How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp

How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp – To hide your movements from a spy, you might be wondering Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp from iPhone or Android .

In addition to the double blue tick , last access, and profile image , people who want to spy on WhatsApp conversations are always trying to catch you. online .

The first three pieces of information can be removed by changing your account privacy settings. You cannot deactivate an online message. What’s more, it allows you every time you log into WhatsApp and can be viewed by anyone, not just your contacts.

That’s why you want to know Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp , right? It is therefore true that this formulation cannot be definitively ruled out. However, you can avoid this by using some tricks. In this guide, I will explain what they are and how they work on iOS and Android.

How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp 

If you want to know Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp from iPhone or Android, you might suspect someone is spying on you. I want to tell you, first of all, be silent, because one way or another, you will be able to protect your privacy. As I said before, there are several tricks to using WhatsApp incognito.

For example, you can read chats without logging in or access, read messages and reply without being seen online. A combination of different activities can also prevent others from seeing the “writing. ..” under your profile name.

If privacy is your goal, no one should know anything until you send a message. And even after they’ve been sent, the members should be the only ones who know you’ve been online.

But you must not let them see that you are reading messages. You also must not let them or anyone else know that you are still online after a reply.

Want to remain anonymous until you decide to reply? Well, follow one of the two details below in the letter, depending on which phone you have. As I said before, you will not only learn How to Hide Your Online Status on WhatsApp. In fact, you will also know how to hide your chat activities from others.

In general, the method shown below is the same as clearing the read flag, hiding the last access time, and disconnecting from the network. The difference with individual litigation is that you can only avoid providing this information when you think it’s appropriate, not always.

What to do to hide whatsapp online status from android

When you are wondering how to hide whatsapp online status , if you have an Android , you should use the free Invisible App It is available on Google Play . No, you don’t need root. Once installed, the app will become a WhatsApp clone. Each time a message arrives, by default, you will receive two notifications. The first is WhatsApp , the second is Invisible .

To read the message incognito without activating the controls, just open Invisible instead of WhatsApp. In this case, the online text will not be activated, so that no one can see it. In addition, the blue double check will not light up and the last access will not be taken into account.

When you choose to reply, the app will warn you that this may activate a double blue tick. Perhaps because if you turned it off, the other contact would only see your reply.

If you want to learn more, you can check out the guide on how to read WhatsApp messages without logging in. It is also possible to disable WhatsApp on Android and use WhatsApp offline.

What to do to hide WhatsApp online status from iPhone

If you have an iPhone and want to know how to hide WhatsApp online status , things get a little more complicated. If you have a jailbreak , you can use Watusi. This is a free setting that, once downloaded via Cydia and activated, freezes or removes online status and last access (depending on your choice). More details can be found in my help on how to freeze last WhatsApp access.

For iPhone without jailbreaks , however, the only solution to not show the message online and other actions is to turn off the Internet in WhatsApp after downloading the message you want to read.

So, first you have to set up WhatsApp permissions to access the internet. This can be done by going to and Системные настройки > WhatsApp иturning off the Cellular Data radio button . This way you will prevent WhatsApp from only connecting via 3G/4G .

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Now that only WiFi is left, wait until you get the messages you want to read. Then turn off WiFi and sign in to WhatsApp . Thus, you will not appear on the network, the double blue checkmark will not light up, and the last access will remain unchanged.

If you need to send a reply, please write a message first, then reactivate WiFi and send it. So, you won’t even see “write …” under your name in your profile. When you’re done, exit the app.

Repeat the process whenever you want to be invisible. For more information, please read the guide where I told you how to turn off WhatsApp on your iPhone.


By this time, you have already figured out how to hide WhatsApp status on the web using an iOS or Android device. However, depending on the situation, remember to activate 3G/4G for WhatsApp again when you log out. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive messages until you connect to the wireless network.

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