7 Best Medical Apps For Patients in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Best Medical Apps For Patients

Nowadays, when digital technologies are widely used in all spheres of human life and activity, mobile applications with practical applications are increasingly popular. Medical mobile applications are of great interest among smartphone and tablet owners . Today, software developers offer a huge number of such programs intended for doctors and patients. We want to talk about the best, in our opinion, software products in the medical field, capable of satisfying various requests of patients.

Best Medical Apps For Patients

When choosing the best mobile applications for patients , we took into account the possibility of their practical application and real use for people, as well as the level of functionality and ease of use. At the same time, we mainly considered software that is available for free and has real user reviews. We will provide a brief description of each software product.


The application is designed for individual use by patients of medical institutions who have a profile on the MyChart website. It allows each patient who has registered an account in the profile of his clinic or medical center to establish remote communication with the attending physician. With the help of this medical Apps you can:

  • track the history of their diseases, treatment and vaccinations;
  • to receive the results of examinations and analyses;
  • plan face-to-face meetings or videoconference sessions with a doctor;
  • follows appointments;
  • pay for the doctor’s services online;
  • transfers information about your health from other applications.

The “minus” of the application is the impossibility of the patient to influence the functionality. The set of available options depends on the settings of the clinic in its profile and the version of MyChart it uses.

Available for Android and iOS.

Downloading is free.


This software product is considered one of the best applications that allow you to monitor the course of pregnancy. It has wide functionality, including:

  • fixing the doctor’s visit with the preservation of all prescriptions;
  • uploading and saving ultrasound images to a smartphone;
  • maintaining a pregnancy calendar and personal diary;
  • tracking the weight and size of the fetus, symptoms of contractions and contractions;
  • creation of an interactive three-dimensional model of the fetus and other options.

The program contains a solid array of information about pregnancy by week and preparation for childbirth.

This medical application is available for Androidand iOS.

The download is free (the price of the full version is $3.99).


The PharmEasy Medical Apps for iPhone and Android is a unique reference book for patients and doctors. It contains text and video information about various medicinal products. This software helps doctors choose the right medicine, and patients can use it to find where to buy the right drug at the lowest price.

The main advantage of this application is the presence of a discount card that provides discounts of more than 60 thousand. pharmacy

Versions for Android and iOS have been developed.

Downloading is free.


The GooPatient program is intended for creating and maintaining an electronic medical record. It is possible to export any data about your health, including records about vaccinations, ultrasound, MRI and other examinations, or about completed treatment. This medical for Android can be downloaded for free , but there is also a paid version that allows you to create several profiles.

This mobile application is available only when installing the desktop version on a stationary PC and synchronizing it with a tablet or smartphone.

Only the Android version has been developed.

Downloading is free.

Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker

This software product is considered one of the best among women’s health software. With the help of the Flo calendar, you can monitor the onset of menstruation and ovulation, track PMS days, the favorable period for conception and even the development of the fetus.

The application presents a massive amount of information about pregnancy from leading medical experts.

There are versions for Android and iOS.

Downloading is free.

ICE: In Case of Emergency

This medical application is designed to store and display on the lock screen of a mobile device vital health data for the patient, such as:

  • blood group;
  • the presence of chronic diseases or drug allergies;
  • informed about currently taken drugs and other information.

ICE: In Case of Emergency is a paid, but very important application that can save a person’s life in an accident and in other emergency situations.

Available for Android.

The cost is 2.55 USD.

Meditopia: Sleep and Meditation

Meditopia is one of the best medical mobile applications for strengthening mental health. It contains a variety of content for relaxation, anxiety and stress relief, including:

  • music for sleep with quality sound;
  • programs for meditations with a bright design, divided into 7-day courses;
  • meditation mindfulness exercises.

There are versions for iOS and Android.

Downloading is free.

All these medical applications are undoubtedly necessary and useful: they will help you monitor your health, make medical care more accessible and comfortable, but at the same time, you should not neglect the examination in the clinic, examination and consultation of a specialist.

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