Tools for Create Short Links with Your Own Name

Tools for Creating Short Links with Your Own Name

Have you ever tried to share a link, but felt uncomfortable because it was too long? then Solution here is the Tools for Create Short Links with Your Own Name

In this case, we need web providers to create a link shortener automatically or short URLs.

In simple terms, a short URL is a web for shortening URLs that are considered too long, especially without affecting the page that is opened.

For example, web shortening links for WhatsApp contacts.

In fact, some short URLs also offer a feature to change the link as desired.

List of Short Links with Your Own Name

In the process, the web to create short links plays a crucial role, especially for people who are in online business.

Thus, we can create aesthetically special links for online shops, freelance, and cooperation contracts.

Basically, the majority of short URLs can be used to create direct chat order links with their own names, because there is a feature for their own custom links.

The goal is to make users look professional in the eyes of consumers. We too can have fun with this.


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  • Offers a simple interface, i.e. shortens links via toolbar effectively
  • The link is active forever so there is no broken link term
  • Can be used for free for various users in the world

The web provider for creating the next short link is TinyURL. Since 2002, TinyURL has been known to the public and emerged as the pioneer of web short URLs. Basically, TinyURL does not offer a variety of features like a web – web more, but the web is likely to stick better.





  • Users don’t need to bother creating an account
  • Unlimited use
  • Shortened links are protected by HTTPS encryption

Apparently, Bitly is web popular to shorten the link. Although users don’t need to create an account, it doesn’t hurt to create a Bitly account for free. The reason is, we can get additional features, such as our own custom links and tracking CTR.


bllink penyedia untuk membuat link nama sendiri


  • Offers Smart Link feature based on popular keywords
  • Has a simple and interactive interface
  • Can use all the features in the free version, but with certain rules

Actually, is a website for shortening and changing links as desired. In practice, the web can be accessed for free or using the premium version for a fee. Because the free version of the link is limited to 1,000 clicks and can only be used by one user.


These are various websites that are used to automatically shorten links, especially with the feature of changing links as desired.

Web particular also change link with a combination of letters or numbers. The goal is to increase user satisfaction with aesthetics.

In the end, link shortening and custom link activities themselves offer various benefits, such as improving the reading experience and making it easier to share various content.

Therefore, visit the provider’s web to make a shortened link specifically.

What are the steps?

For the steps, you can follow how to create a link with your own name.

How to make a direct WA link to chat?

To make a direct wa link to chat, you can use the wa link generator directly to chat.

With the generator, we can make it without having to take a lot of time

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