application can lock system default applications such as Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Email, Keyboard applications and others.

AppLock from IVYMOBILE can also lock our private photos and videos without worrying about being seen by others. There are various themes available to choose from, you can even add your own wallpaper as a theme.

You can also change the icon of this application to another icon such as a calculator, calendar or notepad in order to hide your true identity if there is a lock application installed on your phone.

There is also a Power Saving mode which is claimed to save phone battery up to 50% when this mode is activated.

Download From PlaystoreAppLock
Total Download10 Million+
Size9.0 MB
Rating Google Play4.4

AppLocker – BGNmobi

No different from most of the lock apps on this list, BGNmobi’s AppLocker also provides the option of unlocking apps by various methods such as PIN, pattern or fingerprint.

There aren’t many extra features that are embedded indeed, but the main purpose of locking your applications can be done perfectly by this AppLocker. AppLocker from BGNmobi also claims that it is the lightest locking application on the Play Store in terms of RAM and battery consumption.

With its lightweight claim and doesn’t consume a lot of battery, it seems AppLocker from BGNmobi will be suitable to be installed on Android phones under 1 million .

Download From PlaystoreAppLocker
Total Download10 Million+
Size14 MB
Offered byBGNmobi
Rating Google Play4.4

Easy AppLock &Hide Photo/Video

The android application locker has an additional function that will provide protection for important files on the smartphone. 

The main features provided by this application are actually almost similar to others. For example, you will get a security system for several applications on a smartphone. 

This app also provides a combination lock system via PIN or fingerprint scanner. The appearance of Easy App Lock and Hide Photo is quite simple. 

Additional features that you can use of course by hiding important files and implementing additional security systems. All of these features can be accessed only through you.

Easy AppLock &Hide Photo/Video From Playstore

IObit Applock

Another option of an application that works with applications on App lock for Android devices is IObit Applock. This application offers functions that are almost similar to others. 

Of course, the improvement of a better security system is one of the strengths of this application. To facilitate the use of features, the developer of this application offers a very simple and lighter interface. 

The security system provided by this application will use a combination of numbers in the form of a PIN to a certain pattern. 

This application also offers additional security features such as Face Lock. This feature will use your face photodetection to open some important applications.

IObit Applock From Uptodown

Perfect AppLock (App Protector)

You can also make Perfect App Lock one of the application options that function to run the lock system. This application does offer almost similar features. 

Of course, a different and very minimalist look is an important consideration for you to use this application. 

Some important features are offered such as a lock system for popular applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Combination systems are applied such as patterns and numeric PINs. 

This application also provides another additional feature in the form of a fingerprint scanner screen which is just a trap for others.

Perfect App Lock From Playstore

Vault – Hide Pics, App Lock

This application can also be used to protect the entire system and application services on Android smartphones. 

The appearance of this application is quite professional with many features that can be used very easily. The security features implemented can be used to lock many important applications and files. 

In addition, this application can also protect contact logs, contact lists, and more. Only you can access all these services. The interesting feature of this app is Break In. 

This app will deter intruders by sounding an alarm every time they fail to access the security code.

Download From PlaystoreVault
Total Download100 Million+
Size12 MB
Offered byWafer Co.
Rating Google Play4.0

Smart AppLock (Privacy Protect)

It is a very smart app with a myriad of latest security features. Smart Applock offers security functions for various smartphone services and important applications. 

The appearance of this application is of course very different. Don’t worry because that display also makes it easy for you to use many of the best features.

The security feature provided for this application is a combination code in the form of a PIN or a special pattern. 

In addition, there is also the addition of Fake Lock which makes intruders confused to enter because you apply a disguised lock screen.

Smart AppLock From Playstore

CM Locker

App lock for Android cm locker 1

CM Locker app is also very popular among users. Just like others, this application offers security functions with different systems. 

The professional appearance of this application makes the screen of the smartphone look cooler. Don’t worry because the size of this application file is also not too big. 

Several choices of security features that you can enjoy such as application lock, several smartphone services, and others. 

Another additional feature that you can use is taking selfies from intruders who fail to access the combination code.

CM Locker From Uptodown

Security Master

The name of the developer Cheetah Mobile is quite exposed as a phone booster application. But actually this application does not only have a booster feature, there is also an AppLock feature that can lock applications, photos, videos, social media such as wa or other personal files of yours.

Security Master can also lock Bluetooth and WiFi from being active without your knowledge.

In addition to Booster and Applock, Security Master is also equipped with AntiVirus and Android VPN applications so you don’t need to install other antivirus and VPN applications separately.

Download From ApkpureSecurity Master
Total Download500 Million+
Size17 MB
Offered byCheetah Mobile (AppLock & AntiVirus)
Rating Google Play4.6

That’s a variety of the best application lock applications selected from the Application Tutor. You can easily download the application on your phone’s Google Play Store or via the link provided above.

Which app lock is the best?

App Lock: Fingerprint Password
Norton App Lock
Easy App Lock And Hide Photo
IObit Applock
Perfect App Lock
Smart AppLock
CM Locker

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