How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Business

How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Business

How to Create Facebook Fan Page for BusinessFacebook is one of the social media sites that can help in your business promotion activities because this social media site has very many users and continues to grow from time to time.

It can be said that currently have a Facebook Fan Page is a must in your business inbound marketing activities.

There are changes made by Facebook on the Facebook page for business both on a small scale – changes in new features that always appear from time to time – as well as changes on a larger scale – when Facebook changes in the form of a timeline.

No need to bother looking for information on how to create Facebook Fan Page for your business, or looking for information on how to make your social networking more professional.

I’ll try to explain how in this post – whether you’re an expert or a novice – you can make your Facebook Fan Page look better. Here are some steps you can take to create a Facebook Fan Page for your business:

How to Create Facebook Fan Page for Business

1. First, login to your Facebook account

After you login to your FB account then open this URL in a new tab on your browser

On that page you will be given 6 classifications, you have to choose one of these classifications. This is the classification:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choosing the right classification will help you rank in relevant searches on Facebook according to the information you provide on your next page, so make sure you choose a category that fits your business.

After selecting the category of your FB page, then you must enter your business name, check the box “I agree to Facebook page terms” then click get started.

2. Fill in the information about your Facebook Page

Upload photos for your business page – To make your business FB page look more professional, you should post a photo with good resolution quality because the photo will be visible every time you make a new post, news feed or reply to other people’s comments.

We recommend that you put your business logo or a photo that can represent your business. It is recommended to install a photo with a size of 180 × 180 pixels on your profile picture, and have a good image quality.

Fill out the “About” page for your business FB page – In this section, you need to fill it with a brief description of your business, maybe you need to fill it with 2-3 sentences so that your business description is clearer. Make sure you also include a URL or link to your business website.

3. Use Your Admin Panel Facebook Page

The admin panel is the main page of your FB page. In this section you will see various features, options to optimize your FB page and monitor activity on your page.

A. Edit Page

The edit page option provides several options. The first is the option to update info which allows us to update basic information on your FB page for example you want to change the description in the “About” section.

You can also set an administrator role for your FB page. This allows you to invite your employees or business partners to be your FB admin.

They can help you to reply to comments or status updates about your business without having to give full power to your FB page. Other options that you should pay attention to are notification settings and permissions to add pages.

B. Build Your Audience

Usually people will be very excited when their FB page has been created, then they invite others to see their business FB page. I think this is a step that is not good for you because your audience does not see anything on your business FB page.

You should not be in a hurry to invite other people to see your business FB page, it would be even better if you fill that page with content.

After you fill it with content, then you can invite your employees, friends, family to interact on your page and ask them to share the contents of your page.

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Now after more interaction and you already have some fans, it would be better if you promote your business FB page through advertising tools on Facebook.

4. Fill the Facebook Page with content

A. Installing Cover Photo

You need to install a cover photo or cover photo for your business facebook, the size is 851 X 315 pixels. Make sure you use a cover with a creative photo to make your visitors more interested.

B. Setting Tabs

You can set tabs on the Facebook page as you wish. We recommend that you organize your tabs better according to your activity category, such as videos, photos, events, and more. Creating tabs regularly will make it easier for your audience to get to know your business.

C. Make Posts

Make sure you provide varied content when you post on a business FB page. Also consider creating attractive images related to your business, so that your visitors will share your content on their timeline.

D. Make observations

Having a beautiful FB page is indeed very satisfying, but you also have to make observations and monitor the interaction of your fans continuously.

Make sure you reply to comments and messages sent by your fans. If you do it continuously, you will see your fans grow continuously and help your business grow.

5. Facebook Marketing

You have built your business on facebook well and can represent your business. Now all you need to do is measure the effort you have put in to find out and ascertain the benefits you are getting from Facebook marketing.

In the admin panel, there is also a “View Insight” option that serves to monitor the engagement of fans and visitors.

This is very necessary to help you find out what strategies are successful and strategies that are less successful so that your business is growing and can adapt to the development of marketing through Facebook.

This article is quite long too, hehehe. The things described above are some of the important steps in creating a Facebook page for your business.

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