5 Best Mobile Board Games to Play in 2024

Free Mobile Board Games

5 Best Mobile Board Games To Play – From Naval Battle to Chess, board games are old, but they are successful to this day. Anyone who has never played a game of Monopoly, Monopoly, Game of Life, or even the simplest card games, definitely didn’t have a childhood.

But if you haven’t had the privilege of playing any of them or have played, but with social isolation, you can’t gather your friends for a match, don’t despair. There are several free board games available on Android and iOS smartphones. Check out the list I’ve prepared with the 5 best games of the genre for you to download on your cell phone.

5 Best Mobile Board Games To Play

1. Einstein’s Riddle Logic Puzzles

At the top of the list, I decided to put a game that is not so well known, but is worth checking out. In Einstein’s Riddle, you need to put each item in its proper place using logic. To do this, the game gives you a series of tips for you to put each item in the proper place (check out the video above that illustrates well). For example: English uses baseball caps. The American likes juice. The Fox’s owner does not drink milk.

The game’s difficulty ranges from easy (3×4 board) to insane (16×9 board). There are even daily challenges for you to solve. Click here to install Einstein’s Riddle on Android or here to download on iOS.

2. UNO!

Despite being old, UNO gained popularity in the 2000s and is a huge success to this day. The mobile game developed by Mattel163 brings different modes to play alone or with other players online. There, in addition to finding modes with classic rules in quick solo free-for-all matches, you can make friends (or break up) with custom rules in 2v2 matches. So, in 2v2 matches, you have access to your partner’s cards to define the best move.

There are even in-game events that place you in rankings among your friends, regionally and globally. You can download UNO! on your Android by clicking here, or here to install it on your iOS device.

3. Chess – Clash of Kings

Best Free Mobile Board Games: Chess – Clash of Kings
Free Mobile Board Games

Fourth on the list is for those who know how to play chess. Or even for those like me who are aspirants. With more than 10 levels of difficulty, Chess – Clash of Kings also offers movement tips during the game. In the game, you can still complete challenges and puzzles that can help improve your level and sense of movement during matches.

In Chess – Clash of Kings, in addition to playing against the computer, you can play games with friends or other random users from different parts of the world. Depending on the type of match you choose, you receive rewards in coins to spend in-game (custom boards and new avatars).

Do you like Chess – Clash of Kings? Download it from Play Store or App Store .

4. Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle is a game developed by Byril that has offline and online modes to play with friends or players from other parts of the world. For those who have never played naval battle, it’s simple, just distribute your ships in a table that goes from A to J (vertically) and 1 to 10 (horizontally). Thus, without knowing where the enemy ships are located, you must try to hit the enemy ships to destroy them little by little.

You can choose between playing against bots, real players and even participating in tournaments to earn rewards in coins, which can be spent in-game. That way, with the coins, you build locations in your city and acquire other items. During the game, you can customize your character with the color you want. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the game has a very cool aesthetic in the format of drawings made in pen.

Install Sea Battle 2 on your Android or iOS . The first version (Sea Battle) is also available on both platforms.

5. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game

The popular board game Ludo is also available for free on smartphones. The game developed by Moonfrog allows the player to play both offline and online matches. In offline mode you can play against the computer or with someone who is close to you (on the same device). In online mode, you can challenge friends or play against other people in 2v2, or all against all.

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To play, you must choose your color and enter the game, so players can only take the pegs out of the house when they roll the number 6 on the dice. From then on, just move all your pieces according to the number on the die to get to the end of the board. During the course, you can eat the pieces of the other 3 players to disturb them. Whoever puts all their pieces in the right place first wins. 

Download Ludo Club via Play Store or App Store.

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