13 Best Offline Music Apps For Android in 2023

Best Offline Music Apps For Android

13 Best Offline Music Apps For Android in 2023Music is more than just entertainment for some people, music can also be used as an intermediary to raise the mood in activities or affect emotions in our daily lives.

Therefore, listening to music is one of the things we do most often. In addition to listening, we can also karaoke with an Android phone to rebuild enthusiasm in daily activities.

Listening to music on Android is very easy because there are currently many music streaming service applications such as Spotify, JOOX and Deezer.

But if we are in a situation where the internet connection can’t work, the streaming music application becomes useless.

Indeed, there are several music streaming applications that allow us to play music in offline mode, but usually these applications require us to be a premium user first.

Therefore, we will provide a list of the best offline music Apps for Android that you can directly download via the Google Play Store. But you have to download yourself what songs you will listen to on your cellphone.

13 Best Offline Music Apps For Android (Update 2023)

PowerAmp Music Player

As a music fan, it’s almost impossible not to hear the PowerAmp. This application has long been used as a benchmark as the best offline music apps for Android.

PowerAmp has a lot of features in it such as 10 band equalizer, adjustable bass and treble, stereo expansionmono mixinggapless playback and many other things.

In addition to the various features in it, the UI or appearance of PowerAmp is also not too complicated so it is quite easy to use for anyone.

PowerAmp also provides customizable widgets, both for the home screen and lock screen.

NoPowerAmp Music Player
Total Download50 Million+
Size6.6 MB
Offered byMax MP
Rating Google Play4.4
PriceFree(Trial),  $4.99 (Full)

Musicolet Music Player

The name Musicolet is not as popular as the PowerAmp. But don’t worry because Musicolet has unique features that make it one of the best offline music apps on Android.

This feature ensures that Musicolet will not connect to your internet connection at all. This means that you will not be crammed with promotions or advertisements that sometimes interfere with the experience of playing music.

However, this also results in this application not being able to download Album Art or song tags like most other music applications.

If you are looking for an offline music Apps that is simple, but offers good music quality, then Musicolet is for you.

NoMusicolet Music Player
Total Download1 Million+
Size3.0 MB
Offered byCrossbit
Rating Google Play4.7

Shuttle Music Player

If you like the minimalist look of the app, you’ll fall in love with Shuttle Music Player. This application that looks simple but still beautiful can be controlled using only gestures.

There is one interesting feature in this application, namely support for Chromecast which is unfortunately not present in the free version.

Apart from that, one of the cool things about Shuttle Music Player is that there are themes available for you to choose from and the customization features in it.

There is also a sleep timer feature to turn off the music at the time you want. Another feature in this offline music application is a 6-band equalizer and can display the lyrics of the song you are playing.

NoShuttle Music Player
Total Download1 Million+
Size5.5 MB
Offered bySimpleCity
Rating Google Play4.3

Pi Music Player

Most music players currently support Material Design from Google, one of which is the Pi Music Player. With this support, the appearance of this music application looks beautiful but still simple.

Talking about features, Pi Music Player is equipped with 5-band equalizer and Bass Boost , 10 presets , virtualizer and 3D reverb effects .

Besides being used to play songs, Pi Music Player can also be used to play podcasts and audiobooks which we think is pretty cool.

In addition to the features already mentioned, Pi Music Player also has other useful features such as a song cutter to make ringtones and song sharing with Send Everywhere support.

NoPi Music Player
Total Download10 Million+
Size5.9 MB
Offered by100Pi Labs
Rating Google Play4.7

GoneMAD Music Player

GoneMAD is inspired by Google’s Material Design in terms of its appearance. The app looks neat with a blue and white color theme by default which can be further customized.

In addition, GoneMAD has a 12-band equalizer, 16 different presets and supports various popular file formats such as MP3, WAV and FLAC. In addition, GoneMAD also has other features such as Audio Pitch correction, Bass Boost, DSP limiter and Smart Folders .

This Smart Folders contains a row of your favorite songs that you often play in GoneMAD. You can also create a separate folder with various conditions, such as artist name or song title and others.

NoGoneMAD Music Player
Total Download500K+
Size4.6 MB
Offered byGoneMAD Software LLC
Rating Google Play4.3
PriceFree (Trial), $3.99 (Full)

Stellio Player HQ

Compared to other music apps, Stellio is one of the youngest. This app was released in June 2018 and immediately skyrocketed to become one of the best music apps on Android.

Stellio has interesting features like a 12-band equalizer and more than 10 different presets. In addition, Stellio also has features such as automatically playing songs when headphones are plugged in or changing songs when pressing the volume button.

