5 Best Motocross Games For Android in 2023

Best Motocross Games For Android

Best Motocross Games For Android – Offline Motocross Games for the Latest and Free Android Smartphones – For those of you who are looking for entertainment in your spare time, playing offline games is the best option you can do. More precisely, the Motocross game which is currently a favorite game in many circles.

The motocross game or motorbike cross itself is a motorbike racing game where the track or race has a level of difficulty to control the motorbike cross.

Because the obstacles that will be hit are not easy to conquer. So it is very suitable for you, especially men who like challenges.

The good news is, now Motocross games are available offline. So in addition to being fun, playing this game is also cheap entertainment that is friendly to the pocket.

Curious about the types of offline Motocross games. Instead of being curious for too long, here are 5 lists of recommended offline Motocross games for you.

Best Motocross Games on Android

Mad Skills Motocross 2

Mad Skills Motocross 2 is a motorcycle cross game for Android phones that offers offline motorcycle racing events.

This game is quite challenging, because players have to pass increasingly complicated tracks from increasingly storied levels.

5+ Latest and Free Offline Motocross Games on Android

To be able to conquer this offline Motocross game, you have to be good at swerving and good at fighting against eight other Motocross participants, each of which has a fairly high speed while doing motorbike jumping actions and so on.

There are several types of motorbikes that players can choose from, even you can change them or design your own on the part of the motorbike that will be used for racing.

As on the plate of the motorcycle, the shape of the helmet, the color of the motorcycle and so on. There are also dozens of tracks that you have to pass according to the level. Fun isn’t it? .


Fun Kid Racing Motocross

The second offline Motocross game is Fun Kid Racing Motocross. This game is the only Motocross game that offers simple motorcycle racing action, the tracks provided, are not too challenging.

Fun Kids Racing Motocross is suitable to be played by children, for you adults, it seems that you will feel less challenged to play this game.

The tracks provided are in the form of stiff mud hills which are quite inconvenient, so players must be good at performing stunts jumping up and down such as front flip, backflip, or both at once.

In addition, players must compete with other racers until they reach the finish line of the game while taking as many points as possible along the track.


Bike Racing 3D

5+ Latest and Free Offline Motocross Games on Android

This is a BMX motorbike game that is quite exciting and challenging to play. In this game, you have to take part in a driving competition that bypasses several obstacles with dangerous tracks and can make your BMX motorbike bounce or roll over at any time if you are not careful.

Some of the recommendations for offline Motocross games for Android phones above can be your choice in filling your spare time to entertain yourself in a cheap but fun way.

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Of course, to be your winner is not an easy thing to do. You must be proficient in driving this racing motorbike with various techniques in passing through obstacles and don’t forget to collect as many points as possible during the game’s track journey.


Bike Up

This is also a Motocross game that provides obstacle tracks with different difficulties for each level. Similar to other Motocross games

5+ Latest and Free Offline Motocross Games on Android

There are around 101 levels that are quite challenging for you to beat. In addition to the challenging track journey, the background design in the game is also designed with the concept of beautiful scenery.

A global leaderboard is also provided where players can see the complete ranking obtained between players.


Bike Rivals

This game is quite popular among Android bikers as an offline Motocross game which is quite challenging with a 3-dimensional concept treat.

Can you imagine how exciting it is with this 3D concept? The track is quite sharp with sharp nails, firebombs and so on must be carefully passed to make it the winner in the game.


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