11 Best Golf Games For Android and iPhone

Best Free Golf Games For iPhone and Android 2022

Best Golf Games For Android and iPhone – Certainly golf is not one of the most popular sports, despite having its fans. But, abroad, the sport is a great success, princely because of its championships and millionaire prizes. 

If you want to know a little more about how a sports game works, check out the list we prepared with the best golf games for Android and iPhone below.

Best Golf Games For iPhone and Android in 2022

Golf Strike

Also from Miniclip, Golf Strike brings a dynamic very similar to the previous game. The game has very intuitive and easy controls. Matches are played by 6 players simultaneously. 

The main objective of the game is to take the minimum number of strokes to pocket the ball, whoever comes first in the ranking wins.

By winning matches, you can receive coins to buy custom balls and buy new clubs. In addition, there, you can even change the color of the trail that the ball makes when you take the shot. 

In Golf Strike, you can also compete in world rankings, national rankings or against friends, Check out more about Golf Strike on the Play Store or the App Store .

Golf Clash

Play on beautiful courses, against players from all over the world in real time during tournaments, 1vs1 games, and challenge your Facebook friends! Upgrade your clubs and unlock tournaments as your golfing skills progress, in your quest to become the King of Golf Clash!

Golf Clash Via Playstore or App Store

Golf King – World Tour

Best Free Golf Games For iPhone and Android 2022: Golf King - World Tour
Golf Games

As a first option, I bring the Golf King, or King of Golf. In the Rising Wings golf game, you can play 1v1 multiplayer matches and participate in weekly leagues that give you rewards to spend in-game. 

Its gameplay is very simple, just drag the bar and release at the right moment to take the shot, just like in the snooker games we see around. There, you can equip your player with better and better clubs as your level increases. 

The clubs available in the game range from those made of wood to those made of iron, which can help you to perform better in disputes. In addition to clubs, you can customize your character with other clothes, such as caps, gloves, pants, t-shirts and shoes.

The Golf King game is available on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems .

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf

Welcome to fantastic grounds! It’s time to play a new kind of golf! Play Birdie Crush, a golf game like you’ve never seen before! Endearing characters await you at the magical golf academy.

Delion Bridge! Jenny arrives in Birdie Crush! Play now with your club members and compete against other clubs! Craft your own gear and outfits in the Magic Workshop!

Birdie Crush: Fantasy Golf Via Playstore or App Store

Golf Battle

In Golf Battle, you must also compete against other players online. To play, you must move your ball (with the right force and direction) so that it enters the hole before your opponents. In the game, you can compete in more than 90 maps. 

All of them with different obstacles, whether in 1v1 matches or against 5 opponents simultaneously. In the game, as you win disputes, you can receive rewards in chests, such as new balls and clubs. 

Miniclip’s game also uses a 3D graphics. It is still worth mentioning that you can also participate in world and national rankings,.

Did you like Golf Battle? Download it through the Play Store or the App Store.

WGT Golf

With equipment and apparel from famous golf brands, WGT Golf features more than 15 courses, including the most famous such as Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes and Chambers Bay. 

In this game, you can compete in rankings and play online with other players around the world or with friends. Tournaments take place in several cities around the world, each with different prizes, in which the highest prizes are released when you level up.

WGT Golf also features the most diverse types of tournaments, such as the Virtual US Open and the WGT Virtual Tour Championship. 

Despite a more complex gameplay than other games in the category, this game brings a very cool experience for those who already know a little about the sport and its rules.

Click here to download WGT Golf on your Android device, or here to install it on your iOS device.

Golf Master 3D

In the last position, we have the great game Golf Master 3D. The Doodle Mobile game features a very simple and dynamic gameplay, where you can participate in online championships and tournaments to win prizes in coins that can be used to buy new clubs.

There, you can compete in the most diverse scenarios with different prizes, which can be accessed when you level up. But the more you level up, you will come across more difficult fields. 

That’s because some of these courses have more challenging terrain, such as water and sand. To customize your character, you can change hairstyles and outfits, such as hats, sneakers, and glasses.

Install Golf Master 3D via Play Store or App Store.

100% Golf

Putt with percentages in this relaxing golf game. Use your 100 power percentage points to take him to the hole. 3 courses with 27 holes to beat! Unlock endless mode for endless putting.

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Fast forward button to speed up shots. Night color mode so you can scratch that golf itch in bed. Compete with your friends to get the best course average. New spin on the Par system.

App Store

Ultimate Golf!

Experience a fantastic golf game with real courses and real-time multiplayer for thrilling matches in duels, tournaments or in our unique Golf Royale mode! In Ultimate Golf!, players race to the pin.

You don’t have to wait for your opponent to play. Like a real pro, perfect your swing and make drives, chips and putts taking into account the lie on the fairway and the green.

Avoid the rough and the bunker, and let yourself be charmed by this realistic 3D golf simulation. Compete against golfers from around the world or challenge your friends, family and acquaintances on Facebook.

Ultimate Golf! Via Playstore or App Store

Golf On Mars

For centuries, philosophers and mathematicians have looked at the night sky and wondered, “Is there golf on Mars?” The year is 2866. Mars is 35% terraformed, finally enough to allow the game of.. Golf to be played! Golf on an infinite Martian rock surface. Check out the golf obstacles that amaze us Earthlings!

Golf On Mars Via Playstore or App Store

Golf blitz

Play golf like never before! Team up with your friends or challenge them, or play online against the whole world to reach the top. Play on some of the most creative terrains ever imagined.

Customize your golfer and fill your bag with all kinds of bonuses such as sticky balls, grenades, lasers and more.

Golf Galore is a whole new way to play the absolutely awesome racing mode from the award-winning Super Stickman Golf series. The first ball in the hole wins. No cheaters.

Golf blitz Via Play Store or App Store

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