The interface is also simple and neat, but having ads tucked away can make your experience a bit annoying.

NoStellio Player HQ
Size12 MB
Offered byStellio Soft
Rating Google Play4.8

jetAudio HD Music Player

At first glance if you look at the appearance of jetAudio HD, then you will definitely feel that this application has a pretty old-school appearance, unlike most of the music applications above.

But if you’re an audiophile who doesn’t care too much about looks, jetAudio HD offers a 10-band equalizer that can be adjusted separately, AM3D Audio Enhancer and Bongiovi DPS , which audiophiles will surely love.

You also have a wide selection of presets and can create your own presets if you feel that none of the default presets are suitable.

If you want something more, the pro version of jetAudio offers a 20-band equalizer and eliminates annoying ads.

NojetAudio HD Music Player
Total Download10 Million+
Size19 MB
Offered byTeam Jet
Rating Google Play4.4

BlackPlayer Music Player

As the name suggests, BlackPlayer is filled with shades of black in it.

This modern and minimalist appearance and black color is very good when viewed using a cellphone with an AMOLED screen because this type of screen can display a better black color than other types of screens.

In terms of features, BlackPlayer Music Player has a 5-band equalizer with Bass Boost, amplifier and 3D surround sound virtualizer . Other features that you should know include album cover management, Android Auto support, Wear OS support, sleep timer and others.

But one thing that is quite annoying is the presence of advertisements that are scattered everywhere and can only be removed by purchasing in-app items.

NoBlackPlayer Music Player
Total Download100K+
Size17 MB
Offered byFive Brothers Team
Rating Google Play4.6

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player is also no less popular than its competitors on this list thanks to its beautiful appearance and tons of features.

Some of its features include being able to display song lyrics, being able to adjust the speed of the song being played, editing song tags, Chromecast support, voice command support, Android Auto support and so on.

There is also a sleep timer feature to automatically turn off playing songs and supports various popular file formats commonly used such as FLC, MP3 and others.

NoPulsar Music Player
Total Download5 Million+
Size4.3 MB
Offered byRhythm Software
Rating Google Play4.6

Canaree (Music Player)

Canaree is one of the unique offline music applications on Android. One of them is the appearance, this Canaree is like combining the appearance of iOS and Android Material Design and uniting them to be more beautiful.

In terms of features, Canaree has a 5-band equalizer , widget support, dark mode, cross-fade , Android Auto support, Wear OS support and others.

One of the things that is a mainstay of Canaree is that the lyrics and video of the song being played can be displayed in a separate window.

To use this feature is also quite easy, you just need to press an icon like the Twitter icon and Canaree will automatically search for lyrics and YouTube videos of the currently playing song.

NoCanaree (Music Player)
Total Download10K+
Size6.2 MB
Offered byEugene Olog
Rating Google Play4.5

Retro Music Player

Similar to Canaree, the appearance of Retro Music Player seems to combine elements from Google’s Material Design and the typical design of iOS. You can also choose the provided themes such as white, dark and black.

Some of the features contained in this application are carousel effects for album covers, equalizer, sleep timer, lyrics finder and support for almost all popular media file formats.

Although the appearance of this music application looks good and burdens the cellphone, in fact cellphones with a price below 1 million can still smoothly use this application.

NoRetro Music Player
Total Download1 Million+
Size6.7 MB
Offered byHemanth Savarala
Rating Google Play4.3

Phonograph Music Player

When you first open Phonograph, then you find that the appearance of this application is so beautiful. A neat and inspired look from Google’s Material Design is indeed a weapon for this application.

Phonograph has a Last.fm feature that allows the application to automatically download some information that is not in your song such as singer name, biography, album art, album name and others.

One thing that is quite unique in the appearance of the application is that you easily know what song will play next, so if you don’t like the next song, you can skip the song and change to another song.

NoPhonograph Music Player
Total Download1 Million+
Size5.0 MB
Offered byKarim Abou Zeid
Rating Google Play4.1

Music Player – MP3 Player

Music Player – MP3 Player was created for those of you who like a bright look in your music applications.

This application also supports almost all audio file formats and has a powerful equalizer with additional echoing bass and others.

Apart from that, some features commonly found in other music apps are also available in it. But you have to put up with the presence of ads in the application.

NoMusic Player – MP3 Player
Total Download10 Million+
Size11 MB
Offered byInShot Inc.
Rating Google Play4.7

In addition to playing games, such as Android offline racing games , listening to music is also an activity to do when you have free time. But there are also those who often listen to music while working in order to raise the mood when working.

No matter what your choice is in the offline music application above, we hope you are always productive and can enjoy listening to songs with one of the applications above.

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