5 Best Google Stadia Alternatives For Cloud Gaming 2023

Best Google Stadia Alternatives For Cloud Gaming

5 Best Google Stadia Alternatives For Cloud Gaming 2023 – After it was confirmed that Google Stadia will no longer exist after 18th March 2023, many users will be forced to look for another alternative to the cloud, still enjoying all the benefits of gaming.

That’s why we gave ourselves the task of finding the best option to replace Google Stadia. If you want to know what these services are, keep reading this article.

Best Google Stadia Alternatives

These are the best alternatives you can find on the market to replace Google Stadia:

Amazon Moon

Because Amazon Moon is probably one of the cloud gaming services most similar to Stadia, as it also offers its own controller. Amazon Luna provides controllers that, in addition to being able to connect via WiFi, have the advantage of being able to connect via Bluetooth as well, potentially allowing you to play on Windows, macOS, Android, Chromebooks, and more.

Some of what sets Amazon apart from Luna from Stadia is primarily its library of games. Stadia offered a more complete catalog of options, but Amazon Luna has to make do with around 120 games.

Another important difference is that the games cannot be purchased separately. If you want to enjoy video games, you need to subscribe to one of the plans offered by Amazon Luna.

Conversely, if you’re a Prime member, you can enjoy some free games. And if you’re into high-end gaming, there’s his Ubisoft Plus plan, which costs more, which includes titles like Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed games, and Watch Dogs.

Price| From $4.99 per month

Link | Amazon Luna Website (Available in US only)

NVIDIA GeForce Now

Nvidia is best known for GPUs, but it’s also one of the most important suppliers in the world of cloud gaming services .

The Nvidia GeForce Now service offers one of the best game libraries, but that’s largely because Nvidia isn’t responsible for providing the games. Instead, connect to other game stores such as Steam, Epic Games Store, etc.

Nvidia GeForce Now serves as a tool for linking digital game store accounts rather than selling games. Make it playable on other platforms.

This means that the games can be purchased separately. This could be a good thing, as Nvidia GeForce Now gives you access to the highest quality PC-quality games.

In addition to this, the service also has the following versions: Totally free, limited “basic team” where you can only enjoy one hour session per session .

Price| From $9.99 per month

Link | Nvidia GeForce Now Website

Xbox Cloud gaming

This may be considered by many to be one of their favorites within the gaming community.

The service gives you access to different game catalogs depending on whether you have a PC or console subscription. The Xbox games catalog is extensive and updated frequently. It’s full of titles you know and love. These include popular franchises such as Halo, Fortnite, Assassin’s Creed, Flight Simulator, Battlefield, and Batman.

The best part is that you don’t necessarily need an Xbox console to take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming, in fact there’s even a list of games you can enjoy from Android without using a controller. But with Xbox, you can get the most out of your subscription.

Price| From $9.99 per month

Link | Xbox Cloud Gaming Website

Playstation plus

PS Plus offers you five different subscription options, each with different features and benefits. The first and most basic option is PS Plus Essentials, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of online multiplayer, access one downloadable game per month, take advantage of special discounts, and a cloud of saved games You can use storage.

Then comes this PS Plus Extra, all of the above plus a catalog of up to 5 of the best titles for PS400 and PS4. And finally, the PS Plus Premium, which, in addition to the benefits of the Essential and Extra levels, has a catalog of classic games from the old Sony consoles and the desired cloud gaming alternative to Google Stadia , which works only on PCs and has a reduced catalog of games. It has been.

Price| From €8.99 per month

Link | PlayStation Plus Website


This service turned out to be the most interesting one on this list, and what Shadow does is offer its own gaming PC with streaming. A gaming PC also means a computer powerful enough to play 4K, 60 frames per second, or up to 144 fps in Full HD. Everything depends on the plan you decide to pay for.

Shadow Basic Plan Access remote machines with Intel XEON processors, GeForce GTX 1080 graphics, 12 GB of RAM, and 256 GB of storage. They all run Windows 10. But if you want something better, you can upgrade to an RTX 3070 or RDNA 2-based AMD GPU for an extra fee. AMD EPYC chips, 16 GB of RAM, and up to 2 TB of storage are also available.

So on this computer you can install a “virtual” application to access all your games on Steam or Epic Games if you prefer.

Another important point to mention is that this PC streaming service isn’t just aimed at the gaming community. You can also use this service to install design programs, office automation, or other programs on your computer.

However, there are limitations. Computers may not be used for tasks that are considered illegal, such as: Download torrents or mine Bitcoin. The system is monitored and your account will be suspended if abuse of the service is detected.

On the other hand, since Shadow offers such a complete service, it’s no surprise that it’s not the cheapest option on this list. In fact, it turned out to be the most expensive with a monthly payment of about 30 euros per month.

Price| From $29.99 per month

Link | Shadow website

And they follow some of the best alternatives to Google Stadia .

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