Is Aliexpress Safe? How Aliexpress Works

Is Aliexpress Safe

Is Aliexpress Safe – Is AliExpress trustworthy? In recent years, they have started to buy more and more on the internet. According to research, e-commerce grew by almost 39% in the country in 2023, and there was a considerable increase in the participation of this sector in the retail market. Data from Webshoppers Ebit/Nielsen, a company that analyzes the reputation of online stores, shows that, brands that sell online earned.

The same studies indicate that the trend is for customers to continue purchasing more and more frequently on the internet, and to start making at least 50% of their purchases online. In the list of companies that sell online, AliExpress is among the most successful, selling up to six thousand smartphones per week.

But is the site trustworthy? What types of guarantees does it offer to consumers and how can you make sure of them when making a purchase? That’s what we’ll discover in today’s post!

Is Aliexpress Safe?

AliExpress is the largest online store in China. The website, which sells to every country in the world, brings together thousands of stores and offers products in different categories. Therefore, it is common to hear the question “Is AliExpress trustworthy?”, as many users have no experience with international purchases .

The site is a leader in satisfaction around the world, doing its best to mediate disputes between consumers and stores. With a simple and intuitive platform, automatic conversion to Real so you always know how much you are paying for the products, trackable shipping on most purchases and a wide variety of payment methods, the page is one of the most reliable for doing business on the internet .

The site has end-to-end encryption to protect customer data, and is an import facilitator like no other.

But not everything is rosy: shopping on AliExpress is not recommended for those who are anxious when purchasing something on the internet. Importation can take up to 90 days, logistical problems at the Post Office are common, some correspondence ends up being lost, and it is necessary to pay import taxes and IOF for credit card purchases.

How Aliexpress Works

AliExpress works as a marketplace, similar to stores like Mercado Livre. Here, various producers and traders from China, Thailand and Southeast Asian countries can promote their products and sell them to customers around the world at competitive prices.

AliExpress takes care of the guarantees offered to the consumer and maintains the website, in addition to facilitating logistics, but it is the retailers who are responsible for ensuring that the products reach their hands.

Therefore, it is very important to evaluate AliExpress sellers before making any purchase. This evaluation will allow you to make the right decision about purchasing on the website, as the reputation of the sellers is what will make you have a good experience or not.

Among the advantages that Ali Express offers in customer-seller intermediation are:

  • Money-back guarantee within 15 days;
  • Direct contact with the seller;
  • Free returns if you are dissatisfied with a product within 15 days of receipt;
  • Free shipping for exchange and returns;
  • Simplified returns for products (exclusive to Italian stores);
  • All warranty rights applicable according to the Consumer Protection Code.


Ali Express does not sell products: they are partners in China and other countries that make items available through the website. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the reputation of those with whom you transact on the platform.

A good seller will have, in addition to a compatible evaluation, good testimonials and will have no problem answering consumers’ questions before they make the purchase.

Be wary if, when posting a question, you cannot be answered within 24 hours and try browsing customer testimonials to check the seller’s credibility.

On AliExpress, prominent sellers, brands and stores will always be on the website’s home page, so you can access the best-rated ones first.

Payment methods

Just like the main e-commerce sites on the internet, AliExpress’s default payment method is credit card. Until recently, this was the only way to purchase products through the website, as the official e-commerce currency is the dollar.

With the growing presence on AliExpress, however, new options began to be offered to ensure that the customer is well served and to meet the expectations of the national market. Therefore, today it is possible to buy on AliExpress also with a payment slip.

All products purchased on AliExpress are subject to tax collection by the Federal Revenue Service. If taxed, you will receive a communication by email, with the amounts and instructions on how to proceed.


Do you have a store and are thinking about importing products from AliExpress to sell? So this topic will help you clear up any doubts you may have on the subject.

AliExpress processes purchases from legal entities, as long as they are made using the company’s CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) in the registration.

What must be estimated is whether or not it is worth doing this type of import. Depending on the dollar exchange rate and the tax rate that will be paid on the product, it is possible to determine whether this effort is a good way to provide products to your customers.

In general, the main advantage for merchants who import from AliExpress is prompt delivery: if the customer buys the same product through the website, they will have to deal with waiting times that can reach up to 60 days.

Evaluate the quantity of items you want to import, make a table with the prices paid for them, calculate the profit you will obtain if you sell them and write down the import taxes.

Only then will it be possible to make a decision about entering the market by importing products with AliExpress.

As with other areas of the retail sector, the effort to import through Ali is more advantageous for those who buy in large quantities. If your store imports very low volumes of product, it will end up falling behind when comparing the cost with, for example, buying products nationally.

To obtain the best prices and the best logistics when importing via Ali Express for resale, try to concentrate all your purchases in a single shipment, to receive them on the same day.

If your business is scaling quickly, consider using Ali Baba, a website similar to AliExpress, but which offers wholesale prices and only sells in large quantities.


We were unable to assess AliExpress’s reputation on the largest website on the subject: the marketplace does not respond to requests on Reclame Aqui and only uses emails and forms on the website as a contact channel, in addition to an (international) contact telephone number. However, the website compiles the main types of complaints related to AliExpress and classifies most of them as problems with product delivery and delays in refunding amounts paid.

Buying online is easy, but you need to pay attention to how stores deal with customer demands and protect their money. iq will help you keep your accounts under control, up to date and organized. See how a spending tracking app can help you!

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