Top 10 Color Pickers For Windows in 2023

Color Pickers For Windows

Top 10 Color Pickers For Windows in 2023 – The ability to see different colors and appreciate their beauty is one of the most precious gifts given to mankind. Adding color allows you to make anything more attractive.

Whether it’s a drawing, a project or a simple generic color, choosing the right color combination can make a difference in the aesthetics produced.Color pickers are exceptional tools that allow you to identify different shades and shades of color with absolute precision and from any content.

The human eye can see up to 100 million colors, but this does not make it easy to recognize the exact nuance of each of them. This is where the color selectors come into play, which allow us to easily detect the information relating to the color we are interested.

so that we can use it in our projects. By making use of these tools it is possible to build optimal color combinations for every occasion. Color pickers help us identify and detect color hues and nuances that are otherwise difficult to capture.

Thanks to these tools it is possible to capture the colors that struck us by looking at an image, a website or whatever, in order to use them for our sites, logos, images, etc. the use of the right colors can make a difference in terms of the aesthetics of the projects you are working on.

Top 10 Color Pickers For Windows in 2023

1. Microsoft’s Free Color Picker (for Windows 10 only)

Microsoft’s Free Color Pickeris a UWP tool that allows you to detect colors from images or from your computer screen.

This selector is super easy to use. Press the Win + Shift + S keys to save the image to the clipboard, then click the Clipboard button on the main screen of the software. The image will be loaded immediately and you can select the desired color.


  • Using images from clipboard, local folders or capture.
  • Ability to obtain Hex, RGB, HSL, HTML and CMYK color codes.

2. Color Pic

ColorPicis a tool developed by Iconico, which falls under the Web Design sub-category. The program is super simple to use and works even with Windows versions prior to 2000.

ColorPic allows you to pick up colors on a high resolution screen. Just move the cursor over the desired color to have the tool automatically acquire a palette of about 16 colors.


  • Adjustment of saturation, hue, reds, greens and blues.
  • Ability to adjust colors using four advanced mixers.
  • Resizable zoom area, can also be used with other programs.

3. Instant Eyedroppers

Instant Eyedropper is a free tool that allows you to identify and save any color with just one click.

After installing the program, click on the Instant Eyedropper icon in the toolbar and place the pointer on the area containing the color to be copied. The selected color code will automatically be copied to the clipboard.


  • It allows you to copy the color and identify its code.
  • It supports numerous formats, including HTML, HEX, Delphi Hex, Visual Basic Hex, RGB, RGB Float, HSV (HSB), HSL, Long, etc.

4. Just Color Picker

Just Color Pickeris a handy and convenient tool that allows you to capture any color on your Windows computer.

To identify a color and its code, simply select the desired format, position the cursor in the direction of the color and press the key combination Alt + X. To copy the code, click on Copy Value.


  • Easily handle color noise using color sampling averaging.
  • Keyboard control over cursor movements; 3x, 9x and 15x magnification functions for maximum precision.

Freeze-frame function to sample colors whose hue changes due to cursor movement.

5. ColorZilla

ColorZillais a Firefox add-on that helps web designers and developers manage color-related tasks.

ColorZilla lets you locate colors anywhere in browser windows, adjust color settings, and copy them to other applications. In addition, this add-on allows you to analyze and inspect the color palette of web pages.


  • Ability to average the sampling of a color in a specific area (both on images and backgrounds with graphic noise).
  • Allows you to sample colors from URLs or local files (“file://”).
  • Different sampling modes: 3×3, 5×5, 11×11, 25×25 pixels.

6. ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropperis a Chrome add-on that allows you to pick color values ​​from web pages and much more.

The colors are taken from a screen capture of the web page of interest. To capture a screenshot, press the R key or click the Re-Snap button.


  • Functions for zooming to area on page.
  • The zoom functions allow you to observe ultra-precise pixel alignment, which is very useful in web development.
  • Presence of a support grid; color hexadecimal code communication.

7. Colorpicker

Colorpickeris an effective tool that allows you to select any color with the help of three handy built-in RGB sliders. This selector allows you to capture colors from any screen, simply by hovering the cursor over it.


  • Ability to select, organize, edit and store your favorite colors.
  • Picking colors from browsers, design software, and images.
  • Allows you to save selected colors in multiple palettes.

8. Color Crop

Color Crop is a tool capable of identifying and representing colors in the form of different codes of the HEX format.

To copy a color with Color Crop, simply drag the Eyedropper control to the spot on the screen containing the color. The color code will automatically be copied to the clipboard.


  • Single pixel or 3×3/5×5 sampling options.
  • Magnifier to capture colors accurately.
  • Presence of features such as Snap to WebSafe, Detect WebSafe, Invert, Convert to Grayscale, Random, etc.

9. Rainbow Color Tool

Rainbow Color Toolis a Firefox add-on that allows you to select any color on the screen.

To do this, simply move the cursor to the desired color. A square preview of the selected color will open, including the code. Just click the Copy button to copy the code.


  • Easy color selection and fast code capture.
  • Options for changing color and creating bookmarks.
  • Creating a library with your favorite colors.

10. ColorPix

ColorPixis ​​a very simple free tool for Windows that you can use to detect and format colors.

To locate a color with this selector, place the cursor over it and click. The code will automatically be copied to your clipboard.


  • Zoom function to pick colors with more precision.
  • Availability of additional color palettes and schemes for download.
  • Possibility to reproduce the specific values ​​of each color

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