5 Best Mobile Fighting Games in 2024

5 Best Mobile Fighting Games 2022

Best Mobile Fighting Games iOS and Android 2024Fighting games have gained a lot of popularity, especially on consoles with classic games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

The latest ones like Injustice, WWE, and UFC also marked the Playstation 2 generation. But, did you know that many of these titles and other fighting games are available on Android and iOS devices?

If you like games of this genre, check out below the list I’ve put together with the best fighting games that are free for mobile devices. Remember that we published an article these days about the opening of the pre-registration of the old school fighting game Metal Revolution .

Best Mobile Fighting Games 2024

1. Skullgirls

In the classic style of Marvel vs Capcom and with graphics inspired by anime, at the top of this list, we have Skullgirls, a 2D fighting game. The game can also please RPG fans, as in addition to exchanging punches and kicks, Skullgirls features a story, explaining the origins of each character. During the game’s story, players unlock playable characters and can level up with them.

In addition to the Story Mode as mentioned above, the game has several battle modes, including Versus Mode, where you fight with other players online in a friendly way, and Prize Contests, in which players fight against each other to unlock new characters for the collection. 

Multiplayer matches also offer daily events such as challenges. Players can also train or access the tutorial before entering battles to get to know the characters better. You can download Skullgirls fighting game on Android and iOS .


In addition to consoles, Electronic Arts also released the UFC game for mobile phones. Adapted for smaller screens, UFC Mobile has a very well done graphic and simple and intuitive controls. In the game, you can choose 70 characters within the weight categories (feather, light, medium and heavy), including mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor or MMA fighter José Aldo. Each character has special skills of kicks, punches and defenses.

You can unlock new opponents in career mode, where you can earn coins to customize your fighter and level up. Already during online events, you can earn exclusive rewards by defeating other players in matches. 

So, the more matches you win, the more you rise in the rankings. Install EA SPORTS UFC from the App Store or Play Store .

3. WWE Mayhem

5 Best Mobile Fighting Games 2022 : WWE Mayhem
Mobile Fighting Games 2024: WWE Mayhem

This one is for the wrestling fans. Like the UFC, WWE Mayhem was also adapted from consoles to mobile phones. With less realism and less proportion in the fighters’ bodies, the game from developer Reliance is a lot of fun. 

You can play as famous male WWE characters like John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton and the giant The Rock, or play as female characters like Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss and the stylish Asuka. All characters have different fighting styles, strikes, and interactions.

In WWE Mayhem, in addition to assembling a team with your favorite wrestlers, you must battle in classic wrestling rings against other famous characters to win championships and tournaments. You can also play against friends online in versus mode as well. The game also features weekly challenges from WWE RAW, NXT and SmackDown. 

Did you like WWE Mayhem? Play Store or App Store.

4. Boxing Star

In fourth place, we have a game that mixes boxing with street fights. Boxing Star has a very nice animated style graphic. Like most of the games on this list, the game from the developer FourThirtyThree has a career mode with a story, where your character meets various boxing fighters through the regions and scenarios in which he passes.

In addition to training the punches, you can also customize your boxer, changing his clothes (shorts, shoes, gloves, etc).

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In online mode, you and your friends can form a fight club and participate in daily/weekly missions and events to earn in-game rewards such as virtual currency. Boxing Star is available on iOS and Android .

5. Rowdy Wrestling

Rowdy Wrestling brings an unconventional and very interesting 2D game style. Although you can only hit with your arms, you control your fighter to jump and give flying (dropkicks), in addition to using objects to hit opponents, such as chairs and pieces of wood. All this to stun enemy fighters and get them out of the ring, until you’re the last one standing there.

In the game, you have the possibility to play against 55 different characters, including sumo wrestlers, boxers and even clowns. The game unfortunately does not have an online mode, but it is still worth playing. To install Rowdy Wrestling on Android click here , or download the game for iOS by clicking here .

It is always important to remember that the games on this list are free, but have direct in-app purchase options.

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