Best Monopoly Games for Android & iOS in 2023

Best Monopoly Games

Best Monopoly Games for Android & iOS in 2023Monopoly game is one of the best online games which is very entertaining and can be played by everyone. It is not difficult to play this game and almost all of them have played it. In Monopoly, you can make transactions, buy and sell real estate, increase your wealth , and much more.

Best Monopoly Games for Android & iOS

Monopoly games can be played for both adults and children . This game is not only for doing business but also the best way to spend time with family. If you want to use a smartphone to play it, here are the best monopoly games for Android and iOS in 2023.

Monopoly Bingo

Monopoly Bingo is the most popular board game app which is very fun and exciting. This game is a combination of classic Monopoly rules and lottery bingo. In the original game, you have to collect balls with numbers. Victory brings the player money and gives the right to move to the next level. You have to earn game currency and then spend that currency on the construction of new buildings . All successful players can get different bonuses such as:

  • Can get free shading from sectors on the card
  • Can open undropped bingo numbers
  • Bonus Platforms on the map

Play your own game and compete with your friends. This application has been downloaded by many people, so if you haven’t tried it, you also have to play it to prove the fun of playing Monopoly Bingo.

Monopoly Slots

Another popular monopoly game application is Monopoly Slots. This application gives you the opportunity to become a monopoly millionaire. Monopoly Slots is America’s favorite game app , where you will meet new players to know about this game and become a millionaire.

This game gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite token to increase your luck. If you want to build a city and want to become a true real estate champion then you have to complete existing Quests. The more you play this game the more chance you get new cards, tokens and lots of machines and stuff.

Business World

There is a paid version of the game business World and this game is definitely worth buying. The game developers have managed to implement great graphics, as well as adequate application quality. The players roll the dice, move around the square, buy buildings, climb onto the opponent’s field, and then they either pay a fine or perform a task.

Other attributes of the game are “Prison” and “Free parking” sectors, “Chance” and “Tax” cards. Play the monopoly business World game by selecting the level, customizing the background, and you will be able to feel the fun immediately.

Board Kings

Board Kings is a board game with several Monopoly Gameplay features. The board game is just like any other monopoly game and you have to roll the dice and walk on the squares. And then you get money and bonuses that can be activated. With the help of the money you earn, you can “unlock” new buildings and also develop your city.

In addition, the bonuses you receive can be used in battles with other players, destroying their buildings and stealing money from the treasury. However, the game totally depends on Luck and most of the players cannot change something. The game rules in Board Kings itself are very simple.

Rento – Dice Board Game

One of the best online monopoly game applications is Rento. This application was developed by game developer Lan Games Ltd for all Android and iOs users. In the Rento game, you can buy property, trade land, spin the wheel, and earn rent by acquiring Monopoly.

This Rento game is free and easy to play to win the game, so you can bankrupt other players and get rich quickly. This game is a multi-player online game app. You can easily play this game with friends or local players around the world.


This version is similar to the classic version. At Europoly, you can buy property, build houses and hotels or collect rent from competitors. All players have pawns to cross the continent of Europe. And if a pawn lands on an unlisted property, then that property can be sold or bought. If the property is bought by another player then you have to pay rent. The game will end when all participants become bankrupt. You can play this game with 1 to 3 players.


Landlord games are like monopoly games in real time. Landlord Tycoon is an economic simulator, where you can become a wealthy tycoon. In the beginning, you have 50,000 dollars and then you have to buy everything that is close to you. This game is different because you can buy everything that is close to you. You can also buy the city where you live and buy new points on the map to rent.

Business King

Game Business King has a multi-player mode, where you can play it with your friends and relatives. This game is for everyone who has an interest in business in general. The main advantage of this application is the detailed game process, besides that the design of this game is attractive and bright, which makes it fun to play.

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Arctopia: Monopoly Power

The rules of the game in Arctopia are a little different from other games, but it is a kind of Monopoly. After you download this app, register and then you are in a small town called Arctopia. In this game, you are the director of a coffee shop and your goal is to monopolize the market in the city. There are many competitors out there, so you have to compete with them, create new strategies to grow your business and become the biggest monopolist in the city of Arctopia.


Crazypoly app is a business dice game for all android users. This game gives you a chance to build your own monopoly, earn money and bankrupt your opponent. Crazypoly is a turn-based economic strategy game that lets you buy business properties, build levels, collect rent, play casinos, rob banks and more so you can build your own business.

This is a monopoly game application that can be played offline with three different difficulty levels such as Easy, Medium and Hard. Before you start the game, you can easily choose an available level.

Monopoly Junior

Another popular monopoly game for android and iOs smartphone users. Monopoly Junior game helps you build a virtual business online on your smartphone. This app is a strategy-based card game where you have to match cards to win the game and get more prizes.

There is an option of playing games in real time with friends or unknown players from anywhere. Techjustify Games is sure that young children will really enjoy playing this Monopoly Junior game because there is a lot of fun in this game.

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