How to Merge Videos in Canva Easily

How to Merge Videos in Canva Easily

How to Merge Videos in Canva Easily – Canva is a versatile application, we can use it to edit photos, create images, to edit videos.Speaking of video editing, some of you may not know that Canva has this feature.

Of course, Canva’s video editing function can’t be compared to native video editing apps like InShot, VN, or others. But for some simple editing like merging videos, trimming videos, and the like, Canva is more than enough.

The advantage of using Canva is that we don’t need to download an application (for those of you who use a computer), we only need to visit the Canva site using a browser .

How to Merge Videos in Canva

The tutorial below I wrote using Canva on a computer. However, Androbuntu friends who use Canva on Android or iPhone can still follow it because the interface remains the same as on the computer.

So, here are the steps:

Open a browser then visit . And make sure you’re logged in using your Canva account. If you don’t have a Canva account yet, Androbuntu friends can register using email , Facebook, or Google.

If you are already logged in, select the Video template or any other template you want.

How to Merge Videos in Canva Easily
Merge Videos in Canva Easily

After the template is opened, we will get an interface like the one below. Tap the Uploads tab and then tap the Upload media button.

After that select the videos that you want to merge into one. You can combine 2, 3, 4 or even more videos. But keep in mind that the more videos you choose, the longer it will take to upload them to Canva.

When all the videos have finished uploading to Canva, then place them on the available canvas. The trick is to move one video to the blank canvas on the right.

Next add another blank canvas to place another video. You can add a blank canvas according to the number of videos you want to combine.

After that slide the next video on the blank canvas you just created. Repeat these steps for all the videos you want to merge.

If all the videos are already on the canvas and the position is correct, the next step is to save them.

To save the video we’ve merged, tap the three-dot button in the top-right corner of Canva, then tap the Download button .

How to Merge Videos in Canva Easily 1

Select the desired video format (I chose MP4 format). After that leave the other options as they are ( default ).The final step is to tap on the purple button that says Download .

The merged video will immediately download to your computer or device.

Keep in mind that if you combine multiple videos, they will become long. So don’t be surprised if the video size will be large and take a long time to download.

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How to Remove the Background in Canva

Note: Canva provides 5GB of free storage space for free users.

If you only use Canva for photo editing, that amount of storage probably won’t run out fast.

But if you use it to edit videos, 5GB of storage will run out quickly.

So, I recommend regularly cleaning the videos that you upload to Canva by deleting them so that your Canva storage doesn’t fill up quickly.

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