Best Free App lock for Android 2022

Best free App lock for Android 2022

Best free App lock for Android 2022 Until now smartphone manufacturers continue to improve the protection for users of their devices. 

One of the security systems implemented is by integrating the fingerprint sensor on one side of the device. This sensor serves to protect the smartphone so that it cannot be used by anyone other than the device owner. 

However, some users think that the system only applies to the lock screen. Of course, additional security is needed so that some important applications cannot be opened arbitrarily by others. 

You can get this by using a special android application locker.

android app lockers that you can try

You have the opportunity to try many recommendations of lock apps on android. Each of these applications can also be obtained very easily through the Play Store. 

Most of those apps are available for free. In addition, the features of the application will also provide maximum protection for the main applications that are considered very important. 

In fact, applications like this also do not have a very large file capacity. This is very important to use for devices that have minimal specifications.

Here are 9 android app lockers with ideal functions, such as:

 Best App Lockers for Android free You Can Use

  • Applock
  • App Lock: Fingerprint Password
  • Norton App Lock
  • Easy App Lock And Hide Photo
  • IObit Applock
  • Perfect App Lock
  • Vault
  • Smart AppLock
  • CM Locker

1. Applock

One of the highly recommended android app lockers is Applock. This application does provide the functions that device users need. 

This application can lock many important applications that can only be accessed by yourself. 

The protection system offered by this application is in the form of a PIN combination to a fingerprint scanner. 

You can choose an easier and more ideal system. In addition, other additional features will also provide convenience for you. 

An additional feature provided is that this application can make natural system settings for services such as telephone or smartphone settings.

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2. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

Just like other applications, this Fingerprint Password App Lock also has an ideal function for implementing a security system for applications on smartphones. 

This application is quite popular among App lock for Android users. This is because the interface is very easy and minimalist. 

In addition, the capacity or size of this application file is not too large. Of course, this will affect the important functions of the application when used for smartphones with minimal specifications. 

Some important features that you can enjoy from this application such as application locking to synchronizing the fingerprint scanner for certain android devices.

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3. Norton App Lock

One of the best anti-virus developers in the world, Norton, also offers a lock application that offers many interesting features. 

This application called Norton App Lock has several functions that will protect the service or system of your Android device. 

Applied system settings such as combinations of numbers to patterns for security on applications and files. 

Apart from that, this app also adds other services that similar apps may rarely offer. 

Norton App Lock will capture images of other people’s faces trying to forcibly unlock the combination code three times. 

The photo of the face will be saved in the gallery of your smartphone.

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4. Easy App Lock And Hide Photo

The android application locker has an additional function that will provide protection for important files on the smartphone. 

The main features provided by this application are actually almost similar to others. For example, you will get a security system for several applications on a smartphone. 

This app also provides a combination lock system via PIN or fingerprint scanner. The appearance of Easy App Lock and Hide Photo is quite simple. 

Additional features that you can use of course by hiding important files and implementing additional security systems. All of these features can be accessed only through you.

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5. IObit Applock

Another option of an application that works with applications on App lock for Android devices is IObit Applock. This application offers functions that are almost similar to others. 

Of course, the improvement of a better security system is one of the strengths of this application. To facilitate the use of features, the developer of this application offers a very simple and lighter interface. 

The security system provided by this application will use a combination of numbers in the form of a PIN to a certain pattern. 

This application also offers additional security features such as Face Lock. This feature will use your face photodetection to open some important applications.

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6. Perfect App Lock

You can also make Perfect App Lock one of the application options that function to run the lock system. This application does offer almost similar features. 

Of course, a different and very minimalist look is an important consideration for you to use this application. 

Some important features are offered such as a lock system for popular applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Combination systems are applied such as patterns and numeric PINs. 

This application also provides another additional feature in the form of a fingerprint scanner screen which is just a trap for others.

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7. Vault

This application can also be used to protect the entire system and application services on Android smartphones. 

The appearance of this application is quite professional with many features that can be used very easily. The security features implemented can be used to lock many important applications and files. 

In addition, this application can also protect contact logs, contact lists, and more. Only you can access all these services. The interesting feature of this app is Break In. 

This app will deter intruders by sounding an alarm every time they fail to access the security code.

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8. Smart AppLock

It is a very smart app with a myriad of latest security features. Smart Applock offers security functions for various smartphone services and important applications. 

The appearance of this application is of course very different. Don’t worry because that display also makes it easy for you to use many of the best features. 

The security feature provided for this application is a combination code in the form of a PIN or a special pattern. 

In addition, there is also the addition of Fake Lock which makes intruders confused to enter because you apply a disguised lock screen.

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9. CM Locker

CM Locker app is also very popular among users. Just like others, this application offers security functions with different systems. 

The professional appearance of this application makes the screen of the smartphone look cooler. Don’t worry because the size of this application file is also not too big. 

Several choices of security features that you can enjoy such as application lock, several smartphone services, and others. 

Another additional feature that you can use is taking selfies from intruders who fail to access the combination code.

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