7 Best Location Tracking Apps in 2024

7 Best Location Tracking Apps For Android 2022

Best Location Tracking Apps – Do you want an app that can track the location of your friends or family members? It may sound, but sometimes such an application is needed when there is an emergency or unwanted situation.

Apple has a Find My Friends app that allows its users to share their location with friends or family. Unfortunately this app is only available on iOS.

For you Android users, don’t be sad just yet. Fortunately, there are now many alternative applications with similar capabilities on the Play Store.

If you are still in doubt, don’t worry, the application will only share the location with your consent. Want to try? Let’s check the list below!

Best Location Tracking Apps For Android

1. Glympse

The first recommendation goes to Glympse. This application had become one of the most popular applications on the Play Store.

Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : Glympse
Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : Glympse

The main goal of Glympse is to quickly and easily share your location with friends and family. This application is completely free and can be used immediately without having to register first.

You can set how long the location sharing is done. Access will be terminated after that time expires. Most importantly, all access to your location will not occur without your own permission.


2. Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family Locator is a great app to track the location of your family members. This application allows its users to get location information inreal time. Coupled with the built-in messaging service, Sygic Family Locator is even more practical and easy to use.

Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : Sygic Family Locator
Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : Sygic Family Locator

Another feature that you can access is the SOS button. This can be used when one of the family members has been absent for some time. Just press the SOS button, the app will automatically track their position on the map.


3. Find My Friends

Many people want to know how to track someone with just their phone number. A company called Family Safety Production has realized this public request in the form of the Find My Friends application.

How to use it is easy and fast. Just enter the phone number or email address, then, this app will share the access request. When it has been agreed with the person concerned, you will immediately know where they are


4. Google Maps

The default application on this Androidphonehas a feature that is rarely known by people, namely the feature of tracking a friend’s or family’s cellphone number. To do this, Google Maps relies on the person sharing their location with you.

How to do it is almost the same as other applications. After opening Google Maps, you need to click onMenu>Location Sharing>Add People.

Then set the location sharing duration or selectUntil you turn this off. After that, all you have to do is choose a contact from yourcellphone. You can also send a request for your friends to do the same.


5. Life360

Life360 aims to make it easier for users to stay connected with their loved ones. This application has acirclefeature , which is a private group that you can create together with your family or friends. With them you can share your location.

Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : Life360
Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : Life360

The advantage of Life360, you don’t have to share your location all the time. For example, you only need it on a night out, but not on weekends.

Not only that, the application, which has been downloaded by more than one million users, also provides a special map for eachcircle. There you can see the location of each member.


6. Google Trusted Contacts

Another application from Google that you can use to track a friend’s cell phone number. It is Google Trusted Contacts. As the name suggests, you can always connect with people you trust, such as your lover, family, or friends.

What distinguishes it from Google Maps, this application allows users to use theauto-responsefeature.

This means, when a contact asks for your location but you don’t respond within a certain time limit, Trusted Contacts will send it automatically. This is especially important when you are in an emergency situation.


7. GeoZilla

GeoZilla is another app that you should try with your friends. A different feature it has is that you can divide your homework with group members based on location. For example, for shopping, buying certain equipment, and others.

Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : GeoZilla
Best Location Tracking Apps For Android : GeoZilla

According toa reviewfromMake Use Of, the advantage of this application when compared to others is that it does not drain the battery much. Because GeoZilla has aSignificant Location Change(SLC) feature.

It ensures that the app doesn’t fire if you leave the house a short distance away. Instead, it will only start to activate when you move far enough away.


Those are Best Location Tracking Apps. How about you, are you interested in trying it and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this.

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