Best Oil Filters for Honda Civic 2015-2017 Models

Best Oil Filters for Honda Civic 2015-2017 Models

Best Oil Filters for Honda Civic 2015-2017 Models – Your Honda Civic’s engine relies on clean motor oil. With its viscous texture, it lubricates your engine to avoid friction, wear and excess heat. Besides the right motor oil, you need a superior-grade oil filter to remove contaminants and particulates that can compromise engine performance. This short guide presents some popular oil filter options for late-model Honda Civic vehicles.

Best Oil Filters for Honda Civic 2015-2017 Models

2017 Honda Civic Oil Filters

Several high-quality 2017 Honda Civic oil filter models deliver solid performance and longevity. One example is the STP S7317XL, an extended-life oil filter with a spin-on canister design and a synthetic resin interior to screen out contaminants. The S7317XL is compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils and offers several notable advantages:

  • Screens 99% of contaminants, capturing particulates measuring 20 microns and larger
  • Protects engines for up to 10,000 miles when used with synthetic motor oils
  • Sturdy silicone sealing gaskets that resist oxidation and withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Besides removing oil contaminants, the S7317XL features a durable construction to withstand long-term use. Its steel canister design

includes a strong baseplate of pressed steel and precision-cut threading that minimizes excess vibration.

2016 Honda Civic Oil Filters

There’s some overlap in the 2017 and 2016 Honda Civic oil filter selections. With both vehicles having similar configurations, that’s not surprising. Another highly-rated choice is the Mobil 1 M1-110A, an extended-performance oil filter that lasts up to 20,000 miles. The M1-110A integrates a few key features:

  • Heavy-duty canister that resists up to nine times typical oil system pressures
  • High-efficiency synthetic filtering media screening out over 99% of particulates
  • Anti-drain rear valve to prevent dry starting
  • Fortified flexible nitrile gasket to prevent leaking oil

Each Mobil filter comes with a one-year warranty. The manufacturer rigorously tests each model, confirming that it lasts up to twice as long as the typical oil change interval. While you should follow recommended maintenance schedules, your Mobil filter still delivers solid performance until your next oil change.

2015 Honda Civic Oil Filters

Another excellent 2017, 2016 and 2015 Honda Civic oil filter option is the ACDelco Gold PF2057 model. As a great alternative to stock oil filters, the PF2057 includes a low-restriction design to maintain proper oil flow. Its internal cellulose filtration media boasts a 98% single-pass efficiency rate and captures particles 20 microns or larger. Other important features include an anti-drain back valve, thermosetting adhesive seals and a steel canister that withstands five times the normal pressures present in the average vehicle’s oil system.

Drivers looking for higher-flow filters may want to look at the K&N High-Performance HP-1008 model. This filter’s high-capacity design includes a pleated synthetic internal media and a durable canister. It incorporates K&N’s Wrench-Off feature with a welded one-inch hex nut for easy installation and removal. 

Oil Changes the DIY Way

Performing your own oil changes can save money and keep your vehicle in top shape. Select your oil and filter from a trustworthy auto parts and accessories store. Look for a retailer with a wide selection, excellent customer service and convenient options such as home delivery and in-store pickup.

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