How to Make Your Own Video / Movie Subtitle

How to Make Your Own Video / Movie Subtitle

How to Make Your Own Video / Movie Subtitle – When we watch foreign films, there are usually subtitles at the bottom of the screen. This translated text is known as a subtitle, which is useful for writing narration text on the video to the audience.

So, for example, if you want to make your own subtitles for a video that you will upload on YouTube, the method is very easy. In this tip, techjustify will provide a tutorial that you can follow.

List of contents :

  • How to Make Your Own Video Subtitles
    • Making Subtitles Using Notepad
    • How to Make Subtitles Using Aegisub

How to Make Your Own Video Subtitles

How to Make Your Own Video / Movie Subtitle

So that the videos you make can be enjoyed and understood by many people from various languages, adding subtitles is very important.

For that, if you are still confused and don’t know how to make your own video subtitles, please look carefully at the guide that we will review here.

To make your own video subtitles, there are several ways you can do it either with the help of a subtitle maker application that must be installed on a computer or laptop.

Or you can use the Windows default Notepad application to make it by writing it down manually.

Making Subtitles Using Notepad

Surely you are not familiar with this Notepad application. By default, the notepad application is installed on Windows computers.

So you don’t need to download and install it again to use it.

Then how do you make a movie or video subtitles using Notepad? Is it difficult?

Indeed, making subtitles with Notepad must be done manually, which means you have to watch the video while watching. Just look at the steps as follows.

  1. First open and run the Notepad application on your computer first
  2. Then type the number 1 on the first line, then press Enter
  3. In the second line, type the time the video subtitles will appear and disappear with the format hours: minutes: seconds, milliseconds . Then press Enter again
  4. In the third line, please type the subtitle text according to the video at the specified time then press Enter
  5. Next, type the number 2, then repeat the steps above to make subtitles when watching the next video.
  6. Please repeat the above steps so on until the video is finished, if you have press CTRL + S to save it then add the .srt extension at the end of the file name
  7. Don’t forget to change the encoding to UTF-8

When finished, the result will look like below.

Making Subtitles Using Notepad 1

It’s done, to try to display subtitles on your video, make sure to place the subtitle file in the same folder as the video file. As for playing videos, you can use the VLC application or other media players.

How to Make Subtitles Using Aegisub

Apart from the help of Notepad, there are actually many applications for making video subtitles, one of which is Aegisub. By using Aegisub, you can make video subtitles faster.

To use it you have to download and install it on your computer or laptop first. Don’t worry, you can use this subtitle maker application for free.

Interested in trying it? just take a look and follow the steps to make subtitles using the following Aegisub.

  1. Please download the Aegisub application first, then install it on your computer
  2. If it is installed, open and run the application then go to the Video tab
  3. Then click Open Video to find and select the video you want to make subtitles for
  4. Then play the video by click the Play button , press again to Pause
  5. Next, enter the subtitle text in the column that is already available, when it’s finished, press the Checklist button
  6. Please repeat the steps above until you successfully enter the video subtitle text to the end
  7. When you are finished, click File and then select the Save Subtitle as option

How very easy is it not to make your own video subtitles above. Apart from using the Aegisub application, you can also use the Adobe Premiere application, Easy SubtitlesFilmora Video Editor, Sony Vegas and also use the Kinemaster application on an Android phone.


Those are short tips onHow to Make Your Own Video / Movie Subtitle that you can try. By adding subtitles to your video, of course, viewers from other countries can understand the story script in the video. 

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