Best Microsoft Office Alternative for Mac [2022]

Microsoft Office Alternative for macOS Users

Best Microsoft Office Alternative for macOS Users – Using Microsoft Office offers various convenience features that you can use for document management. 

Starting from the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint, it feels like it has become a mandatory requirement for computing activities.

Well, Microsoft Office is usually included in the bundling package on a laptop or Windows computer. 

If you use macOS, you have to buy separate software which is usually relatively more expensive than the Windows version. As an alternative, you can choose some of the following alternative Microsoft Office software.

Best Microsoft Office Alternative for Mac

1. iWork Suite

Like Microsoft Office on the Windows operating system, macOS is also equipped with built-in productivity software, namely iWork. 

This software is a comparable alternative to Microsoft Office productivity software bundling. The good news is that this software is available for free for all macOS users.

iWork Suite 1

Its features and functions also share many similarities with Microsoft Office, but the interface is indeed different. So, maybe you need time to get used to using the programs contained in it.

If you don’t find this built-in software when you have a new MacOS device, find it via the Mac App Store. 

You can use Pages instead of Microsoft Word, Numbers instead of Microsoft Excel, and Keynote instead of Microsoft PowerPoint.

2. Google Suites

The use of an online document manager released by Google is probably the best alternative to other Microsoft Office replacement software

This document management feature from Google can be accessed online from a browser with easy integration into various Google services, such as Gmail and Google Drive.

The main focus of using Google Suites is the convenient document sharing feature that can be edited simultaneously with many people. 

In addition to the formatting features,   which are very similar to those offered by Microsoft, you can take advantage of file-sharing features that other applications don’t have.

Plus, its integration with Google Drive services allows you to be able to access documents via mobile devices. 

Yes, you can edit documents easily with just a smartphone. More than enough to simply replace Microsoft Office functions on your macOS.

3. LibreOffice

Have you used all the Microsoft Office programs for a long time, and are afraid that you won’t be able to adapt to other versions of the application? 

Well, if you choose LibreOffice, you can even feel the use of older versions of software again. So, you will adapt faster to LibreOffice’s appearance which resembles the classic version of Microsoft Office.

The LibreOffice software that you are using will accommodate the features of a vector graphics editor, mathematical formula editor, and practical database management. 

All data can also be saved as a file with an open document format so that it can be opened with any application without having to convert it.

4. OpenOffice

OpenOffice can be said to be software that has the most identical resemblance to Microsoft Office in terms of appearance and design. 

Also comes in the form of a word processing application, a spreadsheet maker, and a presentation document maker.

The advantage of OpenOffice is the flexibility of its features that are able to save documents in open document formats. 

So, you can open documents with any application without having to convert them first. Yes, you can also directly open documents created from OpenOffice using Microsoft Office.

If you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office that has almost the same way of operating OpenOffice can be used for free.

Some of these alternative applications have optimal compatibility for use on macOS devices. 

Alternative applications even offer open document formats that allow you to save documents without having to convert, Hopefully you are like these replacement tools Microsoft Office Alternative for macOS Users

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