5 Best GoPro Video Editors for Beginners In 2024 | GoPro Video Editing Software

Best GoPro Video Editors for Beginners

5 Best GoPro Video Editors for Beginners In 2024 | GoPro Video Editing Software – You’ve just come home from vacation and have a lot of stock videos from GoPro of you diving at your vacation spot that you want to share on social media, but it seems like it would be more fun if you edited it first.

So, instead of being confused about what video editing applications for GoPro to edit videos to use, here are recommendations for the best GoPro video editing applications available for free.

Best GoPro Video Editors

GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik
Source: YouTube.

GoPro Studio may not be operational anymore, but you can still rely on GoPro Quik today.

GoPro designed this application for people who are not very experienced in video editing.

However, this application still has features that are useful for even those who have experience with video.

To begin with, this application will automatically move content from the device when connected to the laptop.

Once the content is on the laptop, you can use Quik to createtime-lapsevideos , add video effects, sound, and so on.

If you’re anadrenaline junkie, Quik can also be a great app. It can allow you to add graphics,charts, and evena speedometerto show how far, high, or fast you are moving.

Available for: Windows and Mac.


VSDC targets its users in the intermediate group. This application has long been known as one of the best video editing applications for Windows users.

The editor view is non-linear, meaning you can place an object at any position in the timeline and determine how long it lasts.

The important features of this application are visual effects which consist of five categories, color blending,masking, to the feature of uploading videos directly to YouTube and other social media.

To accommodate beginners, VSDC also has a one-click feature to apply color filters like Instagram’s.

Available for: Windows.

Want to try making a more uniquestop-motion videos .


aplikasi edit video gopro-3
Source: Videohelp.

Avidemux is another application that is very beginner friendly. It has fewer features so it’s easier to use for those of you who don’t have experience in editing videos.

The core features of this app arecutting, filtering, andencoding.The encodingfeature also turns out to be complete. It has a wide range of export options, meaning you have complete control over theencodingprocess .

The downside is that Avidemux does not have visual effects or transitions and does not use atimelineformat whenediting.

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Source: Softonic.

Lightworks is arguably the most complete application of this list. Therefore, beginners will need time to adapt and master this application.

This application has the tools needed by professionals and if you can use it it can produce your GoPro video like a video from Hollywood there.

Several Hollywood films such as The King’s Speech and Road to Perdition were made using the Pro version of the Lightworks application.

Available for: Windows, Mac, and Linux.



For those of you who are lazy about installing new applications on your laptop, you can try WeVideo for video editing because this is a web-based service.

The free version of the service has basic features for editing videos, 1GB cloud storage, and can download edits to a laptop.

For the paid version, you will get additional features that are more complete than the free version.

Available for: web-based services.

Those are the five Best GoPro Video Editors for Beginners In 2024 | GoPro Video Editing Software that are available for free. So, you can immediately edit videos easily and cheaply.

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