5 Best Free URL Shorteners to Shrink Your Links

5 Best Free URL Shorteners in 2022 - Techjustify

25 Best Free URL Shorteners to Shorten LinksA link is a link that leads either to the blog itself (inbound link) or to the outside of the blog ( outbound) . The main element of the link is the URL or address of a blog ( domain ) added to the permalink of a link.

In general, a link is very long and impossible to remember, so there is a service called URL Shortener or service to shorten URLs.

What are the Benefits of Short Links?

Here are some of the benefits of shortened URLs :

  • The URL of a link is very long and impossible to memorize, even though one character error causes the link to be broken and inaccessible;
  • Simplify the links that will be shared whether it is for office correspondence, social media and so on;
  • For those who like to use microblogging like Twitter, URL shortening is very useful for shortening every tweet on Twitter which only consists of 160 characters, so shortening the shared URL will add space to add other words;
  • For those who are looking for additional income such as affiliates, URL shortening is usually used to hide the original link from the affiliate link that is being promoted.

Actually, there are hundreds of sites that provide URL shortener services for free, but I only listed the 6 best URL shorteners.

How to Shorten URLs / Links

Because many have misunderstood, so understand first that the URL shortener service is not a service to change the original link to be shorter, but only redirects from short links to actual links.

How to shorten a URL is very easy, prepare a link to be shortened, for example a link from:

  • Google Drive or Google Forms ;
  • Dropbox;
  • Facebook; or
  • Any links.

Examples of links that I will briefly:

In the example here, I’m using the most popular URL shortener service, Bitly .

  1. Open bit.ly, paste the link in the space provided;
  2. Click SHORTEN ;
  3. The link will be shortened automatically.

How to Customize Links?

It’s actually pretty much the same across all URL Shortener services , so I’ll just use Bitly as an example.

Bitly 1
  1. To customize the link on bit.ly, register first ;
  2. If so, click Create ;
  3. Then paste the link in the PASTE LONG URL and click Create ;
  4. After the short link is formed, change it in CUSTOMIZE ;
  5. Link customization can only be done as long as the link has never been used by someone else. Don’t forget, that uppercase and lowercase letters have an effect (case sensitive) .
  6. If so, click SAVE .

Best Free URL Shorteners to Shrink Your Links

TinyURL.com – shorten that long URL into a tiny URL

TinyURL.com shorten that long URL into a tiny URL 1

TinyURL is the pioneer of all the best URL shortener services available today. With its simple appearance, for many years this URL shortener service was the first widely used by Twitter.

Here are some excellent features of TinyURL:

  • You don’t need to create an account to use it.
  • Visit tinyurl.com, paste the link in the column “ Enter a long URL to make tiny: ” then just click “ Make TinyURL! 
  • Add a toolbar in the browser Add the TinyURL Toolbar in the browser so shortening links is easy by simply dragging the link to be shortened to the available toolbar in the browser ;
  • Hiding affiliate links
    TinyURL can hide affiliate links and keep links safe from hijackers.
  • Create your own link
    Can create a link according to your own wishes or a custom link by adding the desired word or character.
  • Free
    The TinyURL service is free, but you can donate a small amount with PayPal to provide support and feature improvements.

Use Here: https://tinyurl.com

Bitly: URL Shortener – Short URLs & Custom Free Link

Who doesn’t know bit.ly, is the best and most popular URL shortener service today.

This is not without reason, bit.ly has the advantage of not only providing URL shortener services, but also various other functions such as:

  • History or history function;
  • Side bookmarklet bar ;
  • Analyze the number of clicks; and
  • Developer tools to build traffic.
Bitly URL Shortener Short URLs Custom Free Link 1

Bit.ly also gives you the freedom to create your own links or custom links by adding the desired words or characters as long as the link has not been used by someone else.

In addition, shortened links will not be removed by bit.ly as long as you do not delete them.

Use Here: https://bitly.com


S.id is a URL shortening service that was released in 2013. Although relatively new, this service is quite powerful with the following advantages:

  • Easy Link Management
    organizes links to make them easy for visitors to remember and customizes links to help brand products on the internet;
  • Statistics
    Each visitor has data that can be processed, track the performance of your business campaigns, track and analyze link data individually, in one location, all in real-time;
  • Ease of Mobility
    Even though visitor data reaches millions, it makes it easier for you even if you have to use it via HP devices.

Use Here: https://home.s.id/

is.gd – a URL shortener. Mmmm, tasty URLs!

is.gd a URL shortener. Mmmm tasty URLs 1

Although rarely heard, Is.Gd has several advantages like other URL shortening sites, namely:

  • It’s free and doesn’t require an account or registration as a user ;
  • Can customize or set your own link display (as long as it’s still available) ;
  • Display lowercase only
    Most links from URL shortener are random combinations of upper and lower case letters and alphanumeric characters, while Is.gd gives users the option to use only lower case letters so that they are easier to read. Click “ Further options/custom URL ” in the dropdown menu , then select the “ Lower case ” button to enable this option.
  • Log statistics such as bit.ly and TinyURL ;
  • QR Code Generator
    This is very useful if you want to promote affiliate links or anything through smartphones. Is.gd can generate a QR Code for shortened links (a kind of bar code that we usually find in supermarkets or goods) ;
  • Spam prevention feature ; and
  • Security Is.gd says it won’t share or sell links to other parties so it’s safer to use.

Use Here: https://is.gd

5. Ow.ly – Shorten urls, share files and track visits. – Hootsuite

Ow.ly Shorten urls share files and track visits. Hootsuite 1

Ow.ly is one of the great URL Shorteners although you may rarely hear about it.

Service advantages:

  • Apart from shortening URLs, you can also permanently shorten links for image, video and music files.
  • There isn’t much customization needed.

The only drawback of this website is that you have to register first to use the service.

Those are 6 URL Shortener services that you can use for free.

Actually there is one more free URL shortener service site , T.Co , it’s just that the service has been acquired by Twitter and has become their official URL shortener.

Use Here: Ow.ly

List of the Best Free URL Shorteners:

So if you want to shorten a link, continue reading this article. Until this stage the customized short link can be used, please test it. Hopefully, you are like this Best Free URL Shorteners

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