8 Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

8 Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome

8 Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome in 2022 – there are those that are on everyone’s lips and those that have not yet acquired millions of fans. However, they already have a large number of reviews by third-party analysts and are in the top of the extension stores according to the aggregate user rating.

8 Best Free VPN Extension For Chrome Browser

Browsec VPN For Chrome

This VPN extension is relevant for both Chrome Browser, Paid and free versions are available to the user. The latter offers access to the servers of 4 countries with a limited speed of 1 Mbps with an unlimited amount of data. Low connection speed is often noted in reviews. A one-time temporary account is created for each user. This VPN extension can be called a completely reliable anonymity service.  

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Registering for the free version of the extension will give you access to 19 countries, and unlimited traffic, but with ads and, according to some users, periods of too long server searches. There is also a paid version with connection to more servers, unlimited speed and access to servers in 40 countries.  

Download Hoxx for Google Chrome »»»

Touch VPN

Completely free extension. There are several countries to choose your virtual location. Along with manual selection, there is a smart location setting, when the service itself selects the least loaded server. There are no bandwidth limits, but you need to remember that the speed may be reduced due to the large number of users connected to the selected server. As with many free extensions, there are ads.  

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Hola In the free version, there are many countries to choose from, the connection is high-speed, but there is a time limit for use. It must also be remembered that this is not an ordinary service, here other participants in the system act as routers (roughly speaking, you access the Internet through the computer of another user of this extension and become a network access window for someone), which can affect the security of personal data.  

Download Hola VPN for Google Chrome »»»

uVPN Interface

VPN The extension provides high cyber security with good connection speed. The trial gives seven days of using a premium subscription, after which a small list of servers in four countries remains. However, a simple layman does not need more.  

Download uVPN for Google Chrome »»»

VPN Hotspot Shield

This high-speed extension is presented both in a paid version and in a free version. You can get a seven-day trial of the paid version. The plugin perfectly copes with the role of a masker, which is confirmed by millions of downloads and installations. Registration is not required to use it.

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10 Ways to Choose VPN Steps by Steps

However, in the free mode there is a limit on the amount of information transmitted, which may not be convenient for everyone. In addition, the free version allows you to use the server from only one country, while subscribers of the paid version can choose from a much larger number of geographic locations.  

Download VPN Hotspot Shield for Google Chrome »»»


The extension offers a choice of two versions: paid and free. Registration is required to use it. For this, the user in the free version receives a reliable service with auto-search for a server in 13 available countries and an ad blocker, but with limited traffic – 2 GB per month.  

Download Windscribe for Google Chrome »»»

ZenMate VPN Extension

An extension that has a good reputation is available in a free version. In the first seven days, the user will become the proud owner of unlimited traffic and unlimited speed, only registration is required. After the expiration of this period, you will have to work at a fixed speed, and at times of high server load – at a very low one.

There will also be advertisements for the paid version from time to time. The choice of countries in the free version is limited to four options, but for most users these are often enough. ZenMate has a useful feature: when you visit certain sites, the service is automatically launched, which saves the user time.  

Download ZenMate VPN for Google Chrome »»»

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