5 Best Instagram Downloader Apps in 2024

Best Instagram Downloader Apps

Best Instagram Downloader Apps – The Instagram application does not provide a download feature for video content in it. Remember, it is quite rare for Instagram users to share long videos, except for IGTV and Live Instagram. Fortunately, you can still download Instagram videos with the help of the download application .

Where, this application is a third party application that can be used to download various Instagram videos, then save them to the smartphone memory and enjoy them at another time. However, also pay attention to the type of third-party application that will be used to download Instagram videos.

Best Instagram Downloader Apps

Make sure to use the official Instagram video download application on the Play Store. Below are a number of recommendations for the best applications that can be used to download Instagram videos.

Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video

The first recommended application for downloading Instagram videos is Downloader for Instagram: Photo & Video. Where, this application allows users to download Instagram photos and videos via a link . You do this by copying the link from Instagram and copying it to the application. Then, the application automatically downloads photos and videos stored directly in the smartphone gallery .

Apart from that, users can also directly share it via other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The features available in this application can be accessed without an account which allows users to download IGTV, InstaStories, and play them offline .



Next there is FastSave which is an application for downloading Instagram videos. Using this application itself is also very easy by clicking on the desired video on Instagram. Plus, videos downloaded or uploaded via FastSave can produce quality content with HD resolution so that the image display is clearly good.

Repost For Instagram – Regrann

Repost For Instagram - Regrann

Downloading images or videos via third party applications, there is often a watermark from the particular application used. By using the Repost for Instagram application, users will not encounter anything like that. Every user can directly download Instagram videos through this application and re-upload them.

Just copy the Instagram video content link, then download it according to the desired quality. Uniquely, this Instagram video download application does not have any paid features so users don’t have to worry about spending money.

Story Saver for Instagram Video Downloader Instore

Story Saver for Instagram Video Downloader Instore

Next, there is Story Save for Instagram Video Downloader Instore to be used to save the desired Instagram video. Users can also enjoy the features presented by this application such as Hashtag and Caption Generator . Where, to use it, just copy the link to the content you want to download. Apart from that, users can also use another method, namely sharing on Instagram to automatically retrieve the link and download it immediately.

Video Downloader – InShot

Video Downloader - InShot

The last recommended application is Video Downloader – InShot. This application, which is available on the Play Store for free, is under the auspices of InShot Inc, so it can be used to download Instagram videos, then upload them instantly. That way, the download process can be done with just one tap.

Apart from that, this Instagram video download application also provides a feature to determine the storage location of downloaded content. That way, users can determine which capacity is intended for Instagram videos and other files.

Those are some of the best Instagram video download applications that you can use. One thing you must remember is that downloading Instagram videos should only be used for yourself. Remember, the Instagram video content that you download certainly belongs to someone else. Therefore, you can make your own Instagram videos by presenting interesting content in them.

